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From left to right: Stratski, Vance, Helmholz, Renk, and Broyer.

Elehayym Van Houten has a squad of Solarian Gebler soldiers.

Renk[edit | edit source]


A short dark skinned man with red hair and a short beard. Of the five group members he is by far the friendliest, he sees Fei Fong Wong as a rival competitor instead of an enemy. In spite of his rank, Renk's opinions hold considerable weight within the group. In the second disc of the game Renk and his fellow soldiers become allies of Fei and Elehayym Van Houten, they were even ready to ride to Elly's aid when she confronted Karellen and Myyah at Golgoda, but Elly told them to stay behind and protect the people of Nisan. The five disappear after that point and are not seen again. It can be assumed that they were killed while trying to protect Nisan from the Seraph Angels. Renk pilots one of the two beam-gun wielding winged Wandknight Gears. Both Gears always fight in a pair, unlike the other three Knight Gears who normally confront their enemies separately.

Stratski[edit | edit source]


A tall and thin man with long light green hair. He is the quietest of the five but also one of the most intense fighters. He pilots the Swordknight Gear which uses whiplike chain swords and an arm mounted cannon to do most of its damage to opponents. The Gear gets its name because of the chain blades that extend out from the shoulders.

Broyer[edit | edit source]


A big burly man with dark skin and short blue hair. He says little, if anything at all. He pilots the equally big and burly Aegisknight Gear. The Gear has two massive shield like fixtures on its arms which gives the Gear a near impenetrable defense. The pointed ends of the shields can also be used to pierce an enemy Gear's armor and significantly lower its defense.

Vance[edit | edit source]


A cocky young man. He has short wavy brown hair and always seems to respond to everything with a snarky or arrogant comment. He is the most combative and violent of the five and also appears to be addicted to the Solarian performance enhancing psychotic drug -Drive-. He nearly ODs on -Drive- during a battle with Fei in the mountains near the Aveh-Kislev border. He pilots the Clawknight Gear, a Gear that uses a massive and sharp claw to slash and pierce its enemies. The Gear also uses a spiked pinwheel-like disk on its other arm to hit targets from long distances.

Helmholz[edit | edit source]


A modest intellectual man with pony-tailed purple hair and glasses. He helps defend the city of Nisan from his former commander Kahran Ramsus when he comes in his Omnigear Vendetta looking for Elly. Helmholz pilots the second of two Wandknight Gears.

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