Shion Uzuki
Shion in Xenosaga Episode III

Chief Uzuki
Ms. Vector
Flower of First Division
Maiden of Mary Magdalene
22 (I, II)
23 (III)
T.C. 4745
Hair color
Brown (auburn in I)
Eye color
Green (sometimes appears teal)
Vector KOS-MOS developer (I, II)
Scientia agent (III)
Voice actor (Japanese)
Ai Maeda
Voice actor (English)
Lia Sargent (I, III)
Olivia Hack (II)
Stephanie Wittels (anime)
I think the will to change the future is still an important one. We must try to change things around us, little by little. Even if it is one step at a time, and even if everything is already pre-determined, it's not something for us to be sad about. No. On the contrary; the future is overflowing with hope. And we have infinite paths to choose from.
—Shion's final words in Episode III.

Shion Uzuki (シオン・ウヅキ) is the main protagonist and heroine of the Xenosaga series, with the exception of Xenosaga: Pied Piper, which focuses on Ziggy. She is the daughter of Suou Uzuki and Aoi Uzuki, and younger sister of Jin Uzuki.

In the beginning of the series, Shion is a Camelle Vector Industries First R&D Division computer scientist and programmer. She helped build KOS-MOS to combat the Gnosis because her deceased boyfriend Kevin Winnicot, original creator of KOS-MOS, was unexpectedly killed by the KOS-MOS Archetype.

In Xenosaga Episode I, Shion is Head and Chief Engineer of the KOS-MOS Project. Shion eventually quits Vector and joins the anti-U.M.N. underground resistance Scientia by Episode III. Shion seeks to save the universe from the Gnosis, as well as from an ancient religious cult known as Ormus.

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Personality[edit | edit source]

Shion's appearance and visual style throughout the anime and three Episodes.

General traits[edit | edit source]

Shion giving a sickly Almadel her flowers.

As the main protagonist of Xenosaga, Shion is inquisitive, searching for knowledge and showing interest in the world around her. A scientist at heart, she always asks questions until she finds satisfactory answers. She is reflective and contemplative to the point of being seen as scatterbrained, and seems completely oblivious at times, like when men attempt to flirt with her.

Shion is strong-willed, and is passionate and persistent about her ideals. Shion's brother, Jin, commented that she possibly inherited her stubborn nature from their grandfather Ouga, and Margulis even comments that her eyes and attitude reminds him of a man he knows, and he clearly doesn't like it. Virgil once called Shion "self-righteous" and all her "self-righteous crap makes him sick". He also compares Shion to someone who stands on a soap box.

Shion says hi to a 100-Series Realian.

Another notable side of Shion is her kind heart. She is concerned for others and tries to help people around her. Her compassion extends to Realians, seeing them as humans who "just happen to be born differently", as well as androids, like KOS-MOS. One of Shion's ultimate dreams is the ability to allow a robot to have the ability to feel and have emotions, as well as develop a consciousness and become "real".

Shion hates it when people act childishly or violently, and is a peacemaker, if only to avoid pain and suffering. Despite her dislike of fighting and violence, she is willing to fight out of necessity to protect those she cares about, even taking up martial arts like her grandfather.

Shion has a very futurist mindset, a contrast to Jin. She doesn't seem fond of old traditions, questions the point of Jin "trying to resurrect obscure ancient rituals", and accuses him of being obsessed with his "precious weird old books" and calls it a "stupid old hobby". At one point, Shion tells the Pope of Ormus to shut up, claiming she refuses to accept his religious ideology which he claims is his "god-given mission".

Interests and skills[edit | edit source]

Shion calibrating a malfunctioning KOS-MOS.

Shion is always interested in the latest technology and how it can benefit humanity. She is skilled at computer science, coding, technology and programming. She enjoys testing and working with KOS-MOS; in the beginning of Episode I, Shion almost dies by risking her life to obtain more of KOS-MOS's technical specifications. Shion is displeased by KOS-MOS' roboticness and is angered when KOS-MOS killed Virgil. When KOS-MOS disobeys or malfunctions, Shion is hurt because it makes her feel like a failure.

Shion confronting Luis Virgil. "That's not true! We don't treat Realians like property, equipment OR merchandise!"

Shion also has a fascination for Realians, being a strong supporter of Realian rights. Despite Realians being involved in the murder of her parents and Febronia, Shion feels the Realians involved with her tragic past are different from the Realians of today. This tragic event also drives her wish to understand and research how Realians work, in order to keep those tragic events from reoccurring, although this is also partially out of overcoming her anger and fear at them for killing her parents. This also colors her seemingly contradictory and hypocritical neutral stance on the removal of the self-destruct override code Realians have at the beginning of Episode I, and even works for the company that installed them.

Shion and Bunnie.

Although she appears clumsy at times, she is actually quite athletic. In particular, her high kicks are powerful enough to render an adult human unconscious. She apparently also wields a jujitsu-like technique passed on from her grandfather.

Shion is a skilled chef, specializing in curry, as she grew up learning from Boss, the owner of Moby Dick's Café on Second Miltia.

Shion has been a fan of Bunnie since she was a little girl.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Shion's role in the cyclic redundancy.

Shion has the special ability to communicate with U-DO. In addition, she is more resistant to Gnosis attacks. Shion's will, as well as her pendant which is the ignition key of Zarathustra, is necessary for Wilhelm's Eternal Recurrence. Because of this, Shion is allowed to be reincarnated because the universe needs her will to be carried out.

Shion is the reincarnation of the Maiden of Mary Magdalene, a young woman who followed Jesus and Mary Magdalene in their travels during the Lost Jerusalem era. In the modern era, she is thrust into a similar role, as KOS-MOS is the prototype vessel for Mary Magdalene's spirit.

Family[edit | edit source]


Staying for the Night

Shion blames Jin for their parents' deaths.

After joining Vector, Shion grew distant from Jin with time and was reluctant to speak to him. Shion didn't speak to him for years, considering him responsible for her parents' deaths and being irresponsible in general, and cut him out of her life as much as she could. Despite this, Jin tried repeatedly to get closer to Shion.

Shion refuses to visit her parent's graves, partly because she knows Suou and Aoi were not even buried in them. To her, it was a pointless gesture; visiting their memorial wouldn't bring them back to life. Over the course of the Xenosaga trilogy, she realizes she was in the wrong in blaming her brother, and that what she really wanted was a scapegoat, so that she could feel their parents' deaths could have been avoided.


Xenosaga Episode III - Chapter 5 - ANT Facility - Animosity

Shion arguing with her father Suou.

Shion also blamed and resented her late father, Suou, for using her mother as a guinea pig test subject and making her "suffer subconsciously" for his research.

Mental health and trauma[edit | edit source]

She's gone through a lot lately. I tried all I could, but I couldn't her to come out of her room. She's probably crying, all alone again.
—Allen Ridgeley

Shion forcing herself to feel happy.

At first glance, Shion seems endlessly optimistic, but underneath that cheery exterior, she is a psychologically damaged young woman, whose past trauma as a child heavily affected her personality as an adult.

For Shion, life is simply a state that eventually led to death. Having seen both her parents die at a young age, as well as someone she loved a few years ago, her own death seemed to be right around the corner. To Shion, no matter how hard a person clings to life, every living thing will eventually die.

In order to keep these thoughts from controlling her, Shion hides herself in work to an obsessive degree. Being consumed by work helps her forget her dark thoughts, allowing her to project an outward persona as a cheerful, strong person, even to a blind degree. [1]

Shion mourning at Kevin's grave.

In an effort to maintain this optimistic outward persona, she hides her sadness and anger, refusing to share her pain with anyone. Whenever Shion feels unwell and is asked about it, she tended to reply, "don't worry, it's nothing," which essentially became her catchphrase. She has extreme difficulty communicating her feelings, partly because she has never done it before, and partly doesn't know how to.

This trauma would manifest in different ways, such as Shion's astraphobia, the result of two traumatic incidents which occurred during thunderstorms. Shion subconsciously associates loud booming thunder with tragedy and death, and it acts as a traumatizing trigger. In Xenosaga I, when Jr. turns on the artificial weather on the Kukai Foundation's beach, Shion screams, covers her ears, and kneels down to enter the fetal position.

