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The Goliath

Goliath is a large-scale propeller-powered flying battleship built by the Kislev Empire. Resembling a colossal World War II-era bomber, the Goliath was intended to be Kislev's ultimate weapon. Once it was completed it was going to be used to bomb the capital of Aveh, Bledavik into submission and end the war that had been raging between the two nations for 100 years.

Xenogears Edit

This never did happen because Fei Fong Wong and his party broke into the factory where the ship was being constructed and stole the ship right out of its berth. They were hoping to use it to escape Kislev and fly back to Aveh to reunite with Bart and the crew of the Yggdrasil.

Unfortunately Bart, now prowling the oceans off of Ignas in the Yggdrasil II saw the Goliath coming out of Kislev territory and heading right for Aveh he attacked it and shot it down. Bart had no idea that his friends were actually onboard, all he saw was Kislev's new super weapon flying towards Aveh and he assumed it was on its way to carry out a bombing mission. The Goliath was obliterated by the special "Bart Missile" fired from the Yggdrasil and its wreckage crashed into the ocean.

When Bart and his crew investigated the crash site they discovered Citan Uzuki, Rico Banderas and Hammer floating among the debris and Bart realized he had made a very big mistake. Another large piece of debris carrying Fei and Elly drifted for several days and wound up in the Aquvy region in the southern world and was salvaged by the Thames.

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