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After the Fall, wanting to resurrect their bodies, and create a worthy vessel, they [the Gazel Ministry] transferred a research facility that was once the Soylent System on the land to Etrenank. Eventually the facility was no longer only for the Emperor's life and the Ministry's resurrection, but it began producing food and drugs with additives that controlled the public.
—Citan, explaining the history of Eternank's Soylent System

Xenogears - Soylent System scene

Fei and Elly are horrified after realizing what Soylent is made from.

The Soylent System is a huge Solaris plant that was first connected to Karellen's Lab before being moved to the ground. Erich Van Houten was one of the facility's superintendents, but he resigned out of guilt.

The plant is just one of many Soylent System facilities, not just in Solaris, but also on the surface. The Ethos are responsible for overseeing the Soylent Systems.

The Soylent facilities were established in 9499 by the forces operating Solaris, during the Shevat-Solaris War, where they were first used for biological and brainwashing experiments.

Both Solarians and Lambs are unaware of what the Soylent System is or does. Elly says, "I've heard the Soylent System is an important support system for Solaris, but I don't know much else." The only exception to this seems to be those who control the facilities, such as Erich.

In truth, the Soylent System facilities are where humans are transformed into Wels, and, subsequently, food and medicine. This is given to the population of Solaris and the surface, giving them a source of additives to control people's behavior as well as a way to maintain the seal placed on the populace by Limiters.

The second purpose is for the Wel bodies collected to be used for System Deus, as part of the Gazel Ministry's M Plan.


Citan reveals to Fei that Solaris put additives in the food and medicine to control people.

While Fei, Elly, and Citan infiltrate Solaris, they come across a room filled with supplies, including tins of food. Fei and Elly decide to eat them, while Citan politely declines when asked. When they finish, the group goes into the next room over, which has a conveyor belt. After disabling a sensor, the party uses the conveyor belt to move forward, they find the less processed, gorey versions of the food they just ate being processed.

Fei comments that he doesn't want to see where they make it, and goes to open a door at the back. Citan stops him, warning Fei to consider what he just ate as he sees what's on the other side of that door.

The next room reveals that the source of the meat are human remains. Elly falls to her knees, and Fei has flashbacks of the experiments done on him as a child. When Fei comes to, Citan explains the history of the Soylent System and what it is used for.

The M Plan[]

At the start of Disc 2, Elly Van Houten and Emeralda Kasim go to the Mass Driver Facility to release the Limiters of everyone on the planet. During this time Karellen activates a virus in tandem which changes some people into Wels, which makes the party think it was the release of the limiters that changed them.

Unlike Karellen, the Gazel Ministry believed they could not use these Wels for Deus as they were incomplete. For this issue, they had a plan.

Due to the pain of their sudden changes, Wels were driven to attack and devour untransformed or lesser mutated humans for their flesh and blood, which eased the Wels' pain and allowed them to extend their short lives.

The Wels were compelled to gather at Soylent Facilities, innately believing they would be saved from their agony. It was not long before the Wels resorted to attacking those that were less mutated at these facilities, until only a few remained.

These facilities were using these gathering Wels as molecular material to create a more perfect single lifeform that could be used as a weapon. This was what the Gazel Ministry called 'the M Plan'.

Fei Fong Wong and his allies go to destroy the Soylent Systems scattered around the planet. In the first one they enter, they encounter a queue of mutated humans, who argue that Fei, Elly, and Citan, as untransformed humans, were 'haves', and should share their flesh and blood with them, the 'have nots'.

A Sufal Mass breaks from one of the amalgamation devices and begins devouring those in line, forcing Fei and his group to fight it. Elly, saddened at not being able to help one of them, takes a sword and cuts the palm of her hand, allowing her blood to drip into the mouth of the dying Sufal lying on the floor. The Sufal, listening to her, turns its head, and passes away.

Elly, channeling Sophia's words, admonish the Wels gathered, reminding them of their humanity. All the people mutated were taken in by Nisan where they received treatment with Taura's nanomachines, though not all could be restored to their human form. However, none of the people being treated reverted back to fighting and devouring each other for survival, something Fei attributes to Elly's presence.

After learning about the disturbing nature of the systems, Fei Fong Wong and his allies went from place to place, destroying all the Soylent System facilities located on the surface of the earth and freeing people held at each of the locations. All the people that had been mutated were taken in by Nisan where they received treatment.


  • "Soylent System. The organism experiment lab and its disposal facility in Solaris. And the production facility for food and medicine to maintain the Limiter seal. Aquvy's Wels Reapers were also made here." - Citan
  • "The Soylent System... A group of facilities formerly created by Solaris. These facilities existed all over the earth. It is said, that, originally, these were used for biological experiments and brainwashing." -Elly


The name is a reference to the dystopian movie Soylent Green. Soylent Green is set in the year 2022 in an overpopulated New York City, where humans are secretly processed into green wafers called "Soylent Green" (as the other varieties are not made of humans) and subsequently used as a source of food, a horrifying fact that is discovered at the film's climax.


  • When Fei finds out what food Soylent makes is made of, he has a vision of his mother, as Myyah Hawwa, experimenting on his "coward" personality.