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Ezekiel Flagship



Ezekiel is a large black and red flying craft with an unusual design. The Captain of the Thames facetiously referred to as a "fish bowl" when commenting on its design. It served as the home base for Karellen when he was away from Solaris and the headquarters of Solaris' true government, the Gazel Ministry.

Xenogears Edit

The Ezekiel is seen several times during the game, primarily in the Aquvy region. Its primary components, like Karellen's Lab and the SOL-9000 chamber are later merged with Merkava in Disc 2.

Etymology Edit

Ezekiel is probably a Biblical reference to Ezekiel, who was a prophet in the Bible. Due to the ship being in some way a prophet of God (because it is the host of the SOL-9000), the name Ezekiel fits in.

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