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Ft. Jasper.

Ft. Jasper was originally one of the numerous auto-targeting laser cannons used by the Eldridge before it crash landed on the Xenogears planet. Like Babel Tower, Mahanon, the Excalibur, Kadomony and the Zohar, Ft. Jasper as it came to be known was just one of a number of pieces of wreckage that was scattered across the planet as the Eldridge descended.

It was discovered (presumably) by Roni and Rene Fatima 500 years ago either before or during before the Shevat-Solaris War. This is where Roni's Omnigear Andvari was locked away with the promise that if Aveh, the nation he went on to found, was ever in danger his descendants could recover it from Ft. Jasper and use it to save Aveh.

Xenogears Edit

After Andvari was recovered, the weapon/fort was 'officially' given the name "Fort Jasper" or "Ft. Jasper", likely in reference to the Fatima Jasper. Ft. Jasper was used in a coordinated effort that split Fei and Bart parties up into two groups in order to destroy the final earth-bound Gate that was keeping Solaris phased out of synch with the rest of the world. The plan was to use the laser weapon on Ft. Jasper and bounce it off the massive mirror on Babel Tower in order to hit the Ethos HQ, which the third and final gate was buried under. After a few near-misses and some well-timed interference from all four Elements the laser and mirror were lined up perfectly and the Ethos HQ and the gate buried beneath it were obliterated. Ft. Jasper was originally located due north-west of Nisan and was hidden underground in the city's massive mausoleum. It was relocated to the surface and occupied a space in the forest west of Nisan after it was recovered and reactivated by Bart.

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