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Xenosaga Episode I:
Der Wille zur Macht
Monolith Soft
Release date
February 28, 2002 (Japan)
February 25, 2003 (North America)
November 6, 2003 (Reloaded version) (Japan)
PlayStation 2

Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht is a JRPG for the PlayStation 2 and the first title in the Xenosaga series, developed by Monolith Soft and published by Namco.

Der Wille zur Macht, German for "The Will to Power", is a reference to philosopher's Friedrich Nietzsche's concept of the main driving force in humans — namely, achievement, ambition, and the striving to reach the highest possible position in life. In other words, the power of will to succeed, make, change and create. It is also a reference to free will, a major theme of the game and series.

Xenosaga is set in the far future, in a time where humanity settled across space. Brutally opposed by a hostile alien race called the Gnosis to the verge of extinction, humanity faces an uncertain destiny as it unlocks the secrets of the universe in search of the ultimate truth. Players take the role of scientist Shion Uzuki and her android KOS-MOS, as well as a ragtag cast of characters who become involved in the devastating conflict against the Gnosis.

Episode I mainly serves to introduce the Xenosaga universe and characters. Xenosaga Episode I spawned two sequels, a Nintendo DS remake, an anime adaptation, a manga adaptation, spin-offs, and more.

(Xenosaga Episode I Walkthrough here)

Xenosaga Episode I Der Wille zur Macht (PS2 Intro)-0




The Zohar at Lake Turkana, Kenya, Africa.

In Lake Turkana, northern Kenya, Africa, 20xx CE, during an archaeological excavation funded by Vector Industries, T. Masuda and his team uncovered an altar, where Masuda placed a Zohar Replica, causing a giant golden monolith adorned with an aquamarine jewel, called the Zohar, to rise from the lake's depths. The Zohar is a mysterious source of power which serves as a portal between the Upper Domain of U-DO and the Lower Domain of the human collective consciousness, something Masuda and his team were unaware of.

The Zohar discovered by Masuda was transferred to Vector's labs in Toronto, Canada, where various examinations and experiments were performed upon it. An experiment conducted by Vector scientist Grimoire Verum began a planetary space-time anomaly, forcing humanity to abandon Earth. The Immigrant Fleet were one of the peoples who successfully escaped Earth. Since then, Earth had been renamed "Lost Jerusalem" and was erased from star maps, the way to it no longer known due to the space-time anomaly.


A futuristic city filled with flying cars.

Afterwards, the game shifts 4000 years into the future, to the year 4767 T.C., which is approximately between 6000-7277 A.D. Humanity has colonized 500,000 planets in the galaxy, and is connected by a communication and information network spanning the entire galaxy called the U.M.N.

The Zohar has since become lost to humanity since fourteen years ago, when the devastating Miltian Conflict locked away the planet Miltia and the Zohar into another space-time anomaly called the Abyss. Humanity resorted to using less powerful devices called "Zohar Emulators" instead. However, some organizations still want to re-discover the true Zohar, believing it to be the path to Lost Jerusalem, the forgotten homeland of humanity.


Beginning of a Saga

4000 years into the future (6000-7277).

Meanwhile, a new race of hostile aliens known as Gnosis emerged since the Miltian Conflict and has been pushing humanity to the verge of extinction. The Gnosis exist in an alternate plane of dimensional existence, and require the Hilbert Effect to draw them into the physical realm for combat. Vector Industries had been in the process of developing weapons that can create this effect, as well as fight the Gnosis directly. One of these weapons is a blue-haired female android called KOS-MOS, while another is an artificial race of humans called Realians.



Shion testing KOS-MOS's programming.

Unfortunately for Vector, Kevin Winnicot, the original developer of KOS-MOS, was killed in an accident two years prior to the game, leaving his girlfriend and co-worker, Shion Uzuki, to lead and finish the KOS-MOS project. KOS-MOS was still fairly operational, but she had many unknown "black boxes" left behind by Kevin.

