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  • So, on the bright side.

    By breaking two of your rules in the election thread (replying to me, campaigning against me), we at least already know for a fact that Wikia staff won't consider AlexShepherd for adoption, since he couldn't even follow the instructions of that thread properly. Also, the fact he's blocked on other Wikias disqualifies him according to the rules for adoption, so it's at least a relief to know he can't submit his own adoption request and get it going anywhere.

    I think it's funny that he doesn't seem to realize you and Tanyuu also want him gone and thinks it's just me.

    On the not so bright side, I'm pretty sure you, me, and Tanyuu are the only three people left here who haven't been driven off by Alex. We're not going to be able to get much of a "community vote" going, so I'd highly recommend that you suggest yourself for admin. I, and Tanyuu, will likely support that decision.

    An alternative is to just elect me and I'll hand you the reins if you don't meet adoption guidelines yourself (edit-wise I think you might not be active enough? it's why I started cleaning up). Either way it's clear Tanyuu doesn't want the job and we have no one else. :/

    I honestly suggest just going ahead with the adoption request right now. Alex isn't an eligible candidate for adoption due to his past and current bans, and there's only three users who still bother showing up: you, me, and Tanyuu. Tanyuu doesn't want the job. I only want the job insofar as I want to hurl AlexShepherd off, clean up his mess, and then promote new membership to find new admins. Do you want the job?

    Because if anyone else magically shows up for the job, they won't be eligible. The guidelines require someone who's been making edits for at least a week and recently too. I'll meet those by the time the edoption request gets looked at if it's sent now, but... I don't think we can afford waiting several more weeks. And I don't really feel we can risk a third party moderator taking over. They might support AlexShepherd.

    Inb4 angry AlexShepherd coming to scream on your wall.

    Edit: called it.

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    • What else can I do?

      I left a message on your wall trying to discuss the content of the wiki, Abearhead, and you deleted simply because you thought I was the kind of person who justifies pedophilia (which is totally untrue as I don't).

      This leaves me forced to contact you.

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    • Ultimately the new admin needs to make a policy post outlining how this wiki is to handle speculation. With the Xeno universe being as nuanced as it is, a consistent policy is absolutely mandatory. No one wants to have their opinions excised from a wiki, but for everyone's sanity there must be an agreed upon presentation style for dealing with speculation, particularly speculation that contradicts an official source.

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