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Erich Van Houten
Father (by Elly)
E.C. around 9950-9960
Unknown (presumably Solaris)
Hair color
Blonde (Brown in concept art)
Eye color
Gebler staff
Soylent System facilitator (former)
M Project researcher (former)
Generic Solarian Gear
Voice actor
To be human is to be able to pick your own path in life...
—Erich to Elly about free will

Erich Van Houten is Elly's father and Medena's husband.

Biography Edit

He is a middle-aged Gazel class Solarian with blond hair and a mustache.

He used to be part of Gebler but was reassigned as the head superintendent of the Soylent System where he saved many surface dwellers (Lambs) from becoming Wels and later food and medicine for the population of Solaris. Elly's childhood nanny was one of these rescued Lambs. Erich, feeling guilt, eventually resigned from the Soylent System, and then became one of the administrative staff of the Special Forces.

He was engaged in research with Nikolai Balthasar on the M Project.

Xenogears Edit


Erich slaps Elly to the floor for badmouthing Medena while Fei watches in awkwardness.

He is first seen in Solaris after Elly hacks into his home computer to download information that will help Fei Fong Wong and the others. He slaps Elly across the face for badmouthing Medena. Erich wants to kill Fei, but Elly convinces him otherwise and he lets him go.

He is later arrested by the Imperial Guard when he refuses Karellen's request to hand Elly over to him.

He is later sprung from prison by Hammer and commandeers a Solarian Eagle soldier gear to help Elly, Fei and everyone else escape from Solaris. Their path to freedom is blocked when Hammer turns on the group and threatens them at gunpoint. Grahf and the Executioner then show up to make things even worse. Erich sacrifices himself to protect Elly from them by charging them with his gear, however, the Executioner completely obliterates his gear, killing Erich instantly with no less than a wave of her hand. His last words are his profession of his love for his daughter.

Quotes Edit

  • "What're you doing Elly...? I told you before not to come in here and touch that machine."
  • "No! Even if he is your friend, I can't overlook a land dweller who tries to sneak into the palace!" (about Fei)
  • "You know how traitors are punished even if they're 1st Class citizens! You'll be safe if we kill the intruders who know about us. I'm worried about your safety..."
  • "I can't believe you still...? How dare you say that in front of your mother...!" (slapping Elly)
  • "G,gha! Elly, no matter what happens, believe in yourself and go on. We'll be happy to help anyway we can. That's the least I can do to make up to you... Elly... you're Medena's daughter, my daughter, no matter what... so..." (final words)

Trivia Edit

  • He was originally meant to have brown hair and brown eyes, however, the creators thought it better for him to have a more Aryan appearance to better fit the fascist disposition of Solaris' setting. [citation needed]

Gallery Edit

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