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Lahan Village

Lahan Village was a small hamlet located in the eastern part of Ignas, beyond the Blackmoon Forest. Citan Uzuki lived on a hill to the north. It was home to Fei Fong Wong for three years since he was dropped off by a Masked Man and left under the care of Chief Lee. It has a small population of probably less than 100 or 200.


Lahan is, symbolically, Fei's vision of paradise and home - a happy and relaxed village where everyone knows each other's name and face, humanity lives in peace with nature instead of against it, and it's peaceful, laid back and relaxed. The music called "My Village is Number One" complements this ideal - the song title not only references Fei's love for his village, but it also shows his teenage naivety and lack of knowledge of life outside Lahan. It is literally his entire world, so it's not surprising he considers suicide after it is obliterated and he is exiled. Lahan's destruction serves as a wake-up call for Fei as to what the "true nature" of the world outside his small little town is.

Despite that Xenogears is set around the year 17,000 A.D., Lahan is very low-tech in terms of technology, and is a stark contrast to technologically advanced locations such as Zeboim and Solaris - Lahan resembles something akin to a rural village in the Lost Jerusalem era. This is likely due to the seclusion for the past 500 years since the Diabolos Collapse in E.C. 9500, Lahan's isolation from the (slightly) more advanced Aveh and Kislev, and lack of Eldridge findings. Story-wise, this also fools the player into thinking that they're playing some generic fantasy game set in a unique world typical of the JRPG genre such as Final Fantasy, rather than a game intended to be set in reality in the far-off future.

Xenogears Edit

Xenogears - Destruction of Lahan Village

Xenogears - Destruction of Lahan Village

Lahan's destruction.

One day, a mysterious swarm of Kislev Gears flew into the village and began attacking it. Fei climbed into an unmanned Gear, Weltall in an attempt to defend the evacuation.

Fei's alternate form, Id, destroyed most of the village, along with Fei's friends Alice and Timothy.

After Fei came to, Alice's younger brother Dan blamed him for the destruction of the village and swore revenge for taking his sister away. On the advice of Doctor Uzuki, Fei fled into the Blackmoon Forest to distance himself from the angry villagers.



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