Joshua in Episode III.
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Xenosaga Episode II

Joshua is a green mech piloted by Wilhelm, and the central control system of the Zarathustra device. It is first seen in the epilogue of Episode II and makes several appearances in Episode III.

It looks like a green and black E.S. with gold highlights and a long spike on its left arm, however it is not an E.S. unit. It has no Vessel of Anima and draws its power directly from Wilhelm himself. Joshua is a completely new craft constructed by Wilhelm independent of the "relics of God". It is so thoroughly connected to Wilhelm that it can be thought of as an extension of his body. It is also the main generator of the Dämmerung, Vector Industries's headquarters.

Xenosaga Episode III: Also sprach Zarathustra Edit

Near the end of Episode III when Wilhelm and Joshua depart for Michtam the Dämmerung abruptly loses power and becomes dead in space. As Miyuki Itsumi and Togashi Yukihira struggle to get its backup reactor online they are shocked when their subordinates report that the ship's reactor suddenly "disappeared".

On Michtam, Wilhelm sealed away Abel's power using Joshua. The 'two Abel', or eyes of God, as Wilhelm calls Abel and Abel's Ark, needed to be sealed away. To perform Eternal Recurrence, Wilhelm needed to prevent U-DO's observation of the universe.


Joshua as seen in Episode III.

Joshua appears again with Wilhelm before Zarathustra at the end of the game. When Zarathustra and Abel go out of control it merges completely with the device and with the remains of the twelve E.S. units to become the game's final boss.

Etymology Edit

Joshua may be named after Jesus Christ, as Joshua is one way of translating Jesus' name.

Episode III database Edit

A unit owned by Wilhelm. At first glance it looks like an E.S., but it is a fundamentally different mobile weapon--it is not installed with a Vessel of Anima, but instead operates on an energy received directly from Wilhelm.

Though its a mobile weapon, it is also the main reactor of the Dämmerung, and it functions as the core of Zarathustra's control system.

While other E.S.'s were constructed based upon data from the relics of God, the Joshua is a brand-new craft, constructed by Wilhelm himself.

The Joshua can therefore be called half of Wilhelm's body. When operating as a mobile weapon, its combat powers far exceeds that of an E.S., but it also carries a weak point: when operating as Zarathustra's control system, its functionality and combat power are greatly restricted.

Trivia Edit

  • One interesting note is that the Joshua looked white in color at the end of Episode II, but a close up reveals the white light makes it a pale green, and had several tubes connecting its right elbow to its left shoulder (possibly the Y-Data that Wilhelm and the Testaments are looking through).
  • Its closest analogy to Xenogears would make it the core of Deus, as both used the Zohar as an energy source.
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