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The following is a timeline for Xenosaga.

Xenosaga uses T.C. (Transcend Christ) to note dates. For example, Shion Uzuki was born T.C. 4745.

Sources for this timeline include the games and a poster that came with the Episode III guide.

Poster Inside

Before Christ Era[]


  • The big bang occurs, creating the universe.
  • Wilhelm becomes the guardian of the universe's Lower Domain.

7-2 B.C.[]

Anno Domini Era[]

Jesus's life[]

A.D. 30-33[]


The Apostles listen to the Messiah's words.

  • Jesus is crucified.
  • The Maiden of Mary Magdalene dies.
  • Yeshua leaves Mary Magdalene. Yeshua changes his name to "chaos".
  • Mary Magdalene, the human incarnation of Animus, dies while splitting Yeshua's power of Anima in half to create the twelve Vessels of Anima.
  • The Apostles store Mary Magdalene's body and the Vessels of Anima in Rennes-le-Château.

A.D. 20XX[]



The Zohar at Lake Turkana, Kenya, Africa.

  • The Zohar is transferred to Vector' labs in Toronto, Canada, where various examinations and experiments are performed on it.

A.D. 2XXX[]


Nephilim and the Zohar.

  • Vector Industries scientist Grimoire Verum deciphers Lemegeton and creates Program Lemegeton, which allowed a way to harness the energy hidden beyond the Zohar. Grimoire uses his program to perform a link experiment between the Zohar and his daughter, Nephilim Verum. Instead of activating it, Nephilim instead vanished.
  • The experiment continued until the Zohar was activated, leading to a Matter Shift on a much larger scale. As Earth began to disappear, humanity was forced to flee to space.
  • The survivors that would go on to form the Immigrant Fleet leave Earth using a spaceship called Pleroma, which was built by Vector Industries. The Immigrant Fleet took records of Earth with them, as well as the Relics of God, such as the Vessels of Anima and Zarathustra.
    • Wilhelm was able to obtain the Vessels of Anima from Rennes-le-Château, but due to unknown reasons, he is unable to retrieve Mary Magdalene's body.
  • In order to prevent the spreading of this disappearance phenomenon to the entire universe, Wilhelm sealed Earth away.

A.D. 2510[]

  • T.C. (Transcend Christ) is adopted.

Transcend Christ Era[]

T.C. 0016[]

  • Earth is re-named "Lost Jerusalem". Because of Wilhelm, the way to it is no longer known.

Blank Space of 4000 Years[]

  • At an unknown point in time, the Immigrant Fleet settles on a planet which they name Abraxas. It becomes the site for them, the secret society of Ormus, and the People of the Zohar, as well as the site of the Relics of God. They also colonize an asteroid, naming it "Pleroma" after their immigrant ship, and use it as a site of worship for their religion.
    • Abraxas was used as a base of settlement by groups that had managed to escape the Earth upon its destruction. The groups formed an independent nation unaffiliated with Galaxy Federation law, and thus declared the establishment of the Immigrant Fleet nation. However, it was later incorporated into the Federation.
  • Over thousands of years, the Galaxy Federation expands to half a million planets throughout the known universe. The Galaxy Federation is also forced to relocate its capital four times, eventually ending up on Fifth Jerusalem.

T.C. 4000[]

  • At the start of the T.C. 4000s, the Immigrant Fleet reunited with the Galaxy Federation. The two groups began mutual exchanges, but their backgrounds and cultural disparities were too much to bridge. Due to this and the Immigrant Fleet's possession of the Zohar, this led to a long history of wars and truces.

T.C. 4400[]

  • According to Pier Piper, at the turn of T.C. 4400, Vector Industries had a U.M.N. management and administration department. They were behind the first theories of virtual reality construction inside the new U.M.N. "Carnegie" was the name of the mathematician who served as the leader of the organization at the time. Because of his ideas, scientific progress jumped forward rapidly in the next two hundred years. Without his research, virtual reality would still be hundreds of years away.

T.C. 4474[]

  • An early-model Realian made by "Tyrrell" of "Lamech Model 3" is built. Its information can be found in the Proto Merkabah in Episode I.

T.C. 4500s[]

  • The Immigrant Fleet appears in the Michtam star system and claimed sovereignty over the planet Abraxas, their "holy land". A protracted conflict between the two groups started in the Michtam system not long after.

T.C. 4580s[]

  • On Abraxas, a tense agreement with the Immigrant Fleet allows for the Federation to have partial ownership rights to the Draper region, which had become a popular area for firms in the biomedical sector.

