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The exterior of the Ethos HQ.

Ethos Headquarters, also known as Ethos HQ, is a lavish church-like building on one of the islands in the Aquvy Archipelago in the southern portion of the Xenogears world. The Ethos Society operates out of this golden building.

On the outside it appears to be a simple, although extravagantly decorated church where the followers of the Ethos religion live and work, but beneath the surface there lies a deeper darker secret. Hidden away underground and sealed off from everyone but only select members of the Ethos "church" is a massive underground complex operated by Solaris. Solaris used the Ethos Church to influence and control the planet's general population from the complex beneath the church. A massive computer database was stored in this facility which held data on just about every aspect of non-Solarian life on the planet. A similar database also existed in Etrenank as well.

The first unauthorized people to see this facility and uncover its secrets were former Etone Billy Lee Black and his companions led by Fei Fong Wong. The secrets and lies uncovered beneath the Ethos HQ destroyed Billy's already shaken faith in everything he thought he knew and also helped to seal the fate of the false church.

The Ethos HQ was later obliterated by a laser blast from Ft. Jasper when Fei and his friends destroyed the second Solarian Gate, which was also hidden deep beneath the Ethos HQ.

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