"Tell me why! Why does everyone always have to die and leave me behind?!"

Shion's journey and character development[edit | edit source]

Why am I here? What should I be doing? Where am I going?

Shion suffers from an identity crisis and an existential crisis, which worsens as the series progresses. Feeling completely alone and disconnected from humanity, Shion becomes more scared, uncertain of who she is, what she should do, and what her future is.

Much of Shion's actions throughout Xenosaga are colored by her own gradual realization of her problems, as well as the toxic means she uses to avoid or resolve them. She is at her own mercy, as are her surroundings.

In the beginning of the series, Shion does everything in her power to save humanity and make the universe a better place. She pushes herself to please people, meet their expectations, and make everyone happy, despite being extremely unhappy herself.

Shion mentally exhausted, Episode III.

During the series, a gradually more mentally exhausted Shion becomes more lost and confused, even wondering if humanity is even worth saving in the first place. She becomes influenced by the misanthropic Testaments, primarily Kevin, Luis Virgil and Albedo, who constantly tell her humanity is useless, unnecessary, driven by impulses and animalistic urges, and would be better dead.

Her motives switch from saving humanity and the universe to being hellbent on revenge for everything and everyone who has ever caused her to suffer. She cares less and less about what others think of her, causing her to be rude and snap at others. She begins to comfort herself with her hatred towards her father, and over her mother's death. Hounded by her feelings of guilt, she drives herself to do actions that are contradictory to what she previously stood for.

I don't know. I don't know what I should do. I'm tired. I don't want to hurt anymore. None of you saved me.

Shion having a mental breakdown, Episode III.

As the series progresses, she begins to become more distant and angry at her friends, believing they were never there for her when she needed them most, even lashing out at them, like with Miyuki Itsumi in Episode III, to the point of being insufferable.

The toll taken on Shion's mental state is most evident in Episode III, when she frequently breaks down mentally and turns to Kevin and KOS-MOS for support.

My pain? No one knows anything about me! No one knows how I feel. I was always alone. Even when I called for help, no one listened! The only one who listened was Kevin.

At one point, Shion chooses her love for Kevin over her friends, attracted the idea of eternal peace this choice offered. However, this quickly conflicted with her inner desire to 'not be alone anymore.' She questioned if an existence with Kevin alone really be enough for her, and if it was worth even being used. Shion explicitly says, "Kevin, all I ever wanted was to be with you. Even if that meant I was being used. Even if I was being deceived. As long as I could be by your side, I thought it didn't matter."

Shion quickly realized her friends' resolve to not abandon her, even if they had to physically fight her, as well as the extent Kevin was willing to go in order to hurt or kill her friends. She realizes the true cost of her choice, and that this cost did truly matter to her. She comes to the conclusion that the meaning of happiness is not being alone anymore, and that she is unable to be happy if it means being disconnected from others, or unable to share her happiness with everyone else.

In learning this about herself, Shion decides to reject the Eternal Recurrence. She begins to be more open with her feelings to her friends, and receive closure with her father, Jin, and Kevin, along with other key figures from her life such as Febronia. She even finds the will the initiate a relationship with Allen, even if it is a steady and slow one.

Background[edit | edit source]

Lost Jerusalem Era[edit | edit source]

The Maiden of Mary Magdalene.

Thousands of years ago, Shion's previous incarnation was the Maiden of Mary Magdalene, the partner of Jesus Christ. Though she is not named, Episode I implies Shion may have been called Marienkind (Child of Mary).

Shion's previous incarnation and Mary Magdalene had an extremely close relationship. She was required to release the power of Animus, meaning both Mary Magdalene and her need to exist for this power can be used to its full extent.

She met Jesus, and was possibly an acquaintance or friend of Jesus', as well as the Apostles. Her flashback in Episode III is not from Mary Magdalene's, but her own.

Unfortunately, Shion died in front of Mary, who at that moment had lost all of her power by dividing Yeshua's (chao's) Anima, rendering her helpless. This is apparently the biggest regret in Mary Magdalene's life. It never revealed exactly how Shion died.

Childhood in Dasgupta, Miltia[edit | edit source]

Shion as a little girl.

Shion was born on the planet Miltia in the year 4745 T.C. from the union of Suou and Aoi Uzuki, workers for the U-TIC Organization, 13 years after the birth of their son, Jin. She lived in its capital, Dasgupta.

Shion's mother Aoi originally came from the Vassilios system, which was largely populated by people from the Immigrant Fleet. Because of this, Aoi and her children possess certain latent traits associated with those from the Immigrant Fleet, and a trait common among the People of Zohar of Abraxas: a compatibility with U-DO latently within her. Due to being the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene's maiden, Shion was also an Animus resonant.

Only a few people know that she has a congenital, unique sense that has allowed her to see into imaginary space since early childhood--impossible, for most people. The holographic glasses she wears were a present from Kevin during her time at Vector; they serve not to correct her vision, but to control this ability. However, as this sense of hers is not active all the time, and as she "has gotten used to it," she removes the glasses when they present an inconvenience to her daily life.

Shion lived in a house on block B-32. She became friends with a U-TIC Realian Febronia who looked after Shion as her nanny due to the hospitalization of Aoi as well as Suou's being busy with his work. Shion also met Febronia's sisters (or more accurately, clones), Cecily and Cathe, as well as another special Realian Almadel. Febronia taught Shion how to grow flowers and gave her seeds to plant.

Shion waiting for her father, Suou.

Shion was raised by her father after her mother was confined to Labyrinthos's hospital wing due to her disease linked to U-DO, and regularly went to see her. From her mother's room she saw the part of the Song of Nephilim. Shion would often wait on a swing-set at a playground for her father. Shion never got to play with Suou much while he was alive because he was too consumed by his work.

With Febronia, she helped save the life of Luis Virgil, even though he was a Galaxy Federation soldier, thus an enemy of the U-TIC.


Shion's Flowers and Kevin

Shion and Kevin outside Labyrinthos.

She met a 14-year-old Kevin Winnicot for the first time in front of Labyrinthos, planting flowers by Labyrinthos. Kevin tried to approach her on Wilhelm's orders, not being kind to her. Kevin expressed that he was surprised to see that they can still grow around the area, and that they probably haven't died yet. Shion assured that they won't die, since she places seeds and gave them fertilizer. Kevin then stated that there's no guarantee that they won't die in the future. He continued to say that he doesn't understand it, but wondered why she planted them here instead of the rear garden. Shion explained that they would too far from her mom's room, and that this spot by Labyrinthos would be much closer, and so that her dad can see them too. Kevin, however, chides that he can't see Supervisor Uzuki having any interest in flowers, which Shion looks to him with a look and grunt of disagreement.

Shion gives Kevin a Bunnie watering can.

Kevin then told her how he believed the world works: humans must conquer, destroy, kill and feed on other organisms to live, and that it's the "basic function of an organic being." He then told Shion that there is no point in what she's doing. Shion doesn't believe that to be true, and she says that when her flowers bloom, everyone will be happy, including her dad. Kevin wouldn't bet on that, and Shion replied that Febronia said so too. Kevin continued to not get the idea and Shion continued to help the plants. Kevin then stared at Shion for a moment, as he remembered that he had been ordered by Wilhelm to keep tabs on her safety, yet felt like he was starting to know her more than needed.

Shion showing Kevin how to water flowers.

Shion, not waiting any longer, told Kevin that, if he's just going to sit around, he should give her a hand on watering the flowers. Kevin, taken by surprise at such a request, argued on why he should do that. Shion then had the water pot for the plants in his face and replied that he's not doing anything, so he should help. She continued to push him into assisting her, and it resulted in him having the water splash on himself. He whined that it was cold, and blamed her for it, but Shion merely laughed. Kevin, feeling really irritated, decided to help out, and asked her on where to water them. Shion then gave him several spots to water, but he was being to rough with it. Shion told him to be more careful, otherwise he'll hurt them. Kevin complained why would he hurt them, since they're just flowers.

Shion and Kevin watering flowers.

