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Elendraug Elendraug 30 May

To-Do List

Placeholder to remind myself of where I intend to make some revisions, add content, etc.

  • 1 Images
    • 1.1 XenoComi
    • 1.2 Xenosaga I
    • 1.3 Xenosaga II
    • 1.4 Xenosaga III
  • 2 New Pages
  • 3 Revisions
  • 4 Citations

  • XenoComi character images
    • Playable characters: Allen, chaos, Jr., KOS-MOS, MOMO, Shion, Ziggy
    • Non-playable characters: 100-Series, Hammer, Mary, Matthews, Professor, Sakura, Sakura's cat, Scott, Shelley, Tony
      • Make a page for her cat?
  • XenoComi backgrounds
    • Elsa
    • Durandal (partial)
    • Foundation
    • Other (Robot Academy, etc)
  • XenoComi gallery images

  • Outer File info
  • Robot Academy details?
  • Swimsuit info?

  • Xenosaga II swimsuits
    • Is there official artwork for these? There seems to be some for a few characters, but were these set up in Poser or something similar by fans?
  • Interior Durandal screenshots
  • Kukai Found…

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WanderingAsura WanderingAsura 28 October 2020


The R-Cannon is one of KOS-MOS' several weapons in the Xenosaga series. Using it turns her (right) arm into a cannon, from which she fires a concentrated blast.

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TheTrueArchetype TheTrueArchetype 30 January 2018

What type of mental disorders does Albedo have?

I'm just wondering thanks trying to make a REAL good theory about the guy~


Reply ASAP pls (Just started school again uggh)

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TheTrueArchetype TheTrueArchetype 15 January 2018

Just beaten Great Joe! -Spoilers not story spoilers-

^_^ I was so bored lol i decided to fight him and i somehow won at lvl 26.

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TheTrueArchetype TheTrueArchetype 11 January 2018

Just a reminder.

Just a reminder to tell everyone the recent Albedo Piazzolla edit *replacment of chaince to chain* was me i just wasn't logged on at the time 


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TheTrueArchetype TheTrueArchetype 17 December 2017

Where is AlexShepherd?

I was wondering where he is i haven't heard from him in a while.

I'm sorry if i somewhat get in trouble about talking about a senstive topic.

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TheTrueArchetype TheTrueArchetype 30 November 2017

Opinon of my new xenosaga drawing

I've just drawn KOS-MOS from Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

I was wondering if anyone would like to comment about it...

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TheTrueArchetype TheTrueArchetype 24 November 2017

Best Settings for Xenosaga Episode I (PCSX2 EMULATOR) for Laptop Asus?

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TheTrueArchetype TheTrueArchetype 23 November 2017

Where to find Archetype costume for KOS-MOS in Xenosaga Episode I Reloaded?

Does anyone know where to find the archetype costume?

I'm currently with a party with only Shion in it and i'm at the AGWS Hanger when the accoument tells Shion to go pick up the package for her.

Please someone reply ASAP.


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LisaGarland LisaGarland 21 June 2015

Xenogears wiki

a few years ago when I first began to renovate this wiki, I requested a merge of Xenogears wiki to this one because Xenogears wiki was abandoned. but returning back to it now, it's clear that it's impractical to have both databases on the same site.

so it's split again. please help move everything here: http://xenogears.wikia.com/wiki/Xenogears_Wiki

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Anyshydra Anyshydra 21 February 2015


Today by myself

i made a fan game named

Xenosaga Episode 4: fan made rpg

it is a mixed game with Episode 2 stuff and some ideas i had by my self so enjoy!

Download link; https://www.mediafire.com/#l93pdt6dx9m33

Xenosaga musics title screen game over screen etc.

do not belong to me!

Enjoy this and please like this it took me a long time to make!

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Levian VII Levian VII 17 January 2015

KOS-MOS cameo in the Project Treasure reveal.

So a Nintendo Direct happened recently and there were quite a few interesting things to come out of it, like the new Fire Emblem reveal and amazing new trailer for Xenoblade X. One title in particular currently named 'Project Treasure" was revealed by Bandai Namco and Katsuhiro Harada. It's this 4 player co-op action game coming to Wii U, but that's not really the interesting part. The interesting stuff comes from what appears to be a cameo by KOS-MOS in the trailer. For the most part, this image appears throughout the trailer:

Then, near the end, this image pops up. Top left corner, who could that be?

