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Gears (Brigandier, Heimdal, Weltall and Renmazuo).

Gears are mechanical battle suits used in Xenogears. Gears normally have one pilot and generally have a vaguely humanoid form, though there are exceptions to both of these rules.

Origin Edit

The Gears were once part of the Eldridge. It is unknown why the Gears were created. The Zohar Modifier drives all of the Gears on the Xenogears planet and is the master generator that transmits its energy to the slave generators in Gears. As such, the Gears probably were constructed to be used with the Zohar in some way.

However, this does not mean all Gears were part of the Eldridge. While the base material probably was because most technology came from the Eldridge, there have been many constructed Gears by Solaris and Kislev. Gears are also constantly changing and repaired, with parts and engines replaced.

Xenogears Edit

A church-like organization known as the Ethos has recently excavated giant fighting robots called Gears. Gears have had a major effect on the Aveh-Kislev war and have almost entirely replaced the need for human infantry.

Omnigears Edit

When Gears align with Anima Relics, they transform into Omnigears due to being exposed to the power of Anima.

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