The Apostles listen to the Messiah's words.

The Apostles listen to the Messiah's words.

The Apostles are the primary disciples of Jesus Christ. During the life of Jesus, the apostles were his closest followers and became the primary teachers of the gospel message of Jesus.

"Apostle" means a person who devoutly endeavors in holy work. In the era of ancient Lost Jerusalem, there were 12 Apostles for the man who was called the Messiah. Because this number of people was used also in connection with later eras' religious authorities, nowadays after thousands of years have passed, it is difficult to confirm the exact number of people or exact members. There also existed many people around the Messiah who were similar to the Apostles.

Among the people such as that who encircled the Messiah, was Mary Magdalene. She was the partner of the Messiah, and her existence, the same as chaos, was someone extremely close to the Messiah. And then, in order to use that power of Animus in Mary Magdalene, there was an existence that was also called Mary Magdalene's Apostle. That was the Maiden of Mary Magdalene — Shion Uzuki's previous existence.

Joachim Mizrahi named the Zohar Emulators after the Apostles, selected by the game designers from varying Gospel accounts. (The four Gospels do not agree as to the actual names of the twelve. The Gospels give differing names for them.) The names given in the game are:

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