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The Path of Sephirot is a vague element referenced in Xenogears.

Xenogears Edit

The Path of Sephirot is mentioned by the Wave Existence. The Wave Existence mentions it was brought into this four-dimensional world (the Lower Domain) from the Upper Domain by machines through the 'Path of Sephirot'. The Wave Existence then became trapped in the Zohar/Kadomony.

In the ending, Karellen mentions that the 'Path of Sephirot' has been connected and that no one can stop "god" from returning to "his" world now. Karellen decides to return to the Upper Domain with the Wave Existence ("God" by Karellen) via the Path of Sephirot.

The "Sephirot" is also represented in Solaris' crest, also symbolized by the Tree of Sephirot.

Etymology Edit

It is a reference to Sefirot, alternatively translated as "sephirot" or "sephiroth".

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