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"Especially for you... It's my job to be hated."
-Myyah, to Ramsus

Myyah Hawwa (Miang Hawwa in the English localization) is a major antagonist in Xenogears. In the time of Xenogears, she is a Solarian Gebler sub-lieutenant, often seen accompanying Kahran Ramsus as his assistant and as his lover.

Her initial role and appearance belie her actual intentions and abilities, as well as the truth of her ultimate identity.


Myyah is one of two parts of the mother of all humanity on the Xenogears planet in the E.C. era, with the other being the original Elehayym, the antitype.[1] While Elehayym inherited the Mother's nurturing traits, Myyah inherited the goal of supplementing the evolution of humanity, so that they will serve as parts for the super weapon Deus's new body.[2][3]

Myyah is a being defined by her role and actions as the Complement, as her sole purpose is Deus's eventual resurrection. As such, she does not choose who each of her incarnations are, she cannot kill herself, and she cannot and does not deviate from her "coding". This is the sole reason for her existence.[4]

In order to resurrect Deus, Myyah must guide, manipulate, subdue, and, as necessary, cull humanity back until their genetic material is refined enough. To this end, she has sparked wars between prominent nations, most notably the nuclear war that ended the Zeboim era. If Myyah's goals are not met, she will even impede the plans of others to advance Deus's awakening, such as during the Shevat-Solaris War.

As the Contact, Fei Fong Wong, is fated by the Wave Existence to destroy Deus, Myyah makes a point of locating where and who each generation of the Contact and Antitype are.

Under her guise as the masked Executioner, Myyah shows her other role as punisher, directly engaging with Fei and his party on more than one occasion, including killing Elly's father, Erich Van Houten.

The Myyah Factor[]

All women possess the genetic factor necessary to become the next incarnation of Myyah. When the current incarnation dies, the Myyah genes activate in another woman's body. Any woman who awakens as the next Myyah inherits all the previous incarnations' memories and experiences, effectively sealing the original woman's personality.[5]

While the chance of a woman becoming a host for Myyah is higher if that woman's body is stronger genetically, Myyah herself does not choose who her next host is. The only guarantee is that her last incarnation will be when she reunites with Elehayym on the day of Deus's resurrection.


Elehayym in Kadomony in the Zohar's eye.

The mother of humanity arises naked from the wreckage of the Eldridge.

"I am Myyah. The keeper of time. The representative of our god Deus. I was born to guide the people toward the path of the resurrection of Deus."

The Mother (0000)[]

In T.C. 4767, Abel was on a spaceship called the Eldridge, searching for his missing mother. The Wave Existence, using Kadomony, sensed Abel's desire for his mother and created a red-haired woman, the original form of Elehayym. Soon after, the Eldridge crashed, with Abel the only survivor.

After the Eldridge crashed into the planet due to Deus's awakening, a program termed System Hawwa activated. Using Elehayym, System Hawwa transformed her into her dark-haired counterpart, the original form of Myyah, who would serve as the mother of humanity.

This combined form of Myyah went on to create a biological assembler plant and creating the first human beings Cain and the Gazel Ministry. In order to manage these new humans, she separated into two parts: Elly, the Antitype, and the original Myyah, the Complement.[6]

Elehayym retained many of the characteristics Abel wished for in a mother, the 'Mother's Will'[7]. She would be reborn again and again as the Contact did, always bearing red hair and blue-violet eyes.

The Complement version of Myyah, meanwhile, was meant as a manager, bearing the powers of a Deus System weapon and tasked to strengthen and gather all the genetic parts the Deus System Mode needed to repair and reactivate its new body.[8] Instead of being reborn each time she died like Elhayym, she would awaken in another woman's body to resume her mission.

The two women would not remain separated forever, as Elehayym was programmed to awaken as the last incarnation of Myyah, and merge with Deus on the Day of Resurrection.[9]

Zeboim era (6000s)[]

Myyah with the Prime Minister.

Myyah's incarnation during the Zeboim Era.

In 6053, Myyah awakened in a pair of identical twin sisters called M0611 and M0612. Using their connection to her advantage, Myyah conducted espionage within the Zeboim government, manipulating the government towards her mission.

In 6078, due to the genetic damage of Zeboim's populace, many were unable to have children. Upon finding out that a nano-engineer named Kim Kasim was working on a way to repair the genetic breakdown causing infertility in the vast majority of Zeboim citizens, she commissioned Kim to continue his work on nanomachines, leading to the creation of Emeralda.

