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Symbol of Aveh, representing the Fatima Jasper raised up by two hands.


Bledavik, Aveh.

The Kingdom of Aveh lies in the Southern desert of Ignas.

History Edit

Aveh was founded 500 years before the start of the game, in 9510, by Roni Fatima right after the Diabolos War/Diabolos Collapse. Aveh is the homeland of player character Bart Fatima, a descendant of Roni's. The Fatima Castle is located in Aveh.

By the time of Xenogears, it has a population around 400,000. It has two known cities: Bledavik and Norn. Dazil may also be considered an Aveh city.

Xenogears Edit

At the start of the game, Aveh is at war with the Kislev Empire in the North because, as the intro says, "The war has gone on for so long that the people have forgotten the cause, knowing only the pointless circle of hostility and tragedy." Aveh was losing the war until the Gebler Military Force from Solaris offered Aveh large scale military aide and helped Aveh recover and turn the tides of the war.

At the start of the game, Shakhan is Prime Minister of the country as he staged a coup d'etat and killed off the majority of the Royal Family. It later turned out that Gebler deliberately installed Shakhan as leader so he could act as their puppet to control Aveh.

After Shakhan's demise, when the rightful heir to the kingdom, King Bartolomew Fatima, was returned to the throne, he declared that Aveh would become a democratic republic.

Etymology Edit

This is a misspelling of Av, the name of the fifth month of the Hebrew Calendar.

In the official Japanese version translation, however, it was transliterated Ave. There are in-game signs with Ave on them.

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