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Etrenank 001

Etrenank is the capital city of the Sacred Empire of Solaris. It is located in the very center of the flying artificial nation and is suspended upside-down by artificial gravity systems. In Solaris, the surface hangs overhead and the sky is beneath the player's feet.

The center piece of the capital is the massive Imperial Palace where Emperor Cain and Karellen reside. A large entertainment district known as Arbot/Arabot/Araboth Plaza is located just before the bridge leading to the palace.

Technology Edit

Etrenank is technologically advanced compared to the rest of the planet Xenogears is set on. Everything is automated, people drive hover cars, and news and information is broadcast via holograms.

Dystopia Edit


Solaris workers live in honeycombs and are called "worker bees". They endlessly work, and those who question and don't want to work are killed.

Etrenank is a draconian society where the elite first-class citizens brainwash, enslave, and subjugate the lower class through an elaborate dystopian system involving ID cards, security drones, and immutable castes. Third-class citizens live in a honeycomb of tiny pods, only leaving when it's time to work. If they speak out, they’re killed by drones.

"NOOOOO!! Can't handle it anymore!! Something's WRONG with all of you! Working like machines day after day... You have NO WILL! This ISN'T LIVING!! This is... IS... STOP IT! LET GO! UAAAAAAHHHH!"

Etymology Edit

Its name appears to be a mistranslation of Etemenanki, the name of a ziggurat dedicated to the god Marduk in the city of Babylon of the 6th century BCE. The name means "temple of the foundation of heaven and earth" and is thought to have influenced the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel (the game has its own).

Trivia Edit


Tifa in a poster.

  • Arbot Plaza is a misspelling of Arabot/Araboth Plaza. In Judiasm, Arabot/Araboth is the name of the seventh Heaven where God and his most highly ranked angels live.
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