The Dock Colony.

The Dock Colony featured in Xenosaga Episode I is a space station located near Second Miltia.

History Edit

During the Miltian Conflict 14 years ago, the army made a huge mess of the Dock Colony. The facility was targeted because a Realian in service "went crazy" in this star cluster. Later, it was reported that it was a Trojan horse sent by the instigator of the conflict.

The colony was once a Realian nursery. After the war, the pier was remodeled into a dock. Many refugees came flooding in, probably because of its favorable location. The nursery became abandoned and now, the Dock Colony is treated like a den of outlaws.

Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht Edit

The Elsa briefly stops at Dock Colony prior to its encounter with the Cathedral Ship. During the stay, Andrew Cherenkov is attacked by a local gang. The Dock Colony also features gear and medical facilities.