Ormus Stronghold as it appears in Episode II.

The Ormus Stronghold is a massive space facility controlled by the Ormus organization. Orgulla, as well as Hermann and Richard were stationed in the base, as were several U-TIC Organization officials. During the Galaxy Federation/Ormus struggle for Old Miltia, the Ormus Stronghold appears before the Abyss, blocking the way to the planet. It is infiltrated by Shion Uzuki and her allies who sabotaged the station's central core, causing it to fall into the Abyss in Episode II.

Episode III database[edit | edit source]

A free-orbiting fortress over ten kilometers in length, used by Margulis and the Inquisitors as on of their bases after abandoning Pleroma.

It was set to be deployed in the battle against the Federation fleet inside the path to Miltia when it opened. However, it wound up being hurriedly pressed into use as a defense line against the Elsa when it tried to break through the path.

Despite this, it was destroyed from the inside by E.S. craft piloted by Shion and the others, and was ultimately swallowed by the Abyss.

Tony piloting the Elsa to the Ormus Stronghold.
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