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Hecht (German for pike) is a flying Aveh battle ship that is loaded with high-powered explosives and sent on a suicide mission to Nortune, the capital of the Kislev Empire under heavy escort. The ship was piloted to its destination by Dominia Yizkor, the leader of the Elements, who controlled the ship from a built-in Gear mounted atop its hull. The mission was to ram the ship into the power-generation grid in Nortune's C-Block which would create a massive explosion intended to destroy part of the city and leave the rest unpowered and unprotected. The Hetch is intercepted over Nortune by Fei, Elly and Rico after an intense aerial battle. They try to divert its course and steer it away from any vital targets but are only moderately successful. The Hetch is diverted away from the city's power grid but it cannot be steered away entirely from striking the city. It slams into a residential section of the city instead, but the rest of Nortune survived the attack. It is never explained how Dominia survived the destruction of this supposedly suicide weapon.

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