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Lahan Village

Lahan Village is a small hamlet located in the eastern part of Ignas, beyond the Blackmoon Forest. Citan Uzuki lives on a hill to the north. It is home to Fei Fong Wong for three years since he was dropped off by a Masked Man and left under the care of Chief Lee.



Xenogears - Destruction of Lahan Village

Lahan's destruction.

When Gebler and Kislev Gears appear and trade fire in Lahan, turning the town into a war zone, Fei and Citan run in to find Timothy and Alice looking for Dan. After Citan and Fei assure the couple that they will look for Dan and any other villagers who haven't evacuated, Timothy and Alice reluctantly leave.

Fei discovers a strange Gear and uses it to try to defend the village, much to Citan's dismay. After a battle against some other Gears, Fei turns, and sees Timothy running back into the village. Timothy is sighted by soldiers, and is brutally shot by one of the attacking Gears.

Witnessing this traumatic event from his Gear, Fei transforms into Id, incinerating the village in a bright flash of light, killing many villagers, including Alice. The only survivors are the villagers that had already evacuated, including Dan and Citan.

As the surviving villagers assess what's happened, they agree that Fei should be exiled from the village.


  • There is a cameo appearance of Lucca from Chrono Trigger in one of the buildings, where she explains how save points work. This is a nod to several staff being involved in the making of Chrono Trigger.