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... I know. But there's no doubt that you're my child... No matter what happens, you're my sweetheart...
—Medena to Elly.

Medena Van Houten, known in Japanese as Medeena Van Houten (メディーナ・ヴァン・ホーテン, medīna van hōten) is the Solarian mother of Elehayym Van Houten and wife of Erich Van Houten.


Medena is a middle-aged Gazel class Solarian who is devoted to her family.

Elly is resentful of Medena at first and doesn't believe she is her real mother. Due to her lack of resemblance to Medena, Elly believes her biological mother was actually a Lamb, specifically her childhood nanny. However, there is no actual evidence which backs this theory up, just Elly's word against her mother's.

Despite her daughter Elly's rocky relationship with her, Medena displays a willingness to accept her daughter, no matter what path Elly chooses. She encourages Elly to live her life the way she wishes, and to not desert her loved ones, even if it means turning against Solaris itself.



Medena overjoyed that Elly is alright.

Medena is first seen when Elly brings Fei to her family mansion in 1st Class Gazel district in Solaris. She is supportive of Elly's budding relationship with Fei Fong Wong, believing Elly's lie that he is a Third Class citizen recently promoted to the Special Corps.

When Elly and Fei try to sneak into Erich's room to access his computer, Medena gently reminds Elly that her father got angry the last time she went in. She asks if Elly is going to stay for a while, and invites the two of them to stay for dinner, stating that "Elly never invites her friends over." She leaves them alone to go shop.

When Medena comes back, she finds Elly arguing with Erich in his room, with Fei standing nearby. Elly accuses Erich of being more concerned about people seeing her, because she was "half a land dweller". Medena gasps, and Erich slaps Elly for her insinuation. Fei, not wanting Elly to fight with her parents, tells them that this was now a "land dweller problem", and leaves.

Later, Medena visits Elly in her room, and reaffirms her love for her daughter, urging her to go to her loved ones. She and Erich support Elly's ultimate decision to go to help Fei.

Medena is imprisoned with her husband when the Imperial Guard comes looking for Elly on Karellen's orders. They are later sprung from prison by Hammer and reunite with the party. Regrouping with Elly and the rest of the party, they make their way to the hanger to escape Solaris.


Hammer shoots and kills Medena.

Just as they arrive, Hammer takes Elly hostage. Medena manages to get Elly free, but is fatally shot by a panicking Hammer in the process.

As the betrayal of Hammer and the tragedy of Medena's death stop the party's retreat, Grahf and the Executioner teleport in and demand Elly remain with them. After the party battles the two, Erich intervenes in a Solarian Eagle soldier gear. The Executioner, amused by his and Medena's devotion to Elly, forces his gear to malfunction.

In his last moments before his gear explodes, Erich urges Elly to go, telling her to believe in herself, and that he and Medena will support her, because she is their daughter, no matter what.


  • "Elly, I think you should live your life the way you wish. If your loved ones are in a crisis, you can't desert them..."
  • "I was born and raised in a normal family. I'm not a soldier like my husband and daughter. I never touched a gun before, much less have one pointed at me... That's why I'm shaking... But I can't stop it. I'm a "normal" mother. So there are things I must protect... Elly, slowly come here. Don't worry, I'll protect you no matter what.'' (as Elly is being held captive)
  • "I won't stop ever.... My child is in danger... and I'm her mother!" (to Hammer just before she dies)


  • Her name may be a reference to Medina, the second-holiest city in Islam after Mecca.