Shion took the waterpot to show him how it's done. Seeing Shion watering the plants gently, Kevin saw her with joy of the flowers looking ever more beautiful, and Kevin still looked to her in confusion. Suou Uzuki then called Shion by the front door of Labyrinthos, presumably to see her mother's condition. Shion then went to go and asked Kevin to continue the work in her place. Kevin, before he could make a complaint, just dismissed the issue and continued watering the flowers. As he resumed the work, Kevin then smiled for the first time at this and began to understand Shion better.


Crushed Flowerbed

Shion weeping, mourning her dead flowers.

When the third descent operation began and the U.R.T.V.s were deployed, initiating the Miltian Conflict, Kevin arrived to where Shion was crying over the battered flowers, Kevin felt a sense of regret. Kevin told her that there was no point in growing them, as flowers won't make anyone happy. Shion objected that they will, and was going to plant more to show everyone. Kevin, remaining dissuaded, said that they'll just get trampled again. Kevin felt that it was futile and pointless to put so much energy, time, work and effort into something that's probably going to be inevitably be trampled and ruined by humans sooner or later. When Shion began to leave, Kevin questioned her where she was going, which Shion replied that she was going to get more seed from Febronia. After Shion left, Kevin looked at the ruined flowers, and thought for several moments.


Xenosaga III HD Cutscene 183 - Kevin's Resolve (Outside Labyrinthos) - ENGLISH

Kevin's resolve in a world gone to hell.

After much thought, and seeing how this world has gone into chaos and devolved into hell and madness, Kevin told himself that no one has the ability to lead others to the truth, as their powers are too limited. Kevin then saw that there was still one flower left unharmed, and his face was filled with resolve. He took the flower in his hand, with only several petals, and declared that only those who possess divine power can accomplish that: leading others to the truth. These petals from the flowers he picked were then put into the pendent he was given from his mother, and then gave to Shion. Because he loved Shion, the petals he had inside the pendent were proof of his feelings and resolve.

Miltian Conflict[edit | edit source]


Xenosaga III HD Cutscene 193 - Tragedy at the Church (Old Church) - ENGLISH

Febronia's death and corpse being eaten.

At the age of eight, Shion found herself in Febronia's church when the Miltian Conflict began. She entered the church and warned Febronia about "the sky and the people." However, at that very moment, a group of Combat Realians entered the church. Febronia attempted to talk to them, but they beat her. Shion witnessed Febronia's death, being eaten alive by berserk Combat Realians, and ran away in terror. Virgil ordered her to run as far away from the church as she could, but told her not to go to the city, and gave her a key to Labyrinthos so that she could reunite with her family.


Unalterable Past (ANT Facility)

Shion witnesses Suou and Aoi's deaths.

She decided to go see her mother in Labyrinthos using a hidden forest path. In the Acute Neurosis Treatment Facility, Shion pounded on her mother's door to no avail as it wouldn't open. Suou arrived and noticed 27-Series Asura Realians were climbing on a nearby window, so he opened the door for her and pushed her inside. Suou was killed by the 27-Series Asura Realians that Kevin was working on. She went to Aoi's side, but was forced to hide under her mother's bed when the berserk Realians entered and then threw her dead father's body into the room. The Realians then proceeded to murder her mother as Shion kept quiet under the bed.

Shion spills her dead mother's blood in despair, realizing she can't be saved.

Once the Realians were gone, Shion desperately tried to stop her mother's bleeding and screamed in horror before entering a trance-like state. Due to being an Animus resonant, like her mother, she resonated with the Zohar (and U-DO) located under Labyrinthos, which provoked the mass-arrival of the Gnosis in the Real Number Domain (physical and material realm) of the Lower Domain.

Her brother Jin arrived shortly after, but was too late to save his parents because of a fight against Margulis. Hiding his sadness but satisfied his sister survived, he took Shion away from the planet before it was sealed into the Abyss.

Adolescence[edit | edit source]

Shion on Second Miltia in Episode II.

After the Miltian Conflict, Shion lived on Second Miltia, a refuge planet for the survivors of the Miltian Confict, with Jin taking care of her. The Uzuki residence was in the 8th District. Over time, Shion forgot certain events of the Miltian Conflict, namely her part in summoning the Gnosis, as well as Febronia, Cecily and Cathe. Shion didn't forget the fact that her parents died, but she repressed the details of their deaths to cope with the psychological trauma. Growing up without a mother and father was difficult and awkward for Shion, especially when questions were asked about her parents.

Shion and Allen on the hillside.

She grew distant from Jin with time, considering him responsible for her parents' deaths and being irresponsible in general, and didn't speak to him for years. Despite this, Jin tried repeatedly to get closer to Shion. Shion refused to visit her parent's graves, partly because Suou and Aoi were not buried in them.

When she was in high school, Shion and her brother spent a lot of time at Boss's restaurant, Moby Dick's Café, where she learned to expertly prepare curry, which became her specialty. It is also commented by one of her school peers (Nikolai) that Shion had a "nerdy look".

Shion would often go to a hillside overlooking the city and look up at the stars to forget her troubles.

Vector Industries[edit | edit source]

Shion attempted to join Vector Industries' Third Research and Development Division, but after reading an essay of hers, Kevin Winnicot pulled some strings and had her assigned to Vector's First Research and Development Division at the age of 18 in T.C. 4763. The Episode I database entry for "Dämmerung" implies that Shion lived on the Dämmerung, claiming Shion's "living quarters" are on it.

Shion's main focus was to research Realians because of her interest in Realians, although she gradually became involved in the anti-Gnosis KOS-MOS project due to her boyfriend Kevin who used to with the late Joachim Mizrahi and Kevin's knowledge of the Hilbert Effect, the Realian research Joachim Mizrahi did, etc.

Shion cradles Kevin as he bleeds to death.

She became reacquainted with Kevin here, and met Allen Ridgeley, who developed a strong attachment to her. While they worked together on the KOS-MOS Archetype, Shion fell in love with Kevin and they became a couple. She acquired her trademark round glasses as a gift from Kevin during this period, and they eventually were engaged to be married. Kevin also gave her his mother's necklace.

This rosy period ended with Kevin's death at the hands of the KOS-MOS Archetype on planet Carioca, as he tried to defend Shion from it after its activation by U-TIC (this incident was entirely planned by Kevin). However, Kevin was brutally killed when the Archetype stabbed Kevin through his torso. Shion became Chief Engineer of the KOS-MOS Project General Operation System Research Center in the Vector Industries First R&D Division, Allen became her assistant, and Kevin became the Red Testament.

Shion and Allen visit Kevin's grave.

Shion and Allen visited Kevin's grave, and Allen remained silent as Shion cried. Shion was devastated by his death and KOS-MOS, who was already a very large part of her life, became the most important person in her eyes. Shion has yet to fully deal with his death and Allen feels that trying to approach Shion on a romantic level would only be harmful to her until she can put the past behind her.

After creating KOS-MOS' new frame, Shion and Vector worked endlessly to complete KOS-MOS, which Kevin expected her to do. Eventually, through her dedication to the project, Shion began resonating with Mary Magdalene's consciousness inside of herself as she was the previous incarnation of the Maiden of Mary.

Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht[edit | edit source]

Shion in Episode I
(model from Episode III).

In T.C. 4767, Shion was stationed on the Federation star ship Woglinde where she was finishing to complete building KOS-MOS. Shion was involved with KOS-MOS' Encephalon testing in order to obtain research data. The Woglinde was investigating the missing planet Ariadne. She felt attracted by the Zohar Emulator in the hangar of the ship and saw a small girl (Nephilim Verum) many times. Shion almost touched the Zohar Emulator which is extremely dangerous since it can kill anyone if they touch it, and Vanderkam berated her for it, calling her a "bimbo".

In the Realian maintenance room, Shion had a conversation with Caspase; Shion is fascinated by Realians so much that she is considering a transferal to Vector's Third R&D Division. Luis Virgil entered the room and insulted Realians, though neither of them show signs of recognizing the other after fourteen years, and they debated the nature of Realians. Shion was summoned to the bridge to deliver a report on the development of KOS-MOS to the ship's captain, Kazuichi Moriyama. She also met commander Andrew Cherenkov onboard the ship. While she was taking a nap in her room, the ship was surprised by a Gnosis fleet. Shion tried to activate KOS-MOS, but was blocked by Gnosis.


