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Suou Uzuki
048Suou Uzuki.png
Suou in Xenosaga Episode III

Supervisor Uzuki
Dad (by Shion)
Daddy (by Shion)
Father (by Shion/Jin)
Unknown (adult)
T.C. 47XX
Hair color
Eye color
U-TIC researcher
Voice actor (Japanese)
Kazuhiro Nakata
Voice actor (English)
Jamieson Price (I)
D.C. Douglas (III)
Jin, if you receive this message, please come back at once! Save Shion! Hurry, there's not much time! Please! You've got to hurry! Jin!
—Suou's final words in Episode III.

Suou Uzuki (スオウ・ウヅキ) was the father of Shion and Jin Uzuki, the husband to Aoi Uzuki and the son of Ouga Uzuki. He died along with his wife 14 years prior to the beginning of the series proper.

Shion blamed and resented her father for using her mother as a guinea pig test subject, making her "suffer subconsciously" for his research. Shion believed he abandoned her, and Luis Virgil claims Shion "hated" her father.


Suou was born in Miltia from Ouga Uzuki and an unknown mother somewhen during the first half of the 4700s century T.C.. His father Ouga was a sensei in the art of swordmanship and would later train his nephew Jin and Margulis.

He is described in the database of Episode I as a high-ranking official in the Galaxy Federation's Ministry of Energy, he served as supervisor of special operations. Suou was part of the Federal Advanced Technology Special Inspection Bureau, and he was the inspector for Miltia. Suou was a member of F.S.I. (Federation Special Inspection), the office inside the Department of Energy's Advanced Technology Agency. As an agency of the Department of energy, the F.S.I.'s role is to govern and regulate the dangers involved with advanced technology. Due to the group's nature, it often deals in matters with major enterprises involving huge sums of money; people frequently point out cases where F.S.I. has collided with the political or financial arenas.


Xenosaga Episode III - Chapter 5 - ANT Facility - Animosity

Shion, disguised, talking to Suou.

By orders of the Federation government, Suou took the duty of inspecting the U-TIC Organization, but he later defected to them in exchange that his wife would receive medical treatment from U-TIC. Suou betrayed the Federation and handed over Joachim Mizrahi's Lemegeton to U-TIC Organization, something he would later regret. The Miltian Government was later overthrown in an U-TIC led coup and replaced by a pro-Ormus administration, sparking the Miltian Conflict.


Xenosaga III HD Cutscene 175 - Kevin and Suou (Labyrinthos) - ENGLISH

Suou confronting Kevin.

Suou later became increasingly guilty about his involvement with the U-TIC, regretting that his own actions begin to allow for U-TIC to become armed. He leaked Ormus's information to his son Jin (a Federation captain) who then acted as a courier for leaked information that Suou provided. Suou was against Kevin Winnicot's idea to use the Song of Nephilim born from the Lemegeton translation in order to finally activate the Zohar for the U-TIC Organization; he also opposed Winnicot's idea of using 27-Series Asura against Federation forces, knowing they could easily go out of control.

Shion would often wait on a swing-set at a playground for her father. Shion never got to play with Suou much while he was alive because he was too consumed by his work. In Episode III, during an interrogation of Shion, when she accuses him of sacrificing his family without a second thought, he denies that he didn't mean to sacrifice her, and states that he did it to protect his family.



Unalterable Past (ANT Facility)

Suou's death by the 27-Series Asuras.

During the Miltian Conflict, he ran to rescue his wife and found Shion outside her mother's room in the Acute Neurosis Treatment Facility. Outside a shattered window was a 27-Series Asura Realian, particularly close to Shion. Suou pushed Shion into the room and with a firm scowl, shut the door. He desperately attempted to contact Jin to come rescue Shion and Aoi as the Asuras close in on him. Unfortunately, Jin was too busy to respond as he was fighting Margulis. Without getting in contact with his son, he was killed by the Asuras.

Suou's bloody gored corpse in Episode III.

After, the door opened, and Shion instantly believed that it was her father entering the room since she caught a glimpse of his feet. However, it was actually her father's bloody impaled corpse. His body was then thrown across the room, where he is seen slouched over dead in a flashback in Episode I.

Suou and Aoi were given a memorial on a cliff on Second Miltia, which Jin frequented, but Shion refused to visit it because she knew her parents weren't buried under it. Shion knew visiting it wouldn't bring them back to life.

Jin kept Suou's involvement with U-TIC a secret from Shion. Due to the psychological trauma, while Shion did not forget the fact that her parents died, she gradually repressed the details of their deaths. Shion also blamed Jin since he didn't arrive to save them in time.

Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht[]


Xenosaga Episode I HD Cutscene 109 - Shion and Jr.'s Nightmare - ENGLISH

A memory of Suou in the Encephalon.

During the Encephalon dive, Suou's memory appears, taking Shion home in Miltia's playground.

Another memory appears of his death.[1]

Xenosaga: A Missing Year[]

During the Gnosis Terrorism, Shion learns her father betrayed the Federation and handed over Lemegeton to U-TIC. By then, Shion knew U-TIC was connected to Ormus. Shion was unaware of why he did this, however.

Shion also discovered Suou once had a lead position in a U-TIC management office. When Shion saw the name, Suou Uzuki, she felt nothing — no surprise, sadness or anger because somewhere in her heart, she expected it.

Xenosaga Episode III: Also sprach Zarathustra[]

Suou plays a much larger role in Episode III, as a manifested memory located in Shion's subconscious. Shion is able to learn more about him and his complex motives — that he truly did want to protect his family. After Shion is interrogated by him, Kevin Winnicot and Margulis, Suou sets Shion free to rescue his daughter during the Third Descent Operation.


Shion's Anger (ANT Facility)

Suou is killed again.

Unfortunately, he still dies again by being killed by berserk 27-Series Asura Realians, which proceeded to murder Aoi. Shion's horror and despair causes the Gnosis to summon, as well as Abel's Ark.


  • "What? You're the one who's distorting things. To begin with, when does a mere staff member like you have the right to criticize this project? Know your place!" (to Shion disguised as a U-TIC member)
  • "It is true that I'm sacrificing my wife and my family, but I want you to believe me. I just wanted to protect my family, even if it meant making the world my enemy."


  • The trauma Shion received as a result of Suou's death manifests itself into a Gnosis called Tiamat in Episode I.[2]
  • Almadel is initially frightened of Jin Uzuki because of his resemblance to Suou.
  • Since it was thundering when Suou and Aoi died (and later, when Kevin Winnicot died), Shion received the fear of thunder (astrophobia).


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