Omega Res Novae
Omega Res Novae with Sellers' Zohar Emulator
First appearance
Xenosaga Episode III

Ω Res Novae ("Omega Res Novae") is the re-built Proto Ω in Xenosaga Episode III.

The Ω Res Novae is used as a Zohar Project anti-Gnosis trump card by the Galaxy Federation military in Episode III. It was rebuilt by Dmitri Yuriev and the Salvator Faction and his elite scientist, Sellers, after the events of Episode II. Ω Res Novae is piloted by the mysterious boy Abel (U-DO) and is worked on by Juli Mizrahi.

Because the original design for Proto Omega called for the use of the Original Zohar, Ω Res Novae is rather unstable when powered with the makeshift Zohar Emulator that Sellers created to advance testing of the Ω Res Novae.

Xenosaga Episode III Edit

Xenosaga Episode III - Chapter 2 - CAT Testing Ground - KOS-MOS vs

Xenosaga Episode III - Chapter 2 - CAT Testing Ground - KOS-MOS vs. Omega

KOS-MOS fights Ω Res Novae and loses.

If you have seen the pilot of Omega Res Novae, please contact security immediately.
-—Announcement at CAT Testing Grounds

Before being pressed into service, the machine is tested in a live-fire exercise against the Version-III KOS-MOS at the CAT Testing Ground at Fifth Jerusalem. While KOS-MOS is largely able to evade its attacks, she proves incapable of inflicting any real damage even with her X-Buster.


Omega Res Novae's transformation.

After absorbing the Original Zohar on Abel's Ark, Ω Res Novae transformed into a slender white mecha with blue and red highlights.

Finally, it transformed again into Ω Metempsychosis.

Etymology Edit

Ω Res Novae translated from Latin means "new things/affairs," a common idiom for revolution. Thus, it could be thought of as "Omega Revolution".

Episode III database Edit

A unit based off Proto Omega, which was recovered during the fall of Miltia. Recreated and partially upgraded by Dmitri Yuriev as an anti-Immigrant Fleet weapon.

Although it does not house the Original Zohar itself, it uses Abel as its core module and an emulator as an auxiliary, making its power far greater than the original Proto Omega. The exterior itself is not greatly different. However since an emulator is being used in place of the Zohar at the core, functionality is unstable and at a lower power output.

"[Omega] Res Novae" can be translated as "Omega Revolution"

Trivia Edit

  • Like its predecessor, Ω Res Novae parallels Deus of the Xenogears universe in terms of origin and functions. These parallels become more noticeable in this form as it transforms into something resembling a Diabolos Gear (powerful Gears created by Deus itself) and again when it transforms into its final form, where it is nearly identical to Deus' core unit, which served as the games' final boss. It is also used in conjunction with the Tactical Warship Merkabah, which bears a closer resemblance to its Xenogears counterpart in terms of appearance and size more than the Proto Omega.
  • In its transformed state, Ω Res Novae bears a strong resemblance to the Xenogears, the final and strongest of Fei's (or anyone else's) gears in Xenogears.

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