Virgil the Conductor

Shion saved by KOS-MOS from the Gnosis.

Virgil and his team tried to protect her, but a Gnosis appeared from a wall behind her and grabbed her. Moments of Shion's life flashed before her eyes. She didn't die or transform into a Gnosis, the usual results of a Gnosis encounter, and was saved by KOS-MOS who activated herself.


Lieutenant Virgil's Death

Shion, furious at KOS-MOS for killing Virgil.

In the Zohar Emulator hangar, Shion was disgusted and furious when KOS-MOS killed Virgil, even though she did it so she would have a better chance of protecting Shion. Shion and Allen were put in an escape pod by KOS-MOS, with Cherenkov holding on to the outside in a space suit, just before the Woglinde exploded.

KOS-MOS ended up on the hull of the Elsa, a scavenger ship, and threatened to smash open one of the bridge's windows and expose the crew to the vacuum of space if they did not take her aboard. KOS-MOS refused to take Shion's pod on the Elsa, considering that she would be saved soon by a Federation ship. Shion tested KOS-MOS's logic by threatening suicide if KOS-MOS did not take her with her. Eventually, Shion, Allen and Andew Cherenkov arrived on the Elsa. They met Captain Matthews, Tony, Hammer and chaos.


Cherenkov's Bad Habit

Shion having curry dinner with Cherenkov.

Shion made curry for the Elsa crew and kept an eye on KOS-MOS. After being grabbed, Cherenkov makes himself scarce. Out of the Elsa crew and the player characters, only Shion manages to connect with him briefly over bringing him dinner, almost accidentally stumbling onto another failed attempt to kidnap KOS-MOS that is thwarted by Cherenkov's PTSD regarding the incident with the KOS-MOS Archetype. Bio-engineered as a weapon himself, he tells an obviously still unnerved Shion that what happened to Virgil was an honest accident. Not long after, Ziggy and MOMO Mizrahi arrived on the Elsa. After stopping at a Dock Colony, Shion has another dream of Nephilim warning her about Andrew Cherenkov's impending doom.

In the Gnosis Cathedral Ship, Shion was surprised by some information possessed by KOS-MOS that she, the leader of her creation, didn't put into her database and could not comprehend her behavior, acting like she was on a secret mission of some sort. Aboard the Cathedral Ship, Cherenkov succumbed to being touched by a Gnosis back on the Elsa and mutated into one. Shion and her friends were forced to kill him and this deeply saddened Shion, who had experienced a connection to Cherenkov when he died and had learned of his past as a bio-weapon that had been mistreated after the wars he fought in ended and there was nothing else to fight. Shion, overwhelmed by his death, falls to the floor and cries. Shion is concerned that they may transform into Gnosis in the future, and chaos comforts her.

When they escaped the Cathedral Ship, they met Jr., the leader of the Kukai Foundation and the Elsa's debtor, on his ship, the Durandal. He showed them the Zohar Emulators created by Joachim Mizrahi, and revealed to them a room filled with people that had been touched by Gnosis yet, curiously, did not turn into salt nor did they become complete Gnosis. They retained some of their human traits, but more than half of their bodies had become Gnosis. None had survived the process. One of them was Betty.

Jr. took them to the Kukai Foundation, only for them to eventually be arrested by the Federation's Navy. They had been framed for the destruction of the Woglinde due to doctored video created by the U-TIC Organization, depicting the Durandal destroying the craft. They realized that KOS-MOS had a black box that recorded everything that took place and had a AAA security system, meaning that it was impossible to tamper with and nothing else could prove their innocence.


The Church's Caretaker

Febronia in the Encephalon's church.

With the help of captain Lapis Roman, they decided to access the "box" through KOS-MOS's subconscious using an Encephalon dive system. Because the resonance between Shion and KOS-MOS was strong and they had shared many experiences, some of Shion's memories were projected into the Encephalon. Shion relived difficult moments, such as seeing her father alive or seeing her parents and Febronia die once again before her eyes. The group enters a place known as the "Acute Neurosis Treatment Facility" and both Shion's and Jr.'s pain, grief, trauma and psychological damage manifests a Gnosis called Tiamat, which is defeated.

They successfully retrieved the information but were contacted by a girl named Nephilim and Febronia who informed them of the existence of the wave-form U-DO. They showed the group a possible future where KOS-MOS fought U-DO and destroyed it along with the universe. They promised to eliminate the threat and were let out of the Encephalon. They tuned in the data to Lapis Roman and were succinctly cleared of all charges from the Federation.

U-TIC dispatched Albedo Piazzolla, Jr.'s brother to attack the Kukai Foundation in order to steal MOMO so that he can extract the Y-Data from her. He uses the Song of Nephilim, another device created by Joachim Mizrahi, to get there, which summons a large hoard of Gnosis to attack the Kukai Foundation. Shion and her friends purge the residential areas of the Kukai Foundation of most of their Gnosis and rescue several people, but when the time comes to return to the Durandal, MOMO stayed behind to take care of a wounded man. She was swiftly kidnapped.


Xenosaga Episode I HD Cutscene 121 - Approaching the Song of Nephilim - ENGLISH

Shion remembers the Song of Nephilim.

Albedo once again contacted the Durandal and revealed that he had taken MOMO. Jr. was furious and charged after her, boarding the Song of Nephilim with his friends. Jr. said he would handle the mission alone but Shion dissuaded him, saying that the battle affected all of them and they had a right to be there. He backed down and led the way into the Song. There they found MOMO, though they quickly realized that Albedo had taken her essence as she was catatonic. This just served to further enrage Jr. and they rushed further inward.

They fight through the Song and are able to see Albedo, who has MOMO and reveals that the MOMO they found was just a Kirschwasser. Shion is seen in the Y-Data as being connected to KOS-MOS by Albedo, who claims that it all makes sense now when observing Shion and KOS-MOS. After a fight with Albedo, the Blue Testament steps in and fights for him, while Albedo flies away in E.S. Simeon. Blue Testament tries to talk to the group and tells them that their quest is meaningless, but before he can reach the apex of his speech, Jr. tells him to shut up and get out of their way. They fight and the Blue Testament turns into a Gnosis, though he later retreats.

Afterward, they deactivate the Song and thwart the Gnosis's attack. However, Albedo then summoned the space station Proto Merkabah, another work of Joachim's. Albedo uses the cannons on the station to systematically obliterate the Federation fleet and began preparing to fire on Second Miltia. Shion and her friends enter Proto Merkabah using the Elsa and fight their way to the reactor core, where Albedo was waiting. After rebuffing Albedo, he turned the reactor into a Gnosis to "test" the party and buy himself time to escape. Albedo set Merkabah on a collision course with Second Miltia, the party concocted a plan to destroy the station by jettisoning all its compartments, breaking it into thousands of pieces. However, the destabilization would destroy the station faster than any of them would be able to return to the Elsa in time to escape.


Xenosaga Episode I Escape

Shion escapes the Proto Merkabah.

KOS-MOS volunteers to stay behind and activate the destruction program, despite Shion's attempt to dissuade her. KOS-MOS calmed her by informing her that she was able to run faster than all of them and would be able to make it to safety in time. Shion reluctantly left her and stalled the Elsa's takeoff as long as possible. They waited until the last possible minute before they took off. Shion then had a strange feeling and told Tony to stop at a wall before leaving the station completely. KOS-MOS blasted through it seconds later and jumped to the Elsa as their section of the station began to break apart. Shion caught her, but due to KOS-MOS's weight, was unable to pull her aboard until Ziggy came and helped her.

The Elsa began entry into Second Miltia's atmosphere but the Elsa's heat shield began to disintegrate rapidly. KOS-MOS briefly morphed into a powerful being to prevent the Elsa from being destroyed.

Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse[edit | edit source]

Shion in Episode II.