T.C. 4590[]

T.C. 4591[]

  • The Life Recycling Act is passed.
  • In T.C. 4591, the Draper region was opened up to private use by Dmitri Yuriev after a branch of the Yuriev Institute was built there. Every private business in the biotechnology sector set up shop in the area, hoping to enjoy the new benefits provided by the Life Recycling Act in a region closely linked with Yuriev.

T.C. 4600s[]

  • The territorial rights of planet Abraxas officially go to the Immigrant Fleet.

T.C. 4630s[]



  • Bunnie is said to originally be the creation of a children's book author from planet Tessedora in the T.C. 4630s, but the facts are uncertain.

T.C. 4637[]

  • Jan Sauer is born to his mother Ingrid Sauer and an unnamed father.

T.C. 4638[]

T.C. 4639[]

  • Erich Weber is born according to his ID (implied he's older).

T.C. 4640[]

T.C. 4642[]

T.C. 4644[]

T.C. 4656[]

T.C. 4659[]

  • Jan Sauer is assigned to the Federation police.

T.C. 4660[]

  • Jan became a Captain in the 1875th Special Operations Command Detachment of the Federation Police Bureau, a unit specializing in counterterrorism.

T.C. 4667[]

  • Events of Xenosaga: Pied Piper.
    • Erich Weber[1] commits a series of terrorist attacks on the Federation's hyperspace transport network U.M.N. and attack civilian women and children.
    • Jan Sauer investigates the attacks.
    • The Nursing Plant Incident occurs.
    • Sauer navigates political negotiations between the Federation and Immigrant Fleet theocracy.
    • Dmitri Yuriev stops providing Weber with the drugs necessary to counter U-DO's influence, the latter manipulates the Immigrant Fleet to communicate with U-DO through the Zohar.
    • Having been rejected by U-DO, Weber is granted a new life as a Testament by Wilhelm.
    • Weber, as the Black Testament, kills everyone close to Jan, including Sharon and Joaquin Rozas.
    • Instead of becoming a Testament, Jan Sauer kills himself.

T.C. 4669[]

  • Jan Sauer is revived as Ziggurat 8.
  • Melisse Ortus founds Scientia, an anti-U.M.N. group.

T.C. 4700[]

T.C. 4701[]

T.C. 4703[]

T.C. 4711[]

T.C. 4723[]

T.C. 4726[]

  • Boss (Stubb) is born.

T.C. 4727[]

T.C. 4730[]

T.C. 4731[]

T.C. 4732[]

T.C. 4734[]

T.C. 4735[]

T.C. 4738[]

T.C. 4739[]

T.C. 4740 or 4741[]

T.C. 4742[]

T.C. 4743[]

T.C. 4745[]

T.C. 4747[]


Kevin's Memory

Kevin's memory of the Gnosis on Michtam.

T.C. 4748[]

  • Pierre Ruryk enters the political world after having been newly elected to the Vartas star-system district.

T.C. 4751[]

T.C. 4751~4753[]

  • U-TIC begins imposing harsh working conditions of mine workers in the Dabrye Mine. A resistance develops led by Tethlla Magus, and riots ensue. Tethlla was captured by the U-TIC Organization during the mine workers' riots. He was subsequently held as a connection experiment test subject at Labyrinthos, where he lost his life.

T.C. 4753[]


Miltia during the Miltian Conflict.

T.C. 4754[]

  • S.O.C.E. is formed.
  • The Life Recycling Act is revoked.

T.C. 4755[]

  • The Kukai Foundation is established.
  • Gaignun Kukai rescues Mary and Shelley. They were once part of a group of people who were illegally "owned" by a pharmaceutical company that used them as guinea pigs and kept on constant medication.

T.C. 4763[]

T.C. 4764[]

  • Allen joins Vector Industries.

T.C. 4765[]


Kevin sacrifices his life to protect Shion.

  • The KOS-MOS Archetype goes on a rampage at Vector's First R&D Division on planet Carioca, killing 12 people. Kevin Winnicot is one of the victims.
  • The U-TIC Organization was conducting connection experiments with the Zohar Emulators at their facility on planet Ariadne.

