Melisse Ortus
Melisse in Pied Piper
Unknown (by Episode I)
T.C. 4644
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Federation officer (former)
Scientia agent
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The truth will set you free... however... before you look for salvation in truth, you must question what truth really is.
—Melisse, on Scientia's motto

Melisse Ortus is a playable character from the side story Xenosaga: Pied Piper. She is an ambitious young investigator who worked under Captain Jan Sauer (later Ziggurat 8) in the 1875th Federation special-ops detachment squad.

Personality Edit

Her personality is both complex and very real. She is young and insecure, yet she yearns to be a strong leader and succeed in her field. She's a no-nonsense woman, passionate, and has a strong sense of justice, yet whenever she acts on her principles it seems to get her in trouble. She is quick to take action, however, this meant she frequently placed the team in danger by acting on her own judgment in the name of her sense of justice.

She expresses great admiration for Jan, who is something of a mentor to her. Though it is hinted at that she has many admirers on the force, she seems to have no time for such pursuits and has no main love interest. She is, however, very close to Mikhail Ortmann, and some scenes in the game suggest that the two were more than just friends. When Mikhail is killed, she falls into deep shock, grief and despair.

Xenosaga: Pied Piper Edit

At the beginning of the game, she is extremely ambitious and determined to prove herself and become a captain. However, her inexperience as a leader and inability to control people costs her the lives of six policemen, an event which shadows her through the rest of the story.

Through the course of the game she grows significantly, and at the end she is present at the suicide of Jan Sauer. The shock of this experience, and a fairly ugly series of events afterward, gave her a deep drive to find the truth amidst the many technologies of the U.M.N.

She was arrested by the Federation Police as part of a group of suspects immediately after Voyager's attack on the Pilgrimage Meeting in T.C. 4667. However, her culpability was questioned on the grounds of her unsound mental condition, and she was later acquitted. She was subsequently sent to a treatment facility, but disappeared after her release.

In search of truth, she resigned from the Federation police force and joined Veritas Liberabit Vos (V.L.V.), an anti-U.M.N. organization. There she came into her own as a leader, and she organized Scientia, a galaxy-spanning anti-U.M.N. resistance movement that Shion Uzuki joins in Episode III.

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