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Merkava emerging

Merkava emerging.



The Merkava was originally designed as a mobile fortress capable of interplanetary travel for the Yahweh interstellar attack system. Merkava is the Solarian transport system of Deus. Merkava, along with the rest of the Deus components, were heavily damaged when the Eldridge crashlanded on the planet where the game takes place.

Characteristics Edit

Its outer shell has a diameter of 80km. It sports antigravity drives that enable flight through rotation of the main conical body of the craft and a single massive energy cannon with extreme range and quick refire capability. Point defense is carried out by the Diabolos Gears/Seraph Angels.

Shevat-Solaris War Edit

During the Shevat-Solaris War, Sophia died while trying to ram the Excalibur, the flagship of the Anti-Solaris Alliance, into the Merkava to save her people. It is unknown how much damaged the Merkava received because of this, but it seems it was rather futile since the Merkava still runs in Xenogears.


Xenogears FMV - Merkava Transforms - 21 25

Xenogears FMV - Merkava Transforms - 21 25

The Merkava breaks as Deus awakens.

In Xenogears, Merkava crashes and explodes as Deus transforms it.


Merkava is likely a mistranslation of Merkabah, a Hebrew word meaning "chariot", and referring to the throne - chariot of God mentioned in Old Testament.

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