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Nortune, Kislev.

Nortune is a massive metropolis city and the capital of the Kislev Empire on Northern Ignas. Nortune is home to many forms of industry that produce a large amount of steam; earning the people of Kislev a nickname in Aveh's capital of Bledavik, "Kislev Steamheads".

The city, shaped like a large X, is divided into four separate boroughs or "Blocks."

  • A and B Blocks are civilian areas where the regular population of Nortune lives.
  • C Block is the "Battle Arena" block, this section of the city is run by the Imperial Battling Committee and is centered around the massive Battle Arena where Gears compete in one-on-one arena matches.
  • D Block is a massive prison district, civilians live among prisoners in this block, however the prison population (many of whom are falsely imprisoned demi-humans) are kept in check by high explosive collars placed around their necks upon incarceration. A prisoner condemned to D Block can win their freedom by competing in and winning the annual Battling Championship that takes place in C Block.

At the center of the city is the massive Administrative Building which is actually an aerial battle cruiser built over 500 years ago by Roni Fatima. This battle cruiser is actually the main body of the massive super-gear Yggdrasil IV. In disc 2, after the Yggdrasil IV has been activated and later destroyed, there is a massive hole in the middle of Nortune where the ship used to be docked.

Etymology Edit

This is a misspelling of Noatun, from Norse mythology.

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