Hey everyone. I've recently finished my Xenogears Walkthrough. You should read it. Also, read the Xenosaga Walkthroughs. You don't even have to comment. It's all free, for you. Just you. Don't tell your friends, or some bullshit. You know you can't beat these games without my advice, so suck it up and read.

I don't know what to do with my free time. That's sorta why I'm here. Nobody just up and plays all 3 Xenosagas followed almost immediately by it's predecessor from long, long ago. Would you even believe that Historians tell us that way back in 1998, we were afraid of a new millennium, Final Fantasy was only on a 7th game, and we believed the World Trade Center towers were indestructible? How could we be so blind??

I guess I'm a little off track. What I want to say is - Lets all chip together, and get BlackAlbedo to Hollywood!!! Please invite me to your swag parties, share your coke, and come up with ideas with me! Together, we will take all of the monies from the common wealth. The... COMMON... wealth. Yes.

I guess I'm a little off track. In any case, it has been a real pleasure writing all o' this shit. If anything, despite my Hollywood status, please take with you the enlightenment that only good storytelling can bring. You came here for a reason. What that is, I can't say. Amongst a multitude of particulars within the vast sea of minds which populate this Gaia, rests the frigid destinies we all examine in our sleep-lives. Your dreams will lead you to success, with, or without me. Soon, your destinies shall be warm and alive. But for now...

--BlackAlbedo (talk) 05:32, November 25, 2012 (UTC)

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