The Elsa successfully landed on Second Miltia. Shion gave KOS-MOS to Vector's Second Division so they could create her battle frame Version 2 and install the Tertiary Weapon System. Shion decided to walk around her old home and became hungry. She stopped by Moby Dick's Café and remet Boss, as well as Jr. and chaos. She also reluctantly ran into her brother, Jin, and she became upset when Jin asked her to visit their parent's graves. Despite this, she spent the night at the family's house, though she left early the next morning without saying goodbye. Shion receives an outfit change.

Shion participated in the Encephalon Dive into MOMO's subconsciousness in order to retrieve the Y-Data for the Federation. There, they visited some of Jr.'s memories from his time at the Yuriev Institute as MOMO was based on Jr.'s late love, Sakura Mizrahi, the daughter of Juli and Joachim Mizrahi.

After an incident where Albedo reappeared and stole the activated Y-Data from MOMO, Shion and Allen were stationed on the Dämmerung. There, she had more visions of Nephilim and, while in a dream, Shion heard a request from Febronia to go to Old Miltia to save her sisters. Shion decided to set out for Old Miltia, but it would be difficult with a security alert in effect throughout the star cluster. Shion remembered Kevin built an E.S. spacecraft being stored onboard the Dämmerung, Dinah. Shion, with Allen's help, stole Dinah's main frame, and used to it to join the Elsa. Voyager, in the E.S. Dan, attacks her, but she was saved by KOS-MOS who activated herself from Vector Second Division and came on her motorcycle to show Dinah's true power, causing Voyager to flee.


Xenosaga Episode II HD Cutscene 68 - Feb's Sisters Awakening of Omega - ENGLISH

Shion hears Febronia's request to kill her sisters.

Later, in Labyrinthos on Old Miltia, Shion saw what happened to Cecily and Cathe, now part of the Zohar's control system, and attempted to prevent KOS-MOS from killing them in order to stop U-DO, but then, on Febronia's request to free them, allowed KOS-MOS to proceed, though this greatly saddened her. Ormus Patriarch Sergius XVII summons another Mizrahi invention, Proto Omega, to fuse with the Zohar and create a weapon that could strike anywhere in space. The Patriarch explains that he will use Omega to destroy the Gnosis and command the galaxy under Ormus. The party is then forced to escape as Second Miltia is morphed into the Omega System, which is the result of the Zohar and Omega fusion.


Shion and Jin

Shion and Jin have a heartfelt talk.

Shion becomes emotionally distraught by Cecily and Cathe's deaths. Jin finds her on the Elsa, crying alone. When he talks to her about transferring spaceships, Shion screams at him to get out and leave her alone. Shion has a breakdown full of anger and sadness, and becomes angry at the universe for being thrown into another situation where she's forced to watch someone die. Jin attempts to comfort her by telling her Febronia probably loved Shion just as much as she did her real sisters, Cecily and Cathe. He describes her as, "Another sister bound by the chains of her past." At first, Shion misses what he meant and asks, "Another... sister... who?" Jin tells Shion that "sister" is her, and Febronia gave her such a painful role because Febronia believed in her. Jin also tells Shion that the world is full of pain, and she can either learn to accept it, or withdraw from it and become a recluse. However, he also tells Shion that regardless of the choice she makes, she won't be alone. With a faint sense of resolve, Shion leaves the room for him.


Xenosaga Episode II HD Cutscene 75 - Creation of the Space-Time Anomaly - ENGLISH

Shion seems to recognize Kevin's voice at 2:28.

Shion and her allies enter the Omega System and confront the Patriarch, who is also confronted by a dying Albedo. The Testaments defeat the Patriarch and revive Albedo so that he can morph Miltian space into a space-time anomaly. Shion also seems to recognize the Red Testament's voice, foreshadowing that the Red Testament is Kevin.

After Albedo creates the space-time anomaly, Jr. decides to confront his brother personally; he dives into the anomaly and defeats Albedo. Although the space-time anomaly is destroyed, the Original Zohar remains floating in space. Before the Durandal and the Kukai Foundation can rush to acquire it, a star system-sized Gnosis appears: Abel's Ark. Abel's Ark retrieves the Original Zohar and vanishes.

After these events, the party separates to try and lead normal lives, although Jin worries that the chain of events is not over (Ormus is still alive, and the Zohar was abruptly seized by a mysterious force).

Xenosaga: A Missing Year[edit | edit source]

Shion in A Missing Year.

After Episode II, Shion found herself full of questions. She wanted to know more about the Immigrant Fleet, the organization that was behind the Miltian Conflict, as well as the words that were spoken by the Patriarch Sergius. He said that the Ormus are the rightful possessors of the Zohar, so she began to investigate. Shion wanted to know more about the relationship between the Miltian Conflict and the Zohar on her own.

Ever since the Zohar was swallowed up by the giant Gnosis, the Gnosis phenomenon has increased in frequency, and the people are now constantly exposed to its threat. Yet, despite the large number of star systems that have been destroyed by the Gnosis, people continue to resist, refusing to cooperate with each other, and engaging in one pointless conflict after another.

Shion returned to Vector. More Gnosis attacks occur and Gnosis raid the S.O.C.E. lab. Scientia agent Doctus kidnaps Almadel, a mysterious Realian girl.

Jin and Shion pursue Doctus. They infiltrate a Scientia vessel, but are caught.

In order to rescue Shion, Jin goes to the Scientia base and contacts Doctus. Jin confronts Grimoire Verum at Ars Nova, one area of S-Division within the U.M.N. sealed by Vector. Jin succeeds in rescuing Shion from Grimoire at the core of Ars Nova.

Due to the completion of Lemegeton, Nephilim's consciousness awakens within Almadel. Grimoire is annihilated. Shion and Almadel finally remember their relationship, and Almadel vanishes in order to stop the song of Nephilim. Ars Nova collapses.



Almadel and Grimore die.

Shion has an emotional breakdown from Almadel's death and gives up on living as Ars Nova collapses, too devastated to even stand up. Jin slaps Shion on the face for considering suicide, telling her not to waste Almadel's sacrifice for her, and comforts her. KOS-MOS helps Shion up and they leave Ars Nova.

Shion is disciplined and demoted for breaking into Vector's S-Division, but was offered the opportunity to continue working at Vector. However, having lost confidence in the U.M.N. and disgusted by Vector's secretive nature, Shion decides to resign and distance herself from Vector. She also decides to research the truth of her father's involvement with the Miltian Conflict, U.M.N. and Vector.

Doctus introduces Shion to Scientia and is able to obtain their aid.

Xenosaga Episode III: Also sprach Zarathustra[edit | edit source]


Xenosaga III HD Cutscene 025 - Flashback - ENGLISH

Shion summarizes recent events.

Shion learned many things over the course of the next year, such as Vector and her father's involvement in the Gnosis Terrorism. Vector had contact with the U-TIC Organization, and the U-TIC Organization was connected with Ormus. But the evidence was concealed, and the truth had been buried away into the darkness. This led Shion her to leave Vector and join Scientia with Doctus, Miyuki Itsumi and Canaan. Vector allowed her to keep E.S. Dinah as a present of departure. She then began to research the true purpose of the U.M.N.


KOS-MOS (CAT Testing Ground)

KOS-MOS is rescued by Shion.

In the beginning of the game, Shion has been relaxing at Pedea Island on Second Miltia to take care of her mental health after everything that happened. After a notification from Allen, she later traveled to Fifth Jerusalem to visit Allen and KOS-MOS. She was surprised by the view of the Ω Res Novae as well as T-elos, and was saddened when she heard about the cancellation of the KOS-MOS Project. She then proceeded to rescue KOS-MOS from the facility where Vector had put her, treating her as garbage, and reactivated her.

At the behest of Juli Mizrahi, Shion decides to investigate Rennes-le-Château to save the Elsa crew. There, Shion is bewildered to find Virgil alive again in the form of the Blue Testament. In a tomb, T-elos and Roth Mantel appear and attempt to destroy KOS-MOS. Shion yelled and set in motion the events leading to everyone diving into her subconscious in an attempt to save KOS-MOS from T-elos.

