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Program Canaan is the general term for a group of surveillance systems that searches for people with the special "factors" necessary to become a Testament, suitable for a Vessel of Anima. Its basic outline was devised by Vector Industries for Vector's CEO, Wilhelm. The development of Program Canaan is known as Project Canaan.

During the dawn of Realian development, it was installed in a very small number of units and integrated into their basic brain-stem systems. Regardless of their own will, Realians who have been installed with this program have the role of judging suitable people and helping them awaken their abilities.

Although these Realians are few in number, that is simply relative to the total number of Realians that have been produced, especially taking into consideration that they were meant to be deployed across the entire galaxy. Development was conducted under top secret conditions within Vector; only a limited number of top executives knew of its existence.

Realians with Program Canaan implants are recovered by Vector after they have fulfilled their given role. By the mid-T.C. 4700s, over 99% of them had completed their given task; however, "Canaan," who has another role, is reportedly still deployed somewhere in the galaxy.

The data collected by one Canaan is immediately uploaded to Vector's database and automatically distributed to other Canaans. Certain types of data, however, have a barrier placed on them controlling their distribution.

Known Realians with Program Canaan include Lactis, Canaan and Kayla.

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