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This is... the host for the spirit of the slayer of God...

Isaac Balthasar (アイザック・バルタザール, aizakku barutazāru), also known as Ol' man Bal, is one of the Three Sages of Shevat, the other two being Taura Melchior and Gaspar Uzuki.


During the Shevat-Solaris War, Balthasar repaired Gears for Shevat and the surface army. He survived the Diabolos Collapse and received Karellen's life extension. He helped restore Shevat afters its assault by Solaris.

He became the great grandfather of playable character Maria Balthasar and grandfather of Nikolai Balthasar, creator of the two powerful unpiloted Gears Seibzehn and Achtzehn. He raised Maria after her escape from Solaris, although after a while, he apparently left her at Shevat while he chose to live away from Shevat.


Balthasar lives in the cave under the Aveh desert and Fei Fong Wong and Bart Fatima meet him early in the game.

He is one of the first to notice Fei's Gear, Weltall, as "the Host for the Slayer of God."

After Weltall is nearly destroyed by Kahran Ramsus, Balthasar restores and upgrades the Gear to a more powerful version with the help of the other two Sages. This results in Weltall's transformation into Weltall-2 which has a built-in System Id.


Like the other two sages, his name references one of the three biblical wise men who visited Jesus Christ shortly after his birth.


  • "Haven't you heard of this story...? They say that humans and God lived together in a paradise in the sky. With God's protection, there was no fear of death, and natural disasters were entirely unknown. Then one day, humans ate a forbidden fruit which gave them incredible wisdom. But God drove mankind from the paradise for their sin. Bitter at having been driven out of paradise, humans used the wisdom they had to make giants. With these giants, they planned to challenge God himself. But God poured his wrath down on them. All who defied God were destroyed. But God himself did not escape unharmed. Taking paradise with him, the wounded God buried himself deep beneath the ocean to sleep for eons. Before going to sleep, God used his remaining power to create right-hearted humans to live on this planet. These people are said to be... our ancestors. Well, anyway, I'll stop my ranting now."


  • He has a similar appearance to the Xenosaga character Aizen Magus.
  • Like with Lucca, there are three characters named Gasper, Belthasar, and Melchior that appear in Chrono Trigger. Unlike Lucca, the similarity is in name and status only.