Nanomachines are atom-sized machines which are used for everything from repairing body cells (medicine) to terraform-ing. Many varieties of nanomachines exist for various purposes, and their components range from complex proteins to traditional mechanical parts. The concept of nanomachines and nanotechnology are explored in both Xenogears and Xenosaga.

History Edit

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Nanomachines were developed in the modern Lost Jerusalem era. Research also significantly progressed in the T.C. era.

In Xenogears Edit

In Xenogears, nanotechnology was researched by various individuals and societies in the E.C. era. These include Kim Kasim, Karellen and Taura Melchior. Emeralda Kasim is a nanomachine colony created by Kim. Using nanotechnology, Karellen was able to extend the lives of himself and the three Sages of Shevat: Nikolai Balthasar, Gaspar Uzuki and Taura Melchior.

In Xenosaga Edit

Nanomachines are used in recovery items and certain ether skills used by Shion Uzuki and the other characters.

One creepy aspect is that nanomachines may be implanted into a criminal's brain in order to control their behavior for the better (which occurs in the higher levels of Personality Reconditioning). This occurred to Andrew Cherenkov.

Nanomachines are a field researched and invested in by many companies such as Ziggurat Industries.

Nanotreatment Edit

Nanotreatment is a medical treatment technique utilizing nanomachines. Nanotreatment of illness and injury in this world is about as common as drugs.

MOMO Mizrahi tried to treat Andrew Cherenkov's injuries with nanomachines capable of cellular restoration. However, Cherenkov adamantly avoided this treatment for fear that it would trigger a violent reaction to the chemical which controls his emotions.

Etymology Edit

Nano is the word for "dwarf" in the Greek language. One nanometer equals one billionth of a meter.

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