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Nikolai Balthasar
E.C. 99XX
Unknown (probably Shevat)
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Solaris engineer
M Plan researcher
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Maria, you're my daughter. You know how stupid humans can be. You don't need to perish along with these feeble humans. Now, come, Maria. Start a new life with me. We shall begin a new chapter in life. Let's build a bright future together. I'll be by your side and protect you this time for sure. I promise you.

Nikolai Balthasar is a brilliant scientist who was kidnapped and captured from Shevat and forced to live and work in Solaris.

Nikolai is the father of Maria and husband of the late Claudia, thus Nikolai is a widower. Isaac Balthasar is his grandfather.

Biography Edit

In 9986, not long after Maria's birth, Nikolai was captured by Solaris, due to being an expert in neurological research, for Solaris' M Plan. Solaris' scientists put much effort into the research to create evolved Gears. Regardless of how great a pilot is, as long as it is human, there will always exist a time lag and human error when interfacing with a machine. Nikolai, a genius in the field of cranial nerve mechanisms, was ordered to search for a way for humans to go beyond humans - by merging humans and machines. However, he refused to work.

In 9987, Claudia and Maria were also kidnapped from Shevat and taken to Solaris. With their lives on the line, Nikolai was forced to work on the M Plan, while Claudia and Maria's lives were held hostage as incentive. He often experimented with Gears and humans in the Soylent System with Erich Van Houten. Nikolai succeeded in fusing man and machine.

In 9990, Claudia died due to experimenting with the creation of the Gear Seibzehn. Nikolai was devastated. After, Nikolai programmed Seibzehn to return Maria to the surface to Isaac Balthasar.

Over the years, Nikolai became gradually brainwashed by Solaris. He began to become misanthropic, believing humans are imperfect foolish life forms, and that technology is the way to humanity's salvation.

Eventually, he created a Gear (Achtzehn) that could easily merge with human thought, which practically destroyed his existence.

Xenogears Edit

He comes back to Shevat when Maria and Chu-Chu attack his Gear. He fights and loses to Chu-Chu. He makes peace with his daughter before killing himself.

Quotes Edit

  • "Hello, little rats, come on out. Come on my cute little guinea pigs."
  • "Humans are an imperfect, foolish life form... I will show the greatness of a perfect life form! Achtzehn, the combination of human wisdom and the strength of steel."
  • "What's with this astronomically unintellectual... looking low level animal...?"
  • "For a low-class, low level life form, you're pretty good."
  • "Die, you pathetic animal! Die!"
  • "Maria... I will always be with you. Now and forever."

Trivia Edit

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