Hyams logo.

The Hyams Group, also known as Hyams Heavy Industries, is a massive corporation that is known as the rival of Vector Industries. Hyams Heavy Industries is one of the pre-eminent producers of military spec A.G.W.S. models. Originally a corporate entity affiliated with the Immigrant Fleet, Hyams changed its name to "Hyams Heavy Industries" after being admitted to the Galaxy Federation.

Hyams has funded multiple Ormus dummy organizations, including the Yuriev Institute, U-TIC, and many others. Hyams has also secretly manufactured Ormus' cruisers and warships (ironically, Hyams has also manufactured Federation cruisers and warships, and the Federation and Ormus are opponents). Heinlein, CEO of Hyams, is also a Cardinal in Ormus. After the death of the Patriarch in Episode II, Heinlein became the highest ranking member of Ormus. In addition to Heinlein, there are two known Hyams affiliates: Sellers and Margulis. Sellers, an eminent scientist who cooperated with Joachim Mizrahi on the Zohar research, was also his longtime rival, plagiarizing all of Mizrahi's research after his death. He is now both the leading scientist of Hyams and the middleman between Heinlein and Margulis.

According to information gathered by Jin Uzuki during the Miltian Conflict, Hyams has developed a Zohar Emulator. Moreover, Jin unlocked vital information about the corporation's role in both the Miltian Conflict and Ormus' numerous operations.

Etymology Edit

Hyams is likely named after Peter Hyams, the screenwriter for the sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey, 2010.