The domains.

The Lower Domain is a single unit contrasting the Upper Domain, while possessing two domains:

  • The Imaginary Number Domain houses the consciousness of every human and all sentient life. The Imaginary Number Domain can be described as the domain of consciousness, or the domain of concepts, or perhaps even the domain of the soul.
  • The Real Number Domain houses the humans and life's corresponding physical form. The Real Number Domain is considered to be the domain of substance.

That complex structure itself is the underlying reason why the profoundness in our lives is born, why we feel mystery in the world, and why we believe in infinite possibilities.

The Lower Domain is organized according to the Imaginary and Real Number Domains. These two domains exist as two sides of the same coin, and all things that exist in the real domain, the material domain, also exist in the imaginary domain, the spiritual domain. This would have been considered similar to the world of the soul spoken about by religions that existed in many numbers in the era of Lost Jerusalem.

Consciousness of rejection Edit



Whenever humans die within the Real Number Domain, their consciousnesses still exist within the Imaginary Number Domain. Separated from their physical forms, these consciousnesses eventually are absorbed into the Collective Unconscious (AKA Unus Mundus). 

But some consciousnesses, due to the human sense of individuality, reject this assimilation and remain dispersed throughout the Imaginary-Number Domain. These “Consciousnesses of Rejection” eventually manifest again into the Real-Number Domain, but their physical forms are no longer human. These consciousnesses become Gnosis, which appear to humans as a hostile and powerful alien species exempt from the laws of physics.

In time, the Imaginary Number Domain inevitably overflows with Gnosis and collapses. If the Imaginary Number Domain collapses, so does the whole Lower Domain. And if the Lower Domain collapses, the Upper Domain and the universe collapse as well.

U-DO observes the Lower Domain because it doesn't understand why human consciousnesses would reject the Collective Unconscious, and by observing, perhaps it may come to learn.

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