Designer Children
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Übermutant (children of Überhumans)
Xenosaga Episode I

Designer Children refers to children who have been genetically enhanced early in life by the Galaxy Federation. The term "Designer Children" also still applies to grown-up Designer Children who are now adults; for example, Dmitri Yuriev says he is "hundreds" of years old (at least 177) but he is still classified as a Designer Child.

These children have been literally designed by their consenting parents or creators to conform to a specific template. Designer Children typically live longer (possibly hundreds of years longer like Dmitri Yuriev), are more intelligent, more athletic, more "visually pleasing", more healthy, suffer from less diseases and illnesses, are more charismatic or even have special abilities not found in unmodified humans. Their physical attributes have been enhanced. They are referred to as Salvator (Savior).

Xenosaga: Pied Piper deals heavily in the issue of Designer Children and the legacy of Dmitri Yuriev. The Salvator Faction is a group within the Galaxy Federation government composed entirely of grown-up Designer Children and is devoted to maintaining the affairs of Dr. Yuriev, as well as representing the interests of Designer Children.

Purpose Edit

Their widespread creation was designed to counter the Immigrant Fleet of Ormus, which is able to use a part of the Zohar's abilities. The Life Recycling Act, approved in T.C. 4591, was actually created in order to mask this process as it allowed for the birth of more Salvators. The first Salvator, Dmitri Yuriev, was behind this action.

Sellers also mentions that a large number of Designer Children were created for the purpose of U.M.N. phase transfer experiments and that Yuriev is the only survivor.

Überhuman Edit

Überhumans are Designer Children humans who had artificial modifications made to their bodies and brains during the heyday of the Life Recycling Act, giving them certain types of special abilities, as are the offspring of Überhumans, called mutants. Andrew Cherenkov, Shelley Godwin, and Mary Godwin are a few mutants. Their outward appearance does not differ from that of humans in any way.

At present, discrimination against mutants is strictly prohibited by Galaxy Federation law. In reality, however, discrimination and prejudice is still rampant in all corners of the galaxy. Even Allen Ridgeley says "I heard that place is crawling with mutants!" which Shion Uzuki finds racist.

The Kukai Foundation protects victims of the Life Recycling Law and provides them with a place to live.

They symbolize Friedrich Nietzsche's Übermensch.

Known Designer Children Edit