Certainly looks like KOS-MOS v. 4 to me.

Now, here come the fun, crazy and unlikely speculation stuff. Last year, Harada expressed interest in…

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Anyshydra Anyshydra 31 December 2014


On youtube i have made 3 Xenosaga youtube poops they are so funny and i wish someone would watch them!

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Anyshydra Anyshydra 13 December 2014

Post anything about Albedo

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AlexShepherd AlexShepherd 15 November 2014

10 Reasons We Need Xenosaga HD

1. Because it's an awesome series that could use polish and improvement.

2. Because it was censored and the censorship in 3 ruined scenes.

3. Because Europe never got Episodes 1 and 3.

4. Because the whole trilogy is on like, 5 or 6 discs.

5. Because Xenosaga 3 has emulation issues in PCSX2.

6. Because we need more JRPGs. The more accessible, the better.

7. Because Xenosaga 2 has boring combat (in my opinion).

8. Because this wiki could use a lot more editors.

9. Because Xenosaga 1 Reloaded, and it's like the Xenosaga version of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.


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BlackAlbedo BlackAlbedo 9 November 2014

BlackAlbedo's NEW project!

WHAT IS UP?! Just stopping by to let you all know about a project I'm currently working on.

As you all know, I wrote the walkthroughs on this wikia. I have ceased to update them as it is a little more than I can handle at this time. For now though, I have been building the website rantandrate.net. It is very primitive for the time being, but will look nice soon as I get into CSS and such. There are some articles that can be read even now in the SNES section though. Keep checking in to watch it as it updates! Web hosting will be down in mid December and will stay down as the school semester I am doing this for will be over then.

Feel free to comment on this if you have any ideas or opinions! --BlackAlbedo (talk) 02:48, November 9, 2014 (UTC)

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TheBlueRogue TheBlueRogue 14 October 2014

Xenogears Nominated in Wikia's Ultimate JRPG Battle

Hello there, JRPG Fans!

Wikia is hosting an exciting tournament featuring Japanese role-playing games. The best titles of the genre are squaring off across 15 categories to separate the best from the best! Categories include Best Story, Best Cast of Characters, Best Soundtrack, and a whole lot more. Users can vote in these polls to determine the winners. This exciting battle is being brought to you by Mistwalker Corporation's new mobile strategy JRPG, Terra Battle

We are stopping by to spread the word! Xenogears has been nominated in several categories, including Best Story and Best Cast of Characters.

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Seishoujo Seishoujo 15 November 2013

Collapsible Gallery

I've seen some wiki can do this, for example

Can someone tell me how to do this either Source or Visual editing, please?? Thank you :D

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Lazhirtya Lazhirtya 26 October 2013

Xenosaga Episode 1 complete

Hello everyone! This is the Xenosaga's  first episode' link on YouTube, in Full Movie (HD). Have fun! :)


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Seishoujo Seishoujo 29 September 2013

Adding images to the characters's gallery

So...hi guys, I'm new here. To be honest, I'm not quite familiar with adding images to a character's page gallery, so I think I would just start to post the images here along with it's caption and you can put them into the respective pages. Thank you and I'm looking forward for the cooperation ^^

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Eddie Hoplight Eddie Hoplight 17 April 2013

FF7 and Xenogears

I found out something interesting the other day, I read that originaly Xenogears was the original draft for final fantasy 7 but was rejected for being to dark, heres a link to the article. http://www.siliconera.com/2010/06/11/soraya-saga-on-xenogears-and-xenosaga/

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Abbzworld Abbzworld 17 February 2013

Abridged series?

I'd really, really, REALLY like to make a Xenosaga abridged series based on all three main games!!!

But the problem is, I need people to help me out. Since I've never played the games before (but I plan too!) and since I don't know too much about them, I need someone to pick the clips and edit them, to do the voices for almost all of the characters (I'll do some of the voices for the female characters) and etc.

