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Mugwort and Rattan are characters and enemies in Xenogears.

Rattan[edit | edit source]

Rattan was a Wel-Gear combination created by Karellen at some point before the start of the game. His Gear appears to be an orange roughly humanoid Gear with a massive spiked ball on one arm and a long shield on the other.

Rattan appears twice over the course of the game. He first accompanies Emeralda Kasim to the Sargasso Point Gate in order to mount a feigned defense against Fei Fong Wong and the others.

He then appears at Golgoda with Mugwort and fights Elly. At the end of the fight Rattan is killed along with Mugwort by a massive Ether blast from Elly's Omnigear El-Regrs.

Mugwort[edit | edit source]

Mugwort is of the various Wel-Gear combinations created by Karellen's experiments. Mugwort was encased inside the massive chassis of a bird-like green Gear with four insectoid legs and a pair of sharp blades on one side of its body.

He appears at Golgoda where he fights Elly in her Omnigear El-Regrs alongside his partner Rattan. Elly manages to kill the both of them using a massive Ether blast.

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