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"I thought I didn't have a path that I could take laid out before me. But like he said, that's just running away. I must find my own path."

Fei Fong Wong is the pony-tailed protagonist of Xenogears. He begins the game as a nescient villager of Lahan Village, with no memories of his past.

The secrets hidden deep within his identity, as well as his very nature as the Contact, serve as driving forces to that allow him to find liked-minded companions that help him in his journey, as he works to break the cycle and understand the truth of his destiny.


Fei has long dark brown hair, which is tied slick back in a low ponytail with a ribbon. He has two short bangs in the center of his head, and a long single arching bang that hangs down to his neck on front along. He has tan skin and brown eyes.

His main outfit is a white short sleeved shirt with light blue trim, which is fastened in the front with a white knot. Over his midsection is a purple fauld with a gold trim, over which is tied in a lilac pink martial arts belt. He wears dark teal loose pants and forest green sandals strapped together with white ribbon.

In his in-game sprite, his shoes are brown, and the shirt he wears in the animated cutscenes has the small blue bow in the middle of his shirt's neckline.

As a child, his hair is medium length and he wears an off-white shirt and dark pants.

As Id, his hair is long, wild, and a deep red. His skin is a ghostoy white, and his eyes are yellow. He has a red and black full body suit, which covers him from the edge of his chin on downwards.


Fei painting art in his room.

In the beginning of the game in Lahan, Fei seems to be an ordinary young man who cannot recall his past. Having no memory of his life before his arrival at Lahan, he is also naive, nescient, and unaware of the world he lives in.

Fei enjoys teaching martial arts to the children and is adored by the villagers. His hobby is painting, an ability he seems to have inherited from a master artist. Most of his paintings seem to be abstract or of nature. It is noted in Perfect Works that Fei loves animals.

One notable aspect of Fei is that he has a strong sense of justice. While at first he attempts to avoid violence, afraid of his powers destroying those he cares for, it's ultimately his growing bonds with others that draws him back, putting his life on the line in battle.

He befriends other wayward lone wolves such as Elehayym "Elly" Van Houten, Bartholomew "Bart" Fatima, Billy Lee Black, Ricardo "Rico" Banderas, Emeralda Kasim, Maria Balthasar, and Chu-Chu.

After losing the only home he knows, as well as being exiled by the remaining members of it, Fei deals with depression and even becomes suicidal. In reality, his mind was barely beginning to heal before Lahan's destruction reopened old wounds in his psyche.

Fei's childhood trauma and psychological damage creates "Id" when Karen dies.

Suffering from frequent periods of memory loss, Fei unknowingly has another personality named Id, a powerful individual who is the product of the experiments and trauma he suffered as a child. Deeper still is a third personality of the 'Coward', the original personality that had sealed itself away upon Fei's mother's death over a decade ago, taking with it the positive memories of his childhood.

As the third, 'artificial' personality, Fei is the newest, and the most inexperienced, having only his memories of his time in Lahan[1] and no memories from before then.

Abel the Contact[]

Abel, the Contact.

Fei is referred to as the Contact, and is the current reincarnation of Abel, the sole survivor of the Eldridge crash who was the first human to make contact with the Wave Existence through the Zohar in T.C. 4767.

Abel was also reincarnated by the Wave Existence as the nanotechnology scientist Kim Kasim in 6055, the painter Lacan in 9475, and finally, Fei in 9981.

Fei realizes that in order for humanity and sentient life to be freed from the machinations of Deus, as well as Elly and himself from the cycle of reincarnation, he must embrace his duty as the Contact, defeat Deus, and free the Wave Existence.


Fei was born to Khan Wong and Karen Wong in Shevat in 9981 E.C., which is approximately 17,260 A.D. They took him to the surface, where he led a peaceful early childhood.

Fei being tortured by Myyah as Karen.

