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An Omnigear is a Gear that has been fully awakened by the power of an Anima Relic. Unlike normal Gears, Omnigears have no physical controls, and instead interface telepathically with their pilots. They are obtained individually as upgrades to the Gears piloted by a number of playable characters, and are among the most powerful Gears in the game. Their design seems to be more "organic" than their non-aligned counterparts.

Etymology Edit

In the Japanese version of the game, Omnigears are called Gear-bara.

"Bara" is a Hebrew word (בָּרָא) meaning "to create/manufacture something out of nothing". Normal Gears are designated "-Asah" in Perfect Works, meaning "to create/manufacture something out of existing materials". It is a reference to Omnigears being the Gears of genesis - the original Gears.

Some of the Omnigears have the prefix "El-" in front of their name, which is a prefix for "god". The 2nd Legend of Genesis claims humanity thought of themselves as "gods" when they created the Anima Relics to revolt against "God".

Trivia Edit

  • Their Xenosaga equivalent is E.S.
  • In the final version of the game, there are 9 Omnigears.
  • There were 2 Omnigears that were scrapped during development: El-Seibzehn and El-Crescens.
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