T.C. 4767[]

  • After a couple years of Zohar Emulator experimentation, the Ariadne Incident occurs. Ariadne becomes the Cathedral Ship.
  • Episode I occurs.
    • Gnosis attack the Woglinde and steal their Zohar Emulator.
    • During the attack, KOS-MOS kills Luis Virgil while Andrew Cherenkov is touched by a Gnosis that puts him in critical condition.
    • Shion, Cherenkov, Allen, and KOS-MOS use an escape pod to escape the exploding Woglinde and are rescued by Elsa.
    • Matthews escorts Shion's group to Second Miltia with chaos.
    • Ziggy rescues MOMO from Pleroma. They both fight off Margulis and U-TIC operatives and join Shion.
    • Cherenkov turns into a Gnosis named Gargoyle on the Cathedral Ship forcing Shion and the others to kill him.
    • Jr. and the Durandal save the Elsa from Gnosis.
    • Due to some manipulation by U-TIC officials, Shion's group is framed for the Woglinde's destruction and held hostage by the Galaxy Federation.
    • The group travels into KOS-MOS's Encephalon for exonerating evidence.
    • Shion meets a vision of Febronia, who asks her to "free" Cecily and Cathe.
    • Shion's group is cleared of all charges from the Federation.
    • Albedo Piazzolla captures and psychologically tortures MOMO before activating the Song of Nephilim which attracts swarms of Gnosis.
    • The Federation fleet try to destroy the Kukai base as it appears to be the source of the Song, but Wilhelm—who has been secretly observing events—arrives with a private fleet that destroys the Gnosis and protects the base.
    • KOS-MOS uses a Phase Transfer Cannon to detect the Song's source.
    • Boarding the spaceship, the group rescue MOMO and fight Albedo, but are stopped by Virgil[2] who allows Albedo to escape with a piece of data extracted from MOMO that could grant access to Miltia.
    • Albedo summons Proto Merkabah and destroys the Federation fleet before aiming the station's weapons at Second Miltia's capital.
    • Shion's group destroys Proto Merkabah's core while Albedo flees.
    • KOS-MOS shields the damaged Elsa as it flies to Second Miltia.
  • Episode II occurs.
    • Canaan is assigned to protect the crew of the Elsa.
    • Shion reluctantly hands KOS-MOS over to Vector officials.
    • MOMO is escorted to her mother by Jr., Ziggy and chaos. On the way, they are ambushed by Pellegri, Richard and Hermann but are saved by Canaan.
    • Using a virus he implanted, Albedo dives into MOMO's subconscious via the Encephalon in order to gain the Y-Data.
    • To prevent the Y-Data's leakage, MOMO shatters her own mind becoming unconscious.
    • Shion, Jr. and the rest of the group enter MOMO's subconscious to save her.
    • Although MOMO is saved, a hacking Albedo tricks MOMO into leaking the Y-Data, which he uses to open the way to Old Miltia.
    • With Miltia accessible, the Federation, U-TIC, and the Immigrant Fleet fight each other for control of the Zohar.
    • Shion and Allen attempt to reach Miltia, but are almost destroyed by U-TIC forces and are saved due to KOS-MOS's spontaneous activation and intervention.
    • With Jin Uzuki and Canaan joining them, Shion's group launch an assault with the upgraded Elsa Evolution, destroying the Immigrant Fleet mothership before being rescued by Gaignun as the space-time distortion around Miltia vanishes.
    • After Jin fights Margulis, the group finds the Zohar along with comatose Cecily and Cathe who KOS-MOS kills.
    • Sergius XVII claims the Zohar on behalf of Ormus and the Immigrant Fleet and installs it into the Proto Ω, turning Miltia into the Ω System.
    • Shion's group escape on the Elsa as the Proto Ω activates, which destroys both Miltia and the surrounding armies of the Federation and Ormus.
    • Gaignun is possessed by the spirit of Yuriev who takes over the Federation government and launches an attack on Proto Ω.
    • Shion's group launches their own assault on the Proto Ω.
    • Albedo helps Shion's group in facing Sergius XVII only to be gravely wounded by him.
    • Sergius XVII is killed by the Testaments who resurrect Albedo and give him control of the Zohar, which immediately unleashes U-DO's energy that he absorbs.
    • Using U-DO and the Zohar, Albedo transforms the entire Ω System into a space-time anomaly.
    • Jr. kills Albedo causing the anomaly to disappear and the Zohar to float in space.
    • Before the Zohar can be retrieved, Abel's Ark appears, absorbs it and disappears for about a year.