Eventually, Kim grew suspicious of his sponsor and finally allied himself with an anti-government group called Ravine. He then transferred Emeralda to a research facility prepared by Ravine, so that Emeralda would not fall into Myyah's hands.

In an attempt to seize Kim's research, Myyah sent special forces into the facility. Kim, after witnessing the death of his wife, Elly, sealed himself up with Emeralda in the facility and disappeared from history.

Seeing no more value in the Zeboim civilization, Myyah influenced events to accelerate the death of the Zeboim civilization, forcefully resetting humanity. This resulted in the nuclear annihilation of the entire Zeboim civilization, which sank to the bottom of the Aquvy sea.

Constructing Solaris (9164)[]

Having judged that humanity was nearing the final stages, Emperor Cain, the Gazel Ministry, and Myyah moved from indirectly influencing humanity and formed a nation called Solaris, in order to more directly control the surface. Overwhelming the surface nations one by one with military might, Solaris installed Soylent System facilities all over the globe to genetically manipulate surface dwellers into parts for the building of angelic-looking biological weapons called Malakh, as well materials for the mobile fortress Merkava.

In response, the Anti-Solaris Alliance was formed, with Shevat at its core, in order to topple Solaris.[10]

Shevat-Solaris War (9496)[]

In 9496, the Shevat-Solaris War broke out.

It was during the war that Solaris found out that humans were gaining Ether abilities, which interested Myyah. Those with Ether ability who aligned with an Anima Relic would have much more power than the Gazel Ministers, who had no Ether ability. Because of this, these new humans would be more desirable as parts for Deus than the Gazel Ministry.

The Gazel Ministry, however, wished to begin the process of resurrecting Deus. Myyah was opposed to this, feeling it was too early to start the process.

In order to keep Myyah from interfering with their plans, the Gazel Ministry secretly arranged a deal with the Elders of Shevat to exchange Sophia for Myyah, making Myyah a captive of Shevat and starting a series of tragic events that eventually led to Sophia's death.

Meeting Lacan (9501)[]


Myyah speaking to Lacan in Shevat.

Little did the Gazel Ministry know that Myyah allowed for herself to captured, in order to meet Lacan, who was blaming himself for Sophia's death during the war.[11]

After Myyah convinced him he still could attain power, Lacan set the imprisoned Myyah free from Shevat. Together, they went to contact the Zohar in The Land of Bethlehem.

With the help of Myyah, Lacan made contact with the Zohar. However, without the Antitype and because Lacan had not fully developed spiritually as the Contact, the process was incomplete. Lacan developed a destructive personality and, using the Diabolos Corps, he went on to cause the Day of Collapse, assuming the name of Grahf.

This too was part of Myyah's plan, as with this event, she had reset humanity once again, in order to see those with high Ether abilities survive and serve as the basis for the next wave of humanity.[12]

Meeting Karellen[]

At an unknown point in time, presumably sometime between 9501-9510, Karellen met Myyah, and he joined her side in their mission to revive Deus.

Creating the Ethos church (9511)[]

After the Shevat-Solaris War, Myyah creates a religion called the Ethos.[citation needed] Because roughly 98% of humanity died in the Diabolos Collapse, it was extremely easy for Solaris to instill the Ethos onto humanity, ensuring another revolt like the Shevat-Solaris war did not occur and that Solaris gained the resources it needed to function from the surface, including their 'worker bees'.

Contacting Karellen (9959)[]

Karellen initiates the fifth stage of the Malakh Plan, he comes into contact with Myyah's 996th incarnation. This incarnation died of old age.[13]

Creating Ramsus (9975)[]

Unable to locate the current incarnation of the Contact, Myyah cooperates with Karellen to clone an artificial Contact using Emperor Cain's DNA. The clone, Ramsus, gains awareness before even being born and develops an inferiority complex soon after.

Possessing Karen Wong (9985)[]

Fei being experimented on by Myyah as Karen.

As her 997th incarnation, Myyah awakened in Karen after the previous' death. Upon discovering that Fei was the current incarnation of the Contact, Myyah used her new position to conduct "spiritual fusion" experiments on Fei, in order to forcefully awaken him. Taking him to testing labs, Myyah brought in humans and demi-humans who had a high compatibility with the Anima Relics and had them attempt to make psychic contact with Fei, dying in the process. The process caused much psychological damage on Fei's psyche, eventually resulting in the inadvertent creation of Id.

