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The Antitype.

The Antitype (Counter-existence in the Japanese version) is the name of incarnations assigned to Elly by the Wave Existence. In the same way, Fei Fong Wong's incarnations are labeled as The Contact.

The original form of the Antitype was derived from True Elehayym, who was created as a response to Abel making contact with the Zohar Modifier within Kadomony, the core of Deus, on the Eldridge. The Antitype was created as a means for the Wave Existence to communicate with the Contact.

History[edit | edit source]

In T.C. 4767, Abel was on a spaceship called the Eldridge searching for his missing mother. The Wave Existence, using Kadomony, sensed Abel's desire for his mother and created a woman. Soon after, the Eldridge crashed, with Abel the only survivor.

After the Eldridge crashed into the planet due to Deus's awakening, a program termed System Hawwa activated. Using True Elehayym, System Hawwa transformed her into the original Myyah. This first version of Myyah went on to create a biological assembler plant, creating Cain and the Gazel Ministry. In order to manage these new humans, she created two duplicates of herself: Myyah, the Complement, and Elehayym, the Antitype. Elehayym was programmed to awaken as the last incarnation of Myyah and merge with Deus on the Day of Resurrection.[1]

The first Elehayym inherited many of the characteristics Abel wished for in a mother, as well as the Original Myyah's special nature as the mother and protector of humanity.

The first Myyah, meanwhile, was meant as a manager, bearing the powers of a Deus System weapon and tasked to strengthen and gather all the genetic parts the Deus System Mode needed to repair and reactivate its new body.[2]

Both Abel and Elly were continuously reincarnated through the Zohar Modifier by the will and power of the Wave Existence. At first, their relationship was of a mother and her child, but due to later reincarnations of Abel and Elly being reincarnated around the same time, they would usually instead become lovers. However, in every instance, due to Elly's sacrificial nature, she would die for Abel's sake, resulting in a tendency for Abel to in turn continually torture himself emotionally.[3]

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