Fourteen years ago, when Fei was around four or five years old, Karen awakened as the next incarnation of Myyah Hawwa, sealing away her original personality. When Myyah suspected Fei of being a new incarnation of the Contact, she conducted horrific experiments on Fei, taking him to testing labs, injecting probes into his body and bringing in various humans and demi-humans who had a high compatibility with the Anima Relics. She would have them attempt to make psychic contact with Fei as part of "spiritual fusion" to forcefully awaken him, but no one was successful as Fei's powers would kill them all, and he was forced to watch.[2] This led Fei to create a separate personality to deal with the continual trauma, planting the seeds for Id to later emerge. Fei attempted to tell Khan about Karen's strange behavior, but Khan dismissed it as he was too taken up by his work.


Karen's Sacrifice

Karen's sacrifice.

Things came to a head in 9985, when Karen summoned Grahf, who wanted to merge with Fei.[3] Khan attempted to stop him and was heavily wounded. As this happened, Fei looked up at his mother, wanting her to help, but instead found her impassive face. At the sight of this, Fei was unable to contain his powers as the Contact, and released a beam of light that arced back towards him. Just before the beam could hit Fei, Karen's original self resurfaced, and she used her body as a shield, protecting her son from the blast. Managing a final smile down at her son, Karen then collapsed over him, succumbing to her injuries.

In order to deal with the guilt and trauma of his mother's death, Fei's personality split into two parts: the 'coward', who turned inward and focused only on positive memories of his past, and Id, who took the brunt of the pain and guilt.

Grahf, taking Fei with him, trained Fei to be an assassin for about ten years, always trying to keep one step ahead of Khan, who was tirelessly searching for them.

In 9993, Grahf turned Id loose on Elru, annihilating it, as well as destroying the Solaris army. Kahran Ramsus was severely injured by Id, an event Ramsus still had nightmares of years later.


Xenogears FMV - Is that dream or... - 9 25

Khan rescues Fei (Id) from Grahf.

In 9996, Khan located Grahf again, and battled him in order to take his son back. However, Grahf passed into the body of Khan, thus forming a relationship very similar to that of Fei and Id. Khan, disguised as Wiseman, dropped off Fei in Lahan Village, with Id was sealed in deep dormancy in Fei's subconscious. Due to no personality being at the forefront, a third, 'artificial' personality was developed, who had no memory of his life prior to being fifteen years old.


Fei horrified by the destruction of Lahan.

Living a pleasant life in Lahan, Fei is awaiting the marriage of his two best friends, Alice and Timothy. One night, while visiting the local doctor, Citan Uzuki, in his nearby mountain home, Fei is shocked to find a group of Gears flying towards Lahan. By the time Fei makes it back, the town is burning as the Gears storm their way through the village. Fei finds a mysterious unmanned Gear and, despite Citan's protests, gets aboard.

Initially, Fei has some success fending off the attackers, but when he sees his friend Timothy shot and killed, something awakens in Fei, causing the Gear to go berserk. The village is destroyed, killing many of the attackers and villagers in the process, including Alice.

After the destruction of Lahan Village, a distraught Fei is exiled by the remaining villagers. Fei decides to flee to Aveh alone to avoid possible enemy reinforcements.


Elly Meets Fei

Fei meets Elly in the forest.

In the Blackmoon Forest, Fei meets Elehayym "Elly" Van Houten, a Gebler soldier, who approaches Fei at gunpoint and orders him to surrender in her language. However, when she realizes Fei can't comprehend her, she switches to his language: the language of the Lambs. Fei moves closer to her, egging her to shoot him. Elly is frightened by his strange behavior and backs up, not noticing the monster sneaking up behind her, who knocks her out. Shaken from his numb state, Fei comes to Elly's rescue. Afterwards, Elly is still suspicious of Fei's behavior but eventually exchanges names with him. As they rest, Fei has a dream about being lost in the desert as a child, then meeting a woman who looks eerily similar to the soldier he just met.