In her subconscious, on Old Miltia, that she thought to be the past, Shion encountered a child version of herself, as well as her father, Febronia, Virgil and Kevin. While investigating Labyrinthos to find out more information on her father and U-TIC, Shion discovered the first blueprint of KOS-MOS and secretly copied it in hopes of using it to fix the android. Voyager tried to kidnap KOS-MOS when they were unable to activate her, and also attempted to take Shion's necklace. It was at this moment that KOS-MOS finally activated and everyone defeated Voyager.

After battle, Shion passes out and has visions of U-DO in the form of Abel, the boy pilot of Ω Res Novae whom she met back at Fifth Jerusalem. This is because Shion possesses the same characteristic as her mother where she is inherently able to link with U-DO, and for that reason, her life was being eaten away little by little.


Red Testament (Labyrinthos)

The Red Testament reveals himself.

Shion theorized that if they obtained the Vessels of Anima, they might have the energy necessary for them to return to their original world, and they may also discover what Joachim Mizrahi was trying to do. In a bid to attempt to change history and prevent the Miltian Conflict from happening, the team returned to Labyrinthos. They found the Vessels of Anima in the base and stole them. When they were escaping from the place with their E.S., Shion heard her mother's name, Aoi, being called over the public announcement system, and returned to Labyrinthos to find her. After being approached by the Red Testament and discovering his identity is Kevin, Shion was caught by U-TIC officers in her attempt to locate her mother. Held hostage by U-TIC, Shion was questioned by the younger Margulis, Kevin and her father.

Hours away from the Federation's 3rd descent operation (which triggered the Miltian Conflict's full-scale battles), the team decides to return to Labyrinthos to rescue Shion. While held captive, Shion realizes that her father (who does not know she is the older Shion) was secretly aiding her. In the battle between the U-TIC soldiers and the Federation forces, he asked Shion to go look for the young Shion at the church and bring her to safety. Unfortunately, the Miltian Conflict had already began.


Virgil Reproves Shion

Virgil calls Shion out on her hypocrisy.

When the team reached the church, they realized that it was attacked by Realian troops that went berserk due to the Song of Nephilim. Febronia was killed in her attempt to save the recuperating Virgil and the young Shion. Virgil, who developed a relationship with Febronia during her care, fought the Realian troops to help the rest escape. It was during this moment that the Blue Testament (Virgil) appeared. Just as he was about to attack the team, Febronia appeared and convinced him to abandon this Testament duty and together, they disappeared into the twilight, or Collective Unconscious.


Xenosaga Episode III - Chapter 7 - Inescapeable Reality - Zohar Resonates with Both Shions

Shion horrified by her mother's bleeding.

After a series of events, Shion re-lived the traumatic deaths of her mother and father by the 27-Series Asuras and discovered the truth about her summoning the Gnosis - Shion's despair resonated with the Zohar in Labyrinthos. This means she unleashed the Gnosis on the world and all the blood of the people killed by Gnosis after the Miltian Conflict is on her hands - millions or billions of people died because of her. Unable to bear this, Shion panicked, screamed, and entered a trance, summoning Abel's Ark, and the team realized that everything around them is her subconscious, not the past as they initially believed. In other words, Shion tried to change her parent's death while time traveling but she doesn't succeed, as it all took place in Shion's subconscious memories and mind.


KOS-MOS Escapes

Kevin returns to Shion after her parents die.

Kevin, who revealed himself as the Red Testament to her. Kevin began to explain how Shion, like her mother, has the ability to "talk" with U-DO. Therefore, by staying with KOS-MOS (who draws power from the Zohar), she is slowly and surely losing her life. Filled with love and misery, Shion attempted to leave with Kevin, but was stopped by the team. Kevin tries to convince her to join him, but fails because of Jin, Allen, and KOS-MOS, who then take Shion away from him and T-elos. The team escaped to the Elsa and returned back to normal time. Shion expresses resentment towards everyone else for separating her from Kevin. It was later that they realized that they had made a dive into Shion's subconscious, not the past. Due to the trauma of her parents' death, Shion has suppressed those memories deep inside her. Thus the goal of the Testaments was to re-awake her conscious and bring the Abel's Ark back into normal space.

Shion experiences much depression and confusion. Regardless, Shion knew that this was not the best time to mull over herself with the universe at stake, and so she followed the team to infiltrate the Merkabah. After a talk with Sellers, Shion returned to the Durandal during the occupation by the Salvator Faction, and aided in defending it from their forces. Shion also went with the group to Abel's Ark, confronting Dmitri Yuriev and defeating Ω Metempsychosis.

On Michtam, Shion learned the truth about of her identity as the reincarnation of the Maiden of Mary and that KOS-MOS contained the spirit of Mary Magdalene. After KOS-MOS awakened, Shion and her group met Kevin. Jin, Allen and everyone else tried to prevent Shion from joining Kevin but were unsuccessful. Shion decided to go to his side, prompting a fight between Shion and Kevin versus her friends.


Shion Leaves Kevin

Shion leaves Kevin after he tortures Allen.

Shion looked worried while Kevin proceeded to torture Allen despite his failure. KOS-MOS then saved Allen's life and Shion decided to leave Kevin when she realized that Kevin was willing to hurt her friends and could not be happy. Kevin, unwilling to let Shion go, decided to eliminate her friends, thus he transformed and prepared to battle.

Despite using all the powers of a Testament, Kevin lost the fight and questioned if this was the result Shion desired. Kevin then told her that she was confused, and is unable to make calm decisions about where she stood. Kevin proceeded to continue the fight with her friends, but Shion got in between him and her friends, and pleaded to Kevin to stop. Kevin told her that he didn't want to hurt her either, and asked her in frustration on why she can't seem to understand his feelings. Wilhelm, having waited long enough, told Kevin to stand down since his time was up. Kevin grunted in anger and left to regroup with Wilhelm, and Shion tried to stop him from leaving.


Xenosaga III HD Cutscene 337 - Feelings for Kevin (Zarathustra's Hall) - ENGLISH

Kevin slices Wilhelm's arm off to save Shion.

Wilhelm tortured Shion when she refused to activate Zarathustra with her pendant, the Key. Out of pain, agony and desperation, Shion begged Kevin to save her, and Kevin, not willing to lose the one woman he loved, chops off Wilhelm's right arm, and freeing Shion from her torture. Shion looked to where Kevin turned against Wilhelm, and Wilhelm was unsurprised by Kevin's betrayal. Wilhelm told Kevin that he knew he would betray him, and that his only reason for becoming a Testament was to save Shion. Wilhelm then placed Kevin in agonizing pain, and did so to Shion as well. Wilhelm then asked Shion if she's changed her mind, but she stubbornly refused to use the Key. Wilhelm then ordered KOS-MOS to do it instead as a way for her to protect Shion from the torture. KOS-MOS destroyed the Key at the last moment and saved Shion. In one last effort to end Wilhelm, Kevin punctured Wilhelm in the back, and told him that it was time to end this battle.


Xenosaga III HD Cutscene 341 - Zarathustra Out of Control - ENGLISH

Zarathustra goes berserk.

Upon Zarathustra going out of control, Kevin used his power to suppress the system's energy, and told Shion to destroy it. However, Shion feared that Kevin will vanish from this world as a result of his attempt to minimize Zarathustra's power, but Kevin assured her to not worry about him, but to concentrate on the system, for this battle won't mean anything if she doesn't stop it. After a moment to build her strength, Shion accepted to proceed with stopping Zarathustra while Kevin kept suppressing its power.



Shion during the ending.

With Zarathustra defeated, Wilhelm and Kevin began to disappear, but not before KOS-MOS allowed Shion and Kevin to express their feelings one last time. Shion said a last farewell to Kevin, who tried to save her from torture and died because of it. She hugged KOS-MOS and cried, since KOS-MOS had to stay behind. She also cried when Jin decided to stay behind as well, and they both expressed regret for how they behaved. Jin told her she won't be alone and she has wonderful friends: Allen, MOMO, Jr., Ziggy and Miyuki.

Shion, Jr. and Allen embark on a journey to find Lost Jerusalem, the homeland of humanity.