But there ARE some rules you'll have to follow!

1. NO swearing!!! You can pretend to swear by bleeping it out, but otherwise than that, it's not allowed!

2. You HAVE to have a YouTube account! That way, I can communicate easily with you! My YouTube is sectorzisnumbuhone. Just google it or something.

3. You HAVE to have a Mic! Unless you …

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BlackAlbedo BlackAlbedo 25 November 2012

BlackAlbedo's thoughts

Hey everyone. I've recently finished my Xenogears Walkthrough. You should read it. Also, read the Xenosaga Walkthroughs. You don't even have to comment. It's all free, for you. Just you. Don't tell your friends, or some bullshit. You know you can't beat these games without my advice, so suck it up and read.

I don't know what to do with my free time. That's sorta why I'm here. Nobody just up and plays all 3 Xenosagas followed almost immediately by it's predecessor from long, long ago. Would you even believe that Historians tell us that way back in 1998, we were afraid of a new millennium, Final Fantasy was only on a 7th game, and we believed the World Trade Center towers were indestructible? How could we be so blind??

I guess I'm a little off …

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Adrak90 Adrak90 28 October 2012

Character Pages

I've started some rough drafts for more pages, and created some basic tables I put on the playable cast's pages. If anyone wants to make them less ugly, please do! Feel free to edit my work so far, since it's still in the rough stages.

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BlackAlbedo BlackAlbedo 3 May 2012

Where did chaos, Able, Nephilim, and Jin go?

I speak of the end of Xenosaga Episode III. If you haven't finished it, then beware the spoilers.


I won't post a theory. There isn't really an actuality to the series after it ends. Just ideas of what would be interesting or cool or whatever. That being said, the comment chaos makes about the area shifting dimensions in conjuction with these 4 characters' unceremonious removal from the scene after the drama has played its part leads me to understand that they 1, have shifted dimensions and/or time periods, and 2, that they cannot return to the future of the Saga unless some major Deus Ex bullshit is incorporated. This being the case...

It is my happy thought for the day that Jin loses his memory and is either saved before …

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LisaGarland LisaGarland 20 April 2012

Crispin Freeman mentioned my video

So a while ago, I made this video on YouTube (my old account). It was a collection of every single one of Albedo's laughs.


So I decided to go back and look at it today... someone mentioned something about Crispin Freeman's Twitter account.

Here's what I found:


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LisaGarland LisaGarland 13 March 2011

Xenosaga wiki is undergoing renevations!

This is why it may look weird in some places, but I assure you, it will be fixed! Jiyanamiki 21:32, March 13, 2011 (UTC)

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Bujinkanrn Bujinkanrn 15 September 2009

Xenosaga COULD tie into Xenogears rather well!

I'll preface by stating that I believe Xenogears to be a FAR superior game to the Xenosaga games. However, through much mental trudging, I've come to the conclusion that -saga could, in fact, be easily tied into the Xenogears storyline. --Spoiler warning!--
At the end of Xenosaga Ep. III, a syzygy occurs with the dimensional shift of U-DO/Abel, Nephilim (Mary's Will)/Animus, chaos (Yeshua)/Anima, and the remainder of Zarathustra. Though we're never quite told how and when Lost Jerusalem is rediscovered, it COULD logically follow that the Zohar, anima relics, and wave existence are injected into the Xenogears timeline long before the events of the actual game. What would remain in this conundrum would be Shion's actual discovery of Lost Jer…

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Ryus Anomolus Ryus Anomolus 23 July 2009


so does anyone but me think that kos-mos could be just a bit better when she uses her phase transfer cannon in ep 1?

seriously that cannon looks like it could have destroyed the song of nephilim in one blast but why such a weak blast?

  • First, we have a place for questions like this, Forum:The Elsa, though at present it is seldom used. But anyway, I think that it's not a destroying weapon, but rather an absorbing weapon, as (I think Allen) stated. I think that she wouldn't have been able to absorb the ship for at least one of these reasons: 1) The Song was not organic, so she couldn't bring it into her body (though as she is also abiotic that may be a weak reason) and 2) That it was simply too big, filled with hundreds of machines, realians, a…
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