The Galaxy Federation starship Woglinde housed both the KOS-MOS development project and a Zohar Emulator, which was discovered in the wake of the vanished planet Ariadne which had recently disappeared. Vector's KOS-MOS team is deployed on the Woglinde in case of a Gnosis attack.


Gnosis killing in the Woglinde massacre.

A Conflict of Interests[]

Shion proceeds with a experiment on KOS-MOS, which includes a brief appearance of a young girl named Nephilim Verum. Nephilim encounters Shion again while she investigates the Zohar Emulator. After having completed KOS-MOS, Shion and her team are attacked by the Gnosis. The Woglinde is attacked by a group of Gnosis, who are after the Zohar Emulator. This attack is partly orchestrated by U-TIC Organization operatives Vanderkam and Andrew Cherenkov, who wish to acquire the Zohar Emulator for their boss, Margulis. The Woglinde becomes a deathtrap, filled with bodies, sheltering survivors, and Gnosis in every hallway.


Virgil the Conductor

KOS-MOS saves Shion from the Gnosis.

During the attack, KOS-MOS activates suddenly and goes to Shion's rescue while Shion is almost killed by a Gnosis. Both Shion and Cherenkov are touched by the Gnosis. Federation Lieutenant Luis Virgil is shot and killed by KOS-MOS; this, according to her, was necessary due to the fact that it would increase her ability to protect Shion from Gnosis. The Gnosis escape with the Zohar Emulator and the U-TIC operatives escape, sans Andrew Cherenkov, who joins Shion's group. Many lives on the Woglinde are lost during the massacre.


The Elsa von Brabant, a super cool spaceship.

After the Woglinde is destroyed, Shion, Cherenkov, Allen Ridgeley, and KOS-MOS are rescued by the Elsa starship, which was investigating the ruins of the starship from the Kukai Foundation. On the Elsa, the group encounters a mysterious boy, chaos, who possesses the supernatural ability to destroy Gnosis with a touch. Unfortunately, this Gnosis still touched Cherenkov. At the request of the new passengers, Captain Matthews escorts them to Second Miltia.

Meanwhile, Margulis explains the significance of U-TIC's plan to recover the Original Zohar from Old Miltia. Immediately after, Vector's CEO, Wilhelm, is shown ordering the Red Testament to "gather the necessary factors".


S.O.C.E. discussing Ziggurat 8 rescuing MOMO.

Cyborg Ziggurat 8 is assigned by the S.O.C.E. founder Juli Mizrahi to rescue the 100-Series Realian prototype MOMO Mizrahi, who was kidnapped by the U-TIC Organization, as they wanted the Y-Data that she carries inside of her mind by the deceased scientist Joachim Mizrahi. The Y-Data was important to U-TIC due to it containing the steps to finding the Original Zohar on Old Miltia, among other information. Once rescued, Ziggurat 8 was to bring MOMO to Second Miltia for testing of the Y-Data.

Ziggurat 8 reaches Pleroma, the headquarters of U-TIC, and rescues MOMO, who nicknames him "Ziggy". Ziggy and MOMO fight U-TIC leader Margulis on their way out. However, the duo is chased by U-TIC operatives in hyperspace until they encounter the Elsa. The two parties meet, defeat the pursuing U-TIC forces, and decide to join together on their journey to Second Miltia.


Gaignun Kukai Jr. attacking U-TIC soldiers.

During this incident, a red-haired gun-toting young man named Gaignun Kukai Jr. is attacked by a U-TIC battleship while investigating the Woglinde for any signs of the Zohar Emulator. Jr. escapes the U-TIC battleship with a significant amount of U-TIC information.

After stopping at Dock Colony, the Elsa runs into the Cathedral Ship, a planet-sized Gnosis created from the disappeared planet Ariadne, which had been made complete with the Zohar Emulator stolen from the Woglinde. Later, Nephilim appears in Shion's dreams warning her about Andrew Cherenkov's condition, warning that if she doesn't find and save Cherenkov soon, he will die.


