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Bledavik, Aveh.

Bledavik is the capital city of the desert kingdom of Aveh on the Ignas continent. The city was built around two lonely mountains that stretch up out of the Ignas Desert. Atop the highest of the two peaks was Fatima Castle where the Fatima Dynasty ruled Aveh for over 500 years. Water always flows up from a spring beneath Fatima Castle and runs down to the city by way of a series of long and convoluted waterways.

History Edit

Bledavik was founded by Roni Fatima after the Shevat-Solaris War ended, presumably in 9510. Roni became the first member of the Fatima Dynasty and King Fatima I.

After the royal family was overthrown by Shakhan and his "revolutionaries" Gebler, the military force from Solaris moved into the city and constructed a massive military base beneath the city which included a dock big enough to house several of their aerial battle cruisers. A large communal square was built in the middle of the town at the start of the road leading up to Fatima Castle, it was divided into two halves, north and south. Originally named Fatima Square it was renamed Shakhan Square after the revolution. It was changed back to Fatima Square after the rightful heir to the kingdom King Bartolomew Fatima was returned to the throne, then was renamed again Aveh Square after King Bartholomew declared that Aveh would become a democratic republic.

Every year for over 200 years a tournament was held at Fatima Castle and battlers from all over Aveh and beyond would come to test their strength against one another.


Bledavik appears to be a mistranslation of Breidablik, one of the halls of Asgard, home of Baldr.

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