Shiom left with the Elsa, and while onboard upon escape, she senses Jin's death from far away, suggesting that, despite the friction between the two of them, she ultimately cared for him deeply.

Shion goes on a journey to find the lost homeland of humanity, Lost Jerusalem, with Jr. and Allen via the Elsa.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Jesus[edit | edit source]

Although Shion's relationship with Jesus is unexplored, Shion was one of Jesus' workers and followers, alongside Mary Magdalene. Shion met Jesus and it is heavily implied she was present at his sermon of the mount.

Mary Magdalene / KOS-MOS[edit | edit source]

Shion embracing Mary Magdalene.

Shion is the Maiden of Mary Magdalene. Nephilim states that her existence is vital to her during Episode I, and later speaks of how close they were, laughing and crying together. They were always together in Lost Jerusalem, and both of them are necessary to fully use the Animus, Shion being an Animus-resonant consciousness. Unfortunately, Shion died in front of Mary, who was unable to save her. Mary still regrets this event even after her revival in KOS-MOS.

Shion was also necessary for Mary's consciousness to awaken inside of KOS-MOS; as such, Wilhelm orchestrated the events leading up to Shion becoming the one in charge of the KOS-MOS Project to create a special link between herself and KOS-MOS. KOS-MOS always protected Shion during the game, it was the only thing that no order given to her could change, at first this was due to orders from Kevin, but eventually also due to Mary's consciousness.

Shion and KOS-MOS say goodbye.

Shion's relationship with KOS-MOS was complex. Shion was often motherly towards her, trying to explain what was right or wrong. Eventually, their relationship evolved into genuine friendship. KOS-MOS would also act as her confidante whenever Shion was uncertain or afraid. KOS-MOS is the only person that Shion never rejected, despite Kevin's urging. Shion treats KOS-MOS humanely, rather than merely an artificial robot. It is revealed that this is partly due to the fact that KOS-MOS contained Mary's spirit and that Shion was the Maiden of Mary in a past life. Their relationship may be therefore be considered akin to the one Mary Magdalene and the Maiden shared, though the exact nature of the ancient characters' relationship is unknown.

Allen Ridgeley[edit | edit source]

Shion holding hands with Allen.

Allen Ridgeley fell in love with Shion the first time he saw her though she never returned his feelings or considered him anything more than a co-worker until the end of their adventure. He tried several times to tell her how he felt but something always prevented him or she didn't pay attention. His affection for her was completely evident to everyone working on their team constructing KOS-MOS. Allen revealed his feelings for her successfully during his stand against Kevin. After this, Shion was much more compassionate toward him and even intervened when Allen was tortured by Kevin. After Zarathustra was defeated, the two are seen holding hands.

Jin Uzuki[edit | edit source]

Shion annoyed at Jin in Episode II.

Shion had a poor relationship with her older brother. Shion did not get along with him after the Miltian Conflict and their parents' deaths, which she blamed him for as he was unable to save them from Gnosis. Shion always held him responsible for their parent's death, and since then, has never tried to get close to him. In fact, it is not that Jin left his parents to die, but that he was delayed by Margulis. He still succeeded in saving Shion, however. Shion resented Jin for his lax attitude and was frustrated by his inability to hold a steady job for more than six months, constantly changing professions. Shion has a tendency to add the phrase "no-good" when referring to Jin. In the anime, Shion calls him an "idiot" to Tony.

Despite her attempts to avoid him, Jin reached out to his sister often and tried to get closer to her, inviting her to honor their parents or come visit their family home, which he had turned into a medical practice and later a bookstore due to his annoyance at his patients, but it was to no avail. Jin was scared that if he tried to get too close to Shion, she would reject him completely. Shion's avoidance of her brother reached the point of desperation when in close proximity to him. Although they don't always agree, Jin looks out for his little sister like when Kevin Winnicot tried to get her to go on his side. They apologize mutually for their behavior after Zarathustra was destroyed and are able to forgive each other, moments before his death.

Kevin Winnicot[edit | edit source]

Kevin sacrifices his life to protect Shion from the berserk KOS-MOS Archetype.

Kevin Winnicot was Shion's boss and lover before the events surrounding KOS-MOS's awakening. He attempted to manipulate her at first for Wilhelm's plan, but fell in love with her. They became boyfriend and girlfriend, but it is unknown if they ever planned to be married.

He died when the KOS-MOS Archetype was risen by U-TIC and his death devastated Shion. When she replaced him as the leader of the KOS-MOS project, Shion became obsessed with finishing her for Kevin. He was risen by Wilhem as the Red Testament and he became the leader of Vector's right-hand man. Kevin still held feelings for Shion and persuaded her to leave her friends in order to join him.

Shion relaxing with Kevin after sex.

He died again when he attempted to stop the awakening of Zarathustra and this saddened Shion, though she had already realized that he was evil, but did all this to save her life. They exchange their feelings from the broken pendent that KOS-MOS destroyed, and it is revealed to contain flower petals from the garden Shion made. The exact flower petals that shows how much he truly loves her, even to the very end. As Kevin bids her farewell with a smile and passes on to the other side with peace in his heart, Shion now looks forward to the future and bids him farewell with renewed resolve. Despite all the pain and suffering within the story that he may have caused, Kevin's undying love for Shion, and Shion's discovery of his determination to sacrifice himself for her, helped her become stronger and looking forward to saving the universe from destruction.

Juli Mizrahi[edit | edit source]

Shion with Juli at CAT Testing Grounds.

Shion's relationship with Juli is plain and clear, and both of them are in friendly terms. Juli expressed that she envies Shion's resolve to stay true to her calling, while Juli continues to do things that she doesn't know if they are right or wrong. Juli even gave Shion a warming conversation about the duties of a creator, and how one should believe in those they created and cherish. Interestingly, both Shion and Juli had family members that had suffered a mental or subconscious disease: Shion's mother was unable to move and fell into a coma, and Juli's daughter was unable to speak and express her emotions on the surface. This is due to the fact that Shion's mother shared the same blood from the People of Zohar, and that Juli's husband, Joachim Mizrahi, also came from the People of Zohar that have the ability to utilize the Zohar and make contact with U-DO. It is implied that Shion sees aspects of her own mother Aoi in Juli.

Battle skills[edit | edit source]

Shion healing herself in Episode II.

In addition to Shion's intellect, it is heavily hinted that she learned the same martial arts that Jin and Margulis are masters of, as taught by her grandfather. This shows in her Double Tech attacks with her brother which include fast and skillful swordplay. Upon destroying an object, most of her moves are kicks and punches, not just her M.W.S. attacks. Though unlike them, she primarily focuses on hand-to-hand combat but uses her M.W.S. in conjunction with it. It is stated that she was taught at least some of this battle technique in the Episode I database, which states that their grandfather taught her a strong, high kick.

Shion using her M.W.S. Mark II in Episode II.

In battle, Shion relies primarily on the M.W.S., an invention of her co-worker Miyuki Itsumi. She is also skilled in the use of Ether to augment her combat skills. Shion is the only character who can use the ultimate Erde Kaiser spell in Episodes I and II. It uses 60 ether points, more than she will likely acquire by the end of the game, though with the Angel Ring that number is halved to a more manageable value. A special side-quest is required in order to obtain this item, but it will do 9,999 points of damage. It can kill almost any boss, including both optional bosses of the first game, but can only be used once per battle.

