E.S. Asher
Asher in Xenosaga Episode III
Canaan, Jr.
Xenosaga Episode II

VXA-0004b "ANTLER"

E.S. Asher is an E.S. unit piloted by Canaan during the Miltian Conflict and by Jr. during the events of Xenosaga Episode II and Xenosaga Episode III. chaos co-piloted during both periods. It was manufactured by Vector Industries.

Initially equipped with a Shield Lancer system on one arm and a gatling cannon on the other. It can optionally equip a flight booster and a powerful energy cannon capable of destroying several A.M.W.S. units in one shot.

In Episode III, Asher is reconfigured toward Jr.'s combat style and is capable of being outfitted with the greater assortment of weapons out of all playable mecha. It is installed with Erde Kaiser's power generator halfway through the game, and thus is the only E.S. still capable of operating after its Vessel of Anima is absorbed by Zarathustra.

After the defeat of Zarathustra, with Asher as the only functional E.S., Jin Uzuki ferries the others back to safety.

Episode III database[edit | edit source]

chaos and Jr.'s unit. Customized for Jr.'s use. A versatile unit capable of handling both ground and air combat, it is prepared with weaponry that can handle all aspects of battle.

It is equipped with the Erde Kaiser's generator as an auxiliary unit. Though auxiliary, the generator--originally fully tuned to operate the Erde Kaiser--outputs a ludicrous amount of power; enough to operate all weaponry trouble-free at full spec without a Vessel of Anima.

As it escaped from Zarathustra, the Asher restarted itself through this generator--despite having lost its Vessel of Anima. The generator is also outfitted with a self-destruct device to keep its secrets protected.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

E.S. Asher means Ein Sof (translated as "no end," "unending," "there is no end," or Infinite) and Asher, son of Jacob in the Book of Genesis.

Anima attacks[edit | edit source]

Anima level Name Damage type Targets Effect
1 Shot Buster Beam Single enemy Medium Ether attack
2 Flare Buster Fire All enemies Large Ether attack
3 Cerberus Lightning Single enemy Massive attack

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