Salvator Faction logo.

The Salvator Faction is a large, politically motivated group within the Galaxy Federation Government with a base in the star system Vartas.


The faction include a number of important political representatives, like Pierre Ruryk, and at one time Dr. Dmitri Yuriev, who secretly controlled it until his apparent deah.

Following Dimitry Yuriev return, the Salvator Faction strengthens his influence over the Federation Government and the Military, welcoming new members and gaining a majority in the Federation Assembly.

The Faction commands a military force of elite soldiers, whose members are theoretically part of the Federation Military but are actually loyal to Yuriev and Salvator. They wear a blue jacket, a red military beret and black sunglasses.


In the Xenosaga storyline, the word Salvator means "Child of the Savior." The name Salvator is commonly used to refer to Designer Children, which may be the reason the faction has this name, considering that both Dmitri Yuriev and Pierre Ruryk are Designer Children.

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