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Jugend Military Academy is a Solarian educational and military institution that trains only the finest Solarian citizens for enrollment in their elite army Gebler.

Jugend Academy was the first place Jesiah Black met Sigurd Harcourt, Kahran Ramsus and Hyuuga Ricdeau and formed the original Elements group. Elehayym Van Houten and Myyah Hawwa were also enrolled at Jugend, as were Kahran Ramsus' candidates for the Neo-Elements: Dominia Yizkor, Kelvena, Seraphita and Tolone.

Jugend also teaches anti-Lamb propaganda. Elly mentions that at Jugend, she was taught that surface dwellers were "stupid" and "base", and that is why Solaris must control them (for aspects such as slave labor, research, etc).

Although Solaris is explored in Xenogears, Jugend is unseen and is only mentioned throughout Xenogears and Perfect Works. If Jugend was located in Solaris, it was presumably destroyed when Solaris exploded and sank into the sea.

Etymology Edit

Jugend is German and means "Youth", likely because Jugend trains young soldiers, as early as 13 years old.

Symbolism Edit

Considering the German name and the fact that Solaris idealizes blonde hair and blue eyes, it is likely Jugend is an allegory for Nazism in German schools.

It is also probably meant to evoke terrifying imagery of teenagers being brainwashed into the military, learning how to fight and kill people, etc.

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