Fei attempted to tell Khan about Karen's strange behavior, but Khan simply dismissed it, even continuing in his own work as he began to realize Karen's change in personality, as well as the experiments.[14] During this time, Myyah contacted Karellen and told him to abandon Ramsus, since she had found the Contact's current incarnation as Fei.


Karen's Sacrifice

Karen's original self resurfacing in order to protect Fei.

Ten months after Myyah awakened in Karen, she summoned Grahf to their home who wished to collect Fei for his own plans. As he confronted and attacked Khan, Myyah stood by passively. The encounter triggered a spontaneous release of Fei's power. As Fei's own powers threatened his life, Karen's original personality resurfaced momentarily, long enough to throw herself in front of her son, shielding him with her own body and dying in the process.

Myyah being coy with Kahran Ramsus.

Jugend Military Academy[]

Myyah reawakened in a new host body of a second class citizen at Jugend Military Academy whom Kahran Ramsus loved. Using this to her advantage, she begins to manipulate Kahran Ramsus over the years in order to gain power within the Gebler faction on Solaris.

Xenogears (9999)[]

Myyah's 998th vessel.

Myyah is first introduced with Ramsus when their airship docks in Aveh. She watchs Fei compete in the Bledavik tournament. Later, she is a boss battle facing Bart.

At one point in the game, she defends Elly from Dominia Yizkor, using her abilities to convince Dominia to leave her be. Myyah later attempts to use her abilities on Elly, but has her plans foiled when Elly is discovered before completing her task.

Later on, when Fei and the party escap Solaris, Myyah, alongside Grahf, intercepts the party in her guise as the Executioner. When Elly's father, Erich, uses his gear to protect Elly and her friends, Myyah overcharges his gear, causing it to explode and kill him. As an enraged, glowing Elly advances towards her, Myyah comments that it was impressive that she is this powerful, even in her 'unawakened' state.

In Merkava, the party finds Karellen and Myyah waiting for them, as well as an unconscious Elly, bound on a cross in front of Deus's massive form. Karellan explains that Elly, as the Mother, must be sacrificed in order to revive Deus.

Ramsus then appears, questioning his purpose in life, and is taunted by Myyah and Karellen. Ramsus, realizing he had been used, kills her and Karellen. As she collapses, Myyah remarks that, as someone fated to be unable to kill herself, this was the only way she could die. Meanwhile, due to Karellen 's body being mostly composed of nanomachines, he quickly revives.


Xenogears FMV - The awakening - 17 25

Elly awakens as Last Myyah.

Myyah's 999th incarnation, the Last Myyah.

As Fei frees Elly, he is suddenly shot. As Fei slumps back against Citan, it is revealed that Elly shot Fei, using Billy's gun. As her hair color, facial expression, and speech change, the party realizes that Elly has turned into the next incarnation of Myyah. After revealing the truth about Deus's nature and its coming plans for humanity, the 'Last Myyah' leaves with Karellen and is reabsorbed into Deus, in order to serve as the main protocol to Kadomony.[15]. The party is forced to retreat as Merkava raises into the sky, firing a red beam of destruction on the land below.

Later on, as Fei grapples with Grahf and comes to an understanding of who and what Grahf truly is, Grahf reveals how Myyah and Elly are interconnected, and that even Myyah was beginning to "break free from her bounds" over many generations. As the two women have lived many lives between them and now are one, they now share the memories of several lifetimes of women, including Fei's mother, Karen. In order to free Myyah, Elly, and all the women bound with them, Grahf explains, Fei must "cut the binds on mankind".[16]

Eventually Fei's party manages to destroy Merkava, but Deus's completed form emerges from it. After a long battle in Deus's core, Fei's party defeats Deus.

Searching for signs of Elly, the party discovers a slight energy response within the core, which started to strengthen. The Wave Existence, which was used to power the very biological computers that led to Myyah and Elehaym, was finally freed from its "cage of fleshly existence" from within Zohar. It meant to travel to the higher dimensional it originally came from, which, as Citan revealed would create enough energy to destroy the planet. Elly, now free of Deus's control and in its the body, is trying move it beyond the atmosphere, intending to sacrifice herself one last time.

Fei gives pursuit in the Xenogears, the only Gear left operational after the destruction of the Zohar Modifier, disappearing into the rift.

