Name Sanctiel
Job Class Samurai/Mystic Knight
Hometown Midgar
Date of Birth September 30
Age 17
Height 5'10
Race Seraphim
Weapon Nodachi (Murasame)
Spells Almagest, Heartless Angel, Grand Trine, Ultima, Holy, Grand Cross, Gravija, Thundaja
"But what you lack is reality and that is what I shall provide you with!"

"Now let's move on to the encore. Except this time I will have the pleasure of finishing you off myself. Just like i did your own son"

About MeEdit

Yeah I edit over on the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts wikis so check there for more info. I've beaten Episode I and III getting all Segment Files and completing the Database in III. I Beat Omega Id and Erde Kaiser Sigma. I haven't beaten Episode II because of that damn Cathedral.

Xeno StuffEdit

Category Best Worst
Game Episode III Episode II
Male Character chaos none
Female Character KOS-MOS Shion
Villain Voyager none
E.S. E.S. Dan E.S. Zebulun
Gear Weltall-Id none
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