Bormeo is a commended college that many of Vector Industries' employees have attended, including Allen Ridgeley and Kevin Winnicot (at age 14, no less).

It is revealed in Episode II during a side game that the Professor also attended this university and graduated at the top of his class, before he supposedly disappeared (this is from the account that the lesser known Other Professor made). The Other Professor and the Dark Professor were his known colleagues.

Episode III database Edit

One of the top educational institutions in the Galaxy Federation, the University of Bormeo has a long history, being, as it is, the first university constructed by humans in space. Despite this, its academic level and facilities are the most modern around; many aspire to attend, but it is extremely difficult to make the rolls.

It has departments in both the humanities and the sciences, but about 70% of its curriculum lies in the departments of science and engineering, which are further divided into even more specialities. Chief disciplines include material application engineering, planetary science, mechanical systems engineering, and so on.

With its Gothic architecture, one would never expect this university to be at the center of science and engineering.

Many Vector employees are University of Bormeo graduates, including Allen and Kevin. The Professor at the helm of the Robot Academy on the Kukai Foundation, his friend the Other Professor, and the Professor's rival the Dark Professor also graduated from this institution.