Inside, Karellen confronts Fei, asking why he is so attached to all the imperfections of human existence that he would prefer it over reverting everything back to when it all began, when all was one in the realm of God.[17]

Fei rejects Karellen's ideology, stating that humanity's imperfections meant they had to help each other in order to live, which led to mutual understanding. Perfection is not needed for love to exist, and Fei understands this through Elly and her actions. He argues that Elly is trying to heal Karellen's heart, and that Karellen doesn't need to "become one with god" in order to understand her love.

Karellen challenges Fei, telling him to prove this love that could make him independent of God, and calls forth Urobolus, a gigantic serpent-like being, bearing the last visage of Myyah. Xenogears appears, and Fei phases into it, using it to defeat Urobolus.

Karellen releases Elly and reveals to Fei that he had planned to become one with God. During her time with Karellen, Elly had seen inside his heart and realized it was full of despair for all the atrocities he had committed, and that he truly loved people. Karellen declines Fei's offer to return and ascends to a higher plane of existence along with the Wave Existence, telling Fei and Elly that he envies them. Fei and Elly then return to their planet along with Xenogears and reunite with the rest of the party.



Xenogears - Ramsus & Miang (Boss)

Fei and Bart fight Myyah and Ramsus.

Gameplay wise as the boss character, Myyah appears as a supporting character along with Ramsus.

As Executioner, she wields a staff along with Grahf during the boss battle against Fei and the group during their escape in Solaris.

In Gear battles, her Gear is the C-1 Vierge which is the prototype version of Elly's Gear, Vierge, where it was called as Myyah's Gear during the game where she still heals Ramsus' Gear with a Restore ability which is similar to Fix Frame HP from the other Gears.

She is later demonstrated her fighting abilities during Disc 2, where she pilots her Omnigear, Opiomorph. She relies on Ether magic such as wave #4 ability that can make negative stats to her opponents, at the cost of her Gear itself losing both defense and Ether attack stats when damaging her opponents. If being attacked by her opponent, her defense and Ether attack will increase in every turns from her boss battle.


Final Boss Urobolus - Xenogears


In her final form as Urobolus, she can claw her opponent multiple times but has high evade to basic attacks. She can also constrict her opponent at the same time. She has a unique ability where she takes down her opponent and creates a fire and wind based attack to make a deadly damage.


While her name was translated to 'Miang' in the North American English release of Xenogears, it has been since revealed through Perfect Works that her actual name was intended to be translated as Myyah. It is unknown why 'Miang' was chosen.

The name Myyah is lifted from the reverse of Elehayym, Myyah ele'm, meaning 'Myyah exists here'. [18]

Hawwa is both the Biblical Hebrew name as well as the Arabic name of Eve in Abrahamic religions.


  • "If you only had power... you could have saved her. You want it, don't you? Unrivaled power...! Don't you want to become... the absolute being...!?" (to Lacan about Sophia)
  • "My... what a handsome boy!" (seeing Fei)
  • "Kahr... Peeping is not very becoming, you know...!?"
  • "Besides, stupidity in puppets has its advantages."
  • "We don't care who is sitting on the throne. Any obedient sheep will be fine."
  • "Crystalline, blue... like the surface of a lake... Your eyes... They're beautiful." (to Elly)
  • "Especially for you... It's my job to be hated." (to Ramsus)
  • "Kahr... Don't worry. I'll always be by your side. No one knows you better than I do."
  • "Resentment... That is the source of your strength. And you have excelled superbly at fulfilling our expectations of you. But... we no longer have any more use for you. Haven't you realized that yet? You're a piece of trash. And being the reject that you are, why don't you just leave? Hah hah hah." (to Ramsus)
  • "Good... This is how I wanted it, Kahr... I am fated so as not to be able to kill myself... Now ...all ...my ...wishes... have... come... true. Thanks... to ... you...!" (as she is killed by Ramsus)
  • "Yes. I am the mother of all humans..."
  • "You're as dense as usual... But, I don't blame you... So be it. I will explain to you all about it."
  • "Who knows...? The creations of god will someday be a hindrance. That is why they must be eliminated. I am just programmed to act in this way..." (Myyah, when Citan asks why civilization must now be destroyed)
  • ''You believed the legend of how our world and the universe was created... But the Ministry and I fabricated that very myth a long time ago to suit our purposes.''
  • "Farewell... Fei. May you have a peaceful awakening..."


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Original body[]

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