T.C. 4768[]

  • Xenosaga: A Missing Year occurs.
    • Grimoire Verum causes the Gnosis Terrorism during which Doctus kidnaps Almadel.
    • Shion and Jin infiltrate a Scientia vessel but Shion is caught.
    • Jin and Doctus Encephalon dive into Ars Nova and rescue Shion from Grimoire.
    • Almadel rejects Nephilim's memories, turns into a Gnosis then salt and dies with Grimoire.
    • Having learned that Vector and her father were directly involved the U-TIC's activities, Shion resigns from Vector.
  • Sometime before Episode III, Wilhelm retrieves Mary Magdalene's body and creates T-elos.
  • Episode III occurs six months after A Missing Year.
    • Shion allies herself with Scientia.
    • Allen looks after KOS-MOS in Shion's place.
    • While Canaan, Jr., Jin, chaos, MOMO and Ziggy are investigating a landmass that originated from Lost Jerusalem, they are attacked by Margulis and the landmass is swallowed by a hypersphere of energy with the Elsa.
    • Yuriev places Abel as pilot of Ω Res Novae, created from the Proto Ω's remains.
    • Having learned that KOS-MOS will be scrapped so development can focus on T-elos, Shion leads the group into the Federation facility and rescue her, allowing them to use KOS-MOS to pierce into the hyperspace pocket.
    • Entering the hyperspace pocket, the group find the Elsa and investigate the area, encountering both Albedo and Virgil and learning that the Vessels of Anima powering their E.S. mecha are vital to the Testaments' plans.
    • They are then confronted by Roth Mantel as the Red Testament and T-elos.
    • As T-elos almost kills KOS-MOS, Shion's pendant transports them to Shion's subconscious which depicts Miltia fifteen years into the past.
    • Voyager attacks Shion and a newly rebuilt KOS-MOS who counterattacks.
    • Shion learns the true events that caused Miltia's fall.
    • Shion and KOS-MOS fight Virgil before he is calmed by the spirit of Febronia. Virgil chooses to go with Febronia, and they disappear together.
    • The Red Testament appears revealing himself to Shion as Kevin Winnicot and asks her to join him. But she escapes with KOS-MOS and becomes emotionally unstable.
    • Yuriev's spirit manipulates the Federation government into assaulting Ormus in search of the Zarathustra.
    • Shion unintentionally summons Abel's Ark into the real world and causes planets to vanish as it pursues Zarathustra.
    • On Abel's Ark, Dmitri Yuriev puts the Zohar in Ω Res Novae, and it becomes a sleek white mecha. When Dmitri Yuriev merges with the Zohar in Ω Res Novae, the superweapon transforms into Ω Metempsychosis.
    • Yuriev uses the Federation fleet and Ω to capture the Durandal where he activates the Zohar Emulators stored inside.
    • Shion's group successfully infiltrates Abel's Ark. As the last surviving U.R.T.V.s, Jr., Albedo, and Gaignun form the Spiritual Link to destroy Dmitri Yuriev in Gaignun's body. Gaignun sacrifices himself to stop Yuriev.
    • Albedo apparently teleports Abel and the Zohar to Michtam.[citation needed]
    • The group follow them to Michtam, where Jin defeats Pellegri, who dies when E.S. Issachar explodes.
    • Canaan sacrifices himself to destroy Voyager.
    • A disillusioned Margulis is defeated and dies by suicide.
    • T-elos merges with KOS-MOS allowing Mary Magdalene to be resurrected in both body and spirit.
    • Allen confesses his love for Shion to prevent her from joining Kevin.
    • When Wilhelm is confronted at Zarathustra's resting place where the Zohar is attached, he tortures Shion into giving up her necklace, but KOS-MOS shatters it, preventing the Eternal Recurrence.
    • Kevin Winnicot sacrifices himself to destroy Wilhelm, crippling Zarathustra allowing the group to defeat it.
    • Jin Uzuki dies after protecting chaos, Nephilim, and Abel from Gnosis.
    • Abel, Nephilim, KOS-MOS and chaos draw all the Gnosis to them and move that region of space to Lost Jerusalem where chaos and KOS-MOS use the Zohar to eradicate the Gnosis, delaying the universe's destruction.
    • Space and time warp and all U.M.N. networks disappear.
    • Shion Uzuki goes with Jr. and Allen on the Elsa to find Lost Jerusalem. MOMO, Ziggy, and Juli Mizrahi stay in the Dämmerung to reconstruct a new travel network with Scientia's help.
    • KOS-MOS floats through space towards Lost Jerusalem and is contacted by chaos.
  1. As Voyager
  2. As the Blue Testament