E.S. Levi
Levi in Xenosaga Episode III
Xenosaga Episode III

E.S. Levi is a black mech piloted by Margulis in Episode III, manufactured by Hyams Group.

Margulis' E.S. is quite similar to Pellegri's E.S. Issachar; a very dark black and orange mech that carries a giant-sized sword with two floating wing-like attachments similar to Issachar's Crescens Claw. These attachments also function as a logical drive. It was originally designed as a multi-role unit, but because its pilot prefers melee combat above everything else, it has been stripped of most of its longer-ranged weapons. It is instead equipped with a long sword for close-range combat and kunai like objects which are thrown from the arms of the unit.

It was designed to be a versatile unit capable of waging battle at both short and long ranges, but all long-range weaponry was removed at Margulis's request; instead it was equipped with a long sword. It has also been equipped with two intimidation weapons: a throwing weapon similar to a kunai, and a small throwable high explosive.

The large, unfolding logical drive can also be used as a claw for hand-to-hand combat.

Xenosaga Episode III: Also sprach Zarathustra[edit | edit source]


Ⓦ Xenosaga Episode 3 Walkthrough - E.S. Levi (Margulis) 2nd Fight

E.S. Levi in combat.

E.S. Levi is fought twice in the game. The first encounter is early near Rennes-le-Château. The second encounter is late-game on Michtam.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

E.S. Levi means Ein Sof (translated as "no end," "unending," "there is no end," or Infinite) and Levi, son of Jacob in the Book of Genesis.

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