List of Episode I Tech Attacks
Skill Level Description Speed/Wait
Lightning Blast Default Lightning attack 150/10
Spell Ray Default Concentrated Ether Beam 150/10
Shock Blade 11 Different status effects by changing cartridges 200/20
Thermal Blast 15 Vicious fire attack 250/20
Ether Amp 20 Ether damage 2X bombs against Biological-Type, Gnosis-Type (1 time) 200/30
Gravity Well 23 Inflicts "Slow" on Biological-Type, Gnosis-Type enemies 350/40
Lunar Blade 27 Slice with a beam blade 350/40
Rain Blade 30 Rain of beam blades 600/40

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Episode I

Battle quotes

  • "Do you really think this is a good idea...?"
  • "Get out of my way! Or else..."
  • "Okay, here we go!"
  • "I've come this far, I can't lose now!"
  • "KOS-MOS, let's go!"
  • "KOS-MOS! Activate Hilbert Effect!"
  • "Great! I collected some good data."
  • "Who would've thought one of Miyuki's inventions would come in handy?"
  • "Okay, let's go on."
  • "Take it easy on me... I'm not meant for this line of work!"
  • "Is everyone alright...?"
  • "I'm sorry... everyone..."
  • "I'm not... done yet..."
  • "Take this!"
  • "Open ether circuit!" (Normal Ether)
  • "Reveal thy ancient power to me..." (Robot Parts/Erde Kaiser)
  • "Transmit A.G.W.S.!"
  • "Commander, is that really you?" (during Andrew Cherenkov's Gargoyle Gnosis boss fight)

Cutscene quotes

  • "But you know, KOS-MOS, I've got mixed feelings about all this. Of course, I'm happy that you're awake. But the fact that you'll go back to sleep makes me a bit sad. On the other hand, the next time you wake up, it may be a time of much bloodshed. So deep down inside, I hope that day never comes."
  • "Stop it! You have no right to play god with their lives! Using them as bombs...! I won't let you do this!" (to Virgil about the Realians)
  • "Wait, KOS-MOS... do... do you understand what you've just done?! That's no excuse! You have no right to go about killing people! Why did you shoot Lieutenant Virgil?! With your power, you don't have to sacrifice anyone to...!" (to KOS-MOS)
  • "Those girls weren't toys for your enjoyment! They were all individuals with wills of their own!" (to Albedo about the Kirschwassers)

The Animation

  • "Maybe so, but nobody just thinks about what they need to do, nor should Realians. You've been given free will, just the same as us." (to Kirsch)
  • "That's not true! We don't treat them anything like equipment or merchandise!" (to Virgil about Realians)
  • "In your mind, everyone is just a toy for your enjoyment. I'll show you how wrong you are! We'll all show you! You're going to see! We all have wills of our own!" (to Albedo)

Episode III


Xenosaga III HD Cutscene 101 - On the Terrace at Night - ENGLISH - REGULAR MODE

Kevin and Shion talk.

  • "Why am I here? What should I be doing? Where am I going? It's as if everything is hidden in a deep fog on a distant shore."
  • "When I saw the name, Suou Uzuki, I felt nothing. No surprise, no sadness, and no anger. To be honest, I felt nothing at all. Somewhere in my heart, I think that I must have expected it."
  • "Come on. A single thought can change the world. Even fast food can become an elegant dinner."
  • "I know what is going to happen already. The coming events will bring suffering... to countless lives. And it will leave a permanent scar on the universe. But I alone may have a chance to change everything. KOS-MOS, what would you do? Would you chastise me for being illogical, just like you always do? KOS-MOS, would you abandon countless lives before you, simply because it's the logical thing to do?"
  • "I don't know. I don't understand myself. I'm afraid. I'm afraid of being alone. I don't know. I don't understand anything. Help me. Please, someone help me. Tell me who I am."
  • "I see... You've lost sight of yourself, just like me. You don't know who you are anymore. You don't even know where you stand, and you feel alone. I understand. Let's find out, together. Alright? Let's try and find out... who I am, and why you are here. Let's look for the answers together, KOS-MOS."

Xenosaga III HD Cutscene 342 - Shion and Kevin's Hearts (Ending Part 1) - ENGLISH

Shion says goodbye to Kevin.

  • "Thank you, Kevin. Because of you, I have... I've been able to make it this far. Because of you, I'll keep going. Goodbye. Goodbye, Kevin. Farewell."
  • "You always thought about me. I knew that you did... but, I was the one who couldn't admit my real feelings. I was embarrassed or uncomfortable or something so... I'm the one who pushed you away. I'm the one who caused you so much pain... and... I'm sorry! I'm so sorry for it, Jin. Forgive me. Please, forgive me!" (Shion to Jin before his death)
  • "Jin, I know I never said it, but... I was happy. In my heart, I was so happy to be your sister. So... so thank you. Thank you, Jin."
  • "Jin... Now I think I understand what Wilhelm wanted to do, just a little bit better. His methods may have been wrong, but now, I think I understand the logic behind his reasons. Living the same life, over and over again, but living those lives without any regrets is what really matters. That is probably what the ideal vision of being human is all about."
  • "Humans are really not that strong. And we know that we can't live like that. We're creatures that are much more flawed, weak, and smaller than that. We hurt others, we lie to ourselves, we hate, we blame others, we regret, but, even if we are weak, and even if it is our fate to disappear entirely, I think the will to change the future is still an important one."

Themes[edit | edit source]

Episode I

Xenosaga DS

Episode III

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In an easter egg, Shion receives an e-mail promoting Ninja Assault by Namco, Shion comments "It sounds like fun! I enjoy video games."
  • The ring tone for Shion's cell phone is a song from Libble Rabble, another Namco game. This was revealed in a cutscene in Xenosaga Episode 1.
  • Shion seems to have an unofficial fanclub devoted to her, especially in Vector where they call her the "flower" of First Division. If a lot of NPCs are interacted with, a lot of them express admiration and affection for Shion, and are interested in Shion's activities. Shion does not seem to be well aware of their existence. After KOS-MOS is activated, KOS-MOS also receives her own following.
  • In Episode I, while in the Durandal's Zohar Emulator isolation ward, Shion claims she heard the name "Marienkind" somewhere before, which means "Child of Mary". Shion's identity during the Lost Jerusalem era remains unknown.
  • The Original Zohar is called "Marienkind," which means "Child of Mary" in German. According to the Original Design Materials, this name represents Jesus Christ. The U.M.N. database in Episode I gives another reference to a fairytale by the Brothers Grimm, about a girl who receives the keys to the thirteen doors of heaven from Mary, the mother of Jesus.
  • Shion's surname, Uzuki, is the same as Citan Uzuki from Xenogears, and who took on the surname from his wife, Yui Uzuki. It is also the surname of Yui's grandfather, Gaspar Uzuki.
  • Most of the primary female characters in Xenosaga are named after flowers. "Shion" is the Japanese name of the Tatarian Aster, a type of daisy.

Shion's pendant, Zarathustra's ignition key.

  • Shion's pendant, which had become the ignition of Zarathustra, was something that was built at the same time as Zarathustra in an extremely ancient era of Lost Jerusalem. It was passed from Lost Jerusalem, to Abraxas/Michtam via Kevin's Mother, and then to Shion. Kevin remodeled it, embedding flower petals with the flowers they grew on Miltia, into the interior of the pendant for the purpose of swaying the heart of the Maiden of Mary Magdalene, Shion.

Mary Magdalene with them.

  • In Episode III, Mary Magdalene is seen weeping beside one of her hooded followers. Although it is never revealed, it is heavily implied this is Shion's previous incarnation.
  • In the Episode III database entry for "Maiden of Mary", it implies that Shion's previous incarnation as the Maiden of Mary Magdalene played some supporting role in Mary's abilities. It also implies Shion's affinity with the Zohar doesn't originate from the blood she inherited from her mother Aoi, so much as it is a peculiarity of Shion herself, from the emotional bond she shared with Mary during the Lost Jerusalem era.
  • Her blood type is A, as seen when KOS-MOS uses her scanner when she first awakens.

Shion naked.

  • As an easter egg, in the bonus e-mails of Episode I, she is friends with Kazuya Mishima from Tekken.[1]
  • Shion's naked pose seen in the Y-Data may have been a homage to similar artwork of Elly Van Houten from Xenogears.
  • Shion makes an appearance in Namco × Capcom, when she, MOMO, and KOS-MOS appear in the middle of Shibuya, Tokyo during a series of dimensional disturbances just in time to help the main characters Reiji and Xiaomu against a Gnosis attack, which the two of them could not injure prior. In the game, Shion is paired with MOMO as a single unit.[2]
  • In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the side-quest for KOS-MOS called "Artificial Intelligence" has her meeting a girl called Astelle, referencing the name of the flower of which Shion was based off.
  1. Xenosaga: Official Design Materials, pg. 40
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