Xenosaga Episode I HD Cutscene 083 - The Commander's Transformation - ENGLISH

Cherenkov transforms into Gargoyle.

Shion and the rest of the party reach the Zohar Emulator facility, where Cherenkov is found, his body seemingly phasing in and out before the party's eyes. Shion is alarmed, concerned by Cherenkov's condition, but Cherenkov snaps at her. He admits his involvement in Ariadne’s disappearance before he is set upon by lights that transform him into a giant Gnosis called the Gargoyle, which is assisted by two Oudogogues. Reluctantly, Shion and the others fight him.


The Beach of Nothingness

Cherenkov on the Beach of Nothingness.

Shortly before Cherenkov dies, Shion sees Cherenkov one final time in his consciousness. Finding herself on a strange monochrome beach called the Beach of Nothingness, Shion talks to a sitting Cherenkov, who tells her how decades ago, killing was his and other humans' sole reason for existence, and how after the wars ended, he was unable to live a normal life. Cherenkov then tells Shion that he liked it there, and that she would be there soon as well.

Shion, overwhelmed by Cherenkov's death, falls to the floor and weeps in sorrow for him. She voices her concern that she may transform into Gnosis in the future, and chaos comforts her. The Cathedral Ship disappears, and the team is rescued by the Elsa.


KOS-MOS using X-BUSTER to absorb Gnosis.

The Elsa is attacked by Gnosis and KOS-MOS uses X-BUSTER to eliminate them, an act which astonishes Shion and Allen as they were unaware she had such a function. The Elsa and the party are then rescued by Jr. and the Durandal starship, which were passing by in search for the Zohar Emulator.

Jr. apprehends the Zohar Emulator from the destroyed Cathedral Ship and explains that he now has the twelve Zohar Emulators created by scientist Joachim Mizrahi. However, Zohar Emulators are only contain a fraction of the power that is housed by the Original Zohar, trapped on Old Miltia. Jr. also shows them "Betty", one of the test subjects on the Durandal, whose body has halfway turned into a Gnosis.

Kukai foundation

The Kukai Foundation.

Jr. takes them back to the Kukai Foundation, where the party is introduced to Gaignun Kukai. Eventually, the Galaxy Federation places charges on the Kukai Foundation for the destruction of the Woglinde, due to some manipulation by U-TIC officials and insiders. In order to prove innocence and avoid being framed, Shion leads a dive into KOS-MOS' Encephalon to find her black box, which will prove that the Gnosis were responsible.

In the Encephalon, the party relives Shion and Jr.'s childhood memories, including the Miltian Conflict. Shion encounters the mysterious girl Nephilim once more, who formally introduces herself as a "moderator of time". Shion also encounters a half-human half-Realian named Febronia in a church. The group enters a place known as the "Acute Neurosis Treatment Facility" and Shion's past trauma manifests a Gnosis called Tiamat, which is defeated.


Ye Shall Be As Gods

In the Encephalon, Nephilim and Febronia beg Shion to rescue Cecily and Cathe on Miltia.

Nephilim explains that a time will come where KOS-MOS will encounter the wave existence U-DO, and in the near future, Shion will free her sisters, Cecily and Cathe. Febronia and Nephilim showed the group a possible future where KOS-MOS fought U-DO and destroyed it along with the universe. Febronia also states that all factions involved must travel to Old Miltia. The party promises to eliminate the threat.

The group finds KOS-MOS resting on a crucifix in a cave. After awakening her, they were let out of the Encephalon. They tuned in KOS-MOS' AAA level security data to Lapis Roman and were succinctly cleared of all charges from the Federation.


The Song of Nephilim, a U-TIC device.

U-TIC realizes that their plot to distract Kukai and Miltia in order to apprehend MOMO has failed, so they dispatch Albedo Piazzolla to formulate his own strategy. Albedo decