Luis Virgil's face has symptoms of DME addiction.

DME Addiction is a physical and mental illness caused by the consumption of Realian flesh. Realian skin and neurological (brain) tissue is extremely addictive, almost like a drug. Like a drug, the Realian skin and neuro tissue causes physical mutation and complete emotional addiction, primarily due to the tissue chemical being absorbed into the bloodstream, while the small, solid particles collect around the veins.

Luis Virgil had a severe case of DME Addiction. His skin was completely hardened, and a majority of his veins were clearly visible as long bumps on the surface. This is one of many examples of obvious Realian mistreatment.

Episode I database Edit

An addiction which results from the consumption of Realian body tissue.

The blood vessels carry the ingested tissue (mainly from the central nervous system) to the brain, which results in neural structural changes. The physical and mental states are then altered, but occasionally this results in death when an allergic reaction occurs.

Once the brain has undergone an alteration, the addict must continue to consume new Realian tissue to avoid withdrawal symptoms, thus necessitating a drug dependent intervention.

There is as of yet no complete cure since the consumed Realian tissue growns and mutates along with the host's neural networks.

In some corners of the galaxy beyond the reaches of the Federation's control, there is an active black market for Realian tissue, as a new form of recreational narcotics.

The external symptoms of ths addiction include hardening and cornification of the skin.

Episode III database Edit

When a human consumes Realian tissue (especially that of the central nervous system), it enters the bloodstream and is conveyed to the brain, altering his or her neural structure. Outward signs of addiction include keratinization and hardening of the skin. These symptoms have been observed in Lieutenant Virgil.

The compromising of the central nervous structures alters the addict's mental and physical states; in some cases, death can occur. After the changes have been made, the addict must continue to consume Realian tissue to stave off the withdrawal symptoms, necessitating a pharmacological intervention. At present, there is no complete cure.

In regions not under Federation control, Realian tissue is being trafficked as a new kind of narcotic, fetching high prices.