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The Elements are a group of four highly specialized and powerful Ether users who answer only to the highest authorities within Solaris. During the time of Xenogears, the four current Elements are under the command of Kahran Ramsus and are internally led by Dominia Yizkor (Earth/leader). Their other three members are Seraphita (Fire), Tolone (Wind) and Kelvena (Water).

Prior to the events of the game, the four Elements were Jessie Black (Earth/leader), Sigurd Harcourt (Fire), Kahran Ramsus (Wind) and Citan Uzuki (Water).

The current generation of Elements has a matching (if colored differently) uniform, but it isn't known if the prior generations did, as cutscenes and flashbacks of those characters in their Solaris days shows them in standard Gebler uniforms similar to Kahran Ramsus' current one.

The Elements are traditionally recruited from the elite students of the Jugend Military Academy, which is where the four prior Elements met, and at least two of the current ones (Kelvena and Dominia) as well. It is unknown if Seraphita and Tolone attended the school, as they were personally selected by Ramsus and experimented on to increase their Ether capabilities to Elements-level.

Elehayym Van Houten was a candidate for Element status but was ultimately rejected after the Drive incident.

Gameplay Edit

The Elements are encountered as bosses in Xenogears multiple times, generally in pairs. Tolone and Seraphita tend to operate together, while Dominia and Kelvena form the second pair, and this holds true for both in-person encounters and Gear encounters. Their Gears can combine into a single, powerful Gear capable of fighting multiple Omnigears at once, called G-Elements. Judging by their in-battle conversations, they take turns piloting this Gear, or at least, take turns changing who has control of the main weapons.

The Elements are so attuned to their choice of Ether that unlike every other human boss in the game, they have elemental weaknesses. Seraphita is weak to water, Tolone to earth, Dominia to wind and Kelvena to fire. Despite being a former Element himself, Kahran Ramsus does not retain an elemental weakness to his opposite (earth). It is unknown if this is just a gameplay abstraction or if their opposite elements really damage them more physically.

Trivia Edit

  • Of both known groups of Elements, the water Element is the healer, and the earth Element the leader.
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