The next day, Fei and Elly venture through the forest. During their journey, Elly learns of what happened to Lahan, as well as Fei's involvement. Spurred by her own feelings of guilt and anger over the incident, Elly calls him a coward, stating that, if he hadn't climbed in that Gear, the conflict never would have happened. Fleeing again from Fei, she is attacked by a larger monster, who Fei is unable to fight on foot. Citan comes in with the obvious Gear from before, and states that, in order to protect himself, he'll need its strength, especially as he'll have pursuers coming after him.

Elly leaves and Fei joins with Citan Uzuki and other allies to uncover the web of deception and manipulation surrounding Solaris and, ultimately, System Deus. First, Fei meets the Sand Pirate Bartholomew "Bart" Fatima. Fei then becomes imprisoned in Nortune, Kislev and becomes allies with another prisoner Ricardo "Rico" Banderas. Fei meets an Etone of the Ethos church named Billy Lee Black. Fei also meets a mysterious nanomachine colony named Emeralda Kasim, a Shevatan named Maria Balthasar and the adorable Chu-Chu. Fei goes on a journey with his allies, exploring the various locales and discovering the culture and lifestyles of the people on the planet, while facing many adversaries along the way, mainly from a military branch known as Gebler. Two of these enemies are mysterious cloaked figures: Grahf and Wiseman.

Id, Fei's powerful persona and alter ego.

Fei eventually learns of a second personality within him named Id, a very powerful entity who is the product of Fei's pain and anguish as a child. For a brief period of time, this power is harnessed due to the help of one of the three sages of Shevat. Called "System Id", this mode utilizes nanotechnology by Fei wearing a restraint that would prevent Id from gaining control. It's with this power that Fei ultimately finishes off Kahran Ramsus.

Sages Taura Melchior and Isaac Balthasar repair Weltall and it becomes Weltall-2. After a final confrontation against Grahf and coming into contact with Zohar in the Land of Bethlehem, Weltall-2 becomes Xenogears.


Fei and Elly Love

Fei and Elly make love on the Yggdrasil.

Fei's mutual love for Elly continues to grow until they return to Ignas. This love aids them in many of their trials, and serves as the final push for Fei to understand that, in order to free Elly from her fate as the Antitype, he must defeat Deus.


Final Boss Urobolus - Xenogears

Karellen pits Fei in Xenogears against Urobolus.

Eventually Fei's party destroys Merkava, but Deus' completed form emerges from it. After a long battle, Fei's party defeats Deus. The Wave Existence, the real 'god', escapes from Deus and Karellen explains his ultimate goal to Fei. Because humans live in an imperfect state that is filled with sadness, Karellen wants to revert everything to the perfect, unified state of waves. Karellen says this place is filled with the love of god instead of the false love that humans experience. He summons Urobolus, the final incarnation of Myyah, to fight Fei. Fei defeats Urobolus in Xenogears.


I envy you two

Fei says goodbye to Karellen.

Karellen saves Fei and Elly, and chooses to "walk with god" by following the Wave Existence back to its higher dimension via the Path of Sephirot. Fei begs for Karellen to reconsider, but Karellen smiles sadly and solemnly replies that he can no longer live as an ordinary human after everything that has happened. He affirms that he is going to "walk with god" by returning to the Wave Existence, even if it means he will never return or see Fei and Elly again. Karellen turns away and weeps. He accepts the possibility of non-existence. While he departs, two wings bloom on his shoulders. Fei and Elly then return to their planet along with Xenogears and reunite with the rest of the party.


Fei is a balanced fighter with his specialty being martial arts, although his ETH-DEF and ATP are low. Fei has the most powerful combos in the game and decent ATP-up and DFP-up "Chi" spells, along with a few offensive spells.

Fei's bare fist fighting style is based on Bajiquan, where he can utilize powerful punches, elbowing, and some kicks, such as a Double Foot Stomp move and a slow version of somersault kick when using his deathblows. He can use a headbutt to his opponent when using both Ryujin and Koho.

Fei has the most elemental deathblows to his arsenal and can be seen using multiple guided shots as wind damage, a single punch to ground to make a earth damage, drill kicks that are embedded with fire after charging himself with flames, punching blows creating ice as the final blow comes with deadly ice damage, kicking moves that contain lightning damage to make a deadly heel explosion, and lastly, his final deathblow, Yamikei, which is his most powerful and damaging move. When performing Yamikei, Fei switches his fighting style to that of a Zui Quan-style drunken stance, where he summons dark spirits to surround his opponents to make a massive heavy damage.

In Gear battles, Fei's Gear Weltall (and later on, his Omnigear Weltall-2), similarly fights unarmed using punches and kicks to damage to his opponent. He gains System Id from his Omnigear, which puts him into System Id mode to take three of his powerful abilities in every turn until this mode wears off. The first move is to make a deadly wave of multiple punches and kicks, while the second move goes for a round of multiple kicks, knocking his opponent with a heel drop, and lastly the Kishin, in which Weltall charges to hit his opponent with five powerful blows.

Near the end of the game, after Fei and Id merge into one personality, Xenogears-Id becomes Xenogears. Most of Fei's final gear's moves are used in two or three blows to inflict deadly damage to his opponent. Xenogears's unlimited moves are permanently based on System Id and two of its moves can do two or three powerful blows. This gear's final ability is to charge itself to make multiple punches on its opponent, then to create an aura ball on its hand to make a devastating blow on its downed opponent.



Fei Deathblow Compiliation

Fei's Deathblows.


Xenogears All Character Deathblows

All Characters Deathblows.

  • Raijin: Triangle Button.png X Button.png - 4 AP
    • Fei lands a powerful punch to the ground to damage his opponent.
  • Senretsu: Triangle Button.png Triangle Button.png X Button.png - 5 AP
    • Repeatedly kicking his opponent several times followed by a slower somersault and deals heavy damage with a palm strike on both hands.
  • Hagan: Square Button.png X Button.png - 5 AP
    • He goes for a bicycle kick several times followed by a somersault.
  • Hoten: Triangle Button.png Triangle Button.png Triangle Button.png X Button.png - 6 AP
    • Fei elbows repeatedly to his opponent several times and lands a powerful two kicks and a back punch.
  • Tenbu: Triangle Button.png Square Button.png X Button.png - 6 AP
    • Fei punches his opponent and knocks them skyward with a powerful kick and knocks his airborne opponent with a heel drop.
  • Ryujin: Square Button.png Triangle Button.png X Button.png - 6 AP
    • Fei headbutts his opponent followed by a consecutive of uppercut and punches and deals heavy damage with a palm strike on both hands.
  • Koho: X Button.png X Button.png - 6 AP
    • Fei punches his opponent while spinnkng to deal a heavy punch and a palm strike on both hands.
  • Fukei: Triangle Button.png Triangle Button.png Triangle Button.png Triangle Button.png X Button.png - Wind Elemental, 7 AP
    • Fei jumps in mid-air and shoots his opponent with a multiple of guided shots that forms into a tornado dealing heavy damage to the opponent.
  • Chikei: Triangle Button.png Triangle Button.png Square Button.png X Button.png - Earth Elemental, 7 AP
    • Similar to Raijin, Fei lands a powerful punch to the ground, creating a massive earth tremor, deals heavy damage to the opponent.
  • Kakei: Triangle Button.png Square Button.png Triangle Button.png X Button.png - Fire Elemental, 7 AP
    • Fei jumps in mid air and charging himself in flameing aura and lands a powerful flaming drill kick to his opponent, dealing heavy damage.
  • Suikei: Square Button.png Triangle Button.png Triangle Button.png X Button.png - Water Elemental, 7 AP
    • Fei deals a consecutive of punches to encase his opponent on ice and deal heavy blow twice to break the ice on his encased opponent.
  • Kokei: Square Button.png Square Button.png X Button.png - Light Elemental, 7 AP
    • Fei deals a consecutive of kicks while lightning embedded on his left leg to deal a powerful heel drop on his opponent, dealing heavy damage.
  • Yamikei: X Button.png Triangle Button.png X Button.png - Darkness Elemental, 7 AP
    • This is Fei's most powerful move and he is able to switch his fighting style from Bajiquan to Zui Quan. Fei demonstrates his Zui Quan moves while forming a multi-colored of dark spirits that deals a massive heavy damage to his opponent.


  • "How long are you just going to stand there like that? If you're going to shoot me, then hurry up and do it. I don't care about my situation... I'm just a guy whose life is worthless... There's no point in me living anyway!"
  • "Look! Look at my hands! Can you hear their voices? Can you understand this feeling? The feeling of having destroyed your village with your own hands...? Of not being able to do anything for the children left behind...? Now they have nothing... I have nothing... I have nowhere... no one... I didn't want to get in it... I had no choice... There was no other way..."
  • "Well I hate it! Whenever I get in a Gear people get hurt. If I fight, people die. I don't want to hurt people! I don't want anyone to die! I hate it... can't you see that?" (to Bart)
  • "Probably deep inside, I'm not really trying to help. Somehow, I get the feeling that all I've done I did because I wanted to be needed. That if I did something for them... then maybe, I'd have a place to belong... There's a side of me that comforts itself like that. That doesn't mean I don't want to help. But, that doesn't mean I really want to help either. It might not be 'nothing', but it sure isn't the 'whole' either. I'd been drifting, led around until I met you, Elly."
  • "Dreaming... I was dreaming... Perhaps it may have been but a long forgotten memory... A dream... A memory... Things remembered when one is asleep... Things forgotten when one is awake... Where the deepest layers of memories become the outmost layers of one's dreams... Which are reality? Which are illusions? One cannot tell until one awakes... Or perhaps they are, at the same time, both truth and fiction... A vast nebulous... With no boundaries... An emptiness equivalent to my own existence... I dreamt such a dream... A long... Never-ending, dream."
  • "That dream changed me... That dream was the catalyst for me to resolve what my purpose was. I think I know now... What I have to do... That long, long memory of a dream... Perhaps it was the memory of my soul..."
  • "I have not lost hope in humans as much as you have, Krelian... Someday humankind will come to understand one another! I sincerely believe that!"
  • "But one being's ego can't determine everyone's fate! People have the right to choose their own destiny! That is why humans have free will!"
  • "Well that's alright too... We don't have to be perfect. Actually, being imperfect makes mankind live by helping each other... That's what being human is... That's mutual understanding! That's 'unity' and 'love'... I'm glad... no, I'm proud... to be human!"
  • "Elly... That isn't wrong. To sacrifice yourself for others is a noble thing... Even if it were to benefit yourself, it's no problem. There will always be a person healed... One or the other... Love gains its original shine only when there's an interrelationship between the giver and the receiver. It is incomplete when one or the other is missing. The two are one. It was you, Elly, who taught me that. I believe that is what it means to be human. I can now understand the true importance of it. I don't know if it's the right answer or not... But we have a lot of time to think about it. What Krelian himself was looking for all along... We will find the answer to it all... ourselves..."
  • "That's not true! I know they would understand! There's still plenty of time to atone for your sins! You of all people can do it!"


  • His fighting style is a mixture between Bajiquan, Jeet Kune Do and Chinese Kempo. In his Yamikei deathblow move, his fighting style changes to Zui Quan when using this ability.
  • Abel is the name of the "second child of humanity" in the Bible.
  • Cain mentions that he still believes in "Anonelbe", a mistranslation of the word "Ahnenerbe" which is German for "Ancient Heritage". The Gazel Ministry scoffs at him for still believing in such an illusion. In Xenogears, Citan reveals "Anonelbe/Ahnenerbe" is used to refer to, "The long awaited man of god, who will take the people born in this world with him to a new horizon." Citan says this is the destiny of the 'Contact', and Cain theorizes that Fei will be Anonelbe/Ahnenerbe.


Fei as Abel[]

Fei as Kim Kasim[]

Fei as Lacan[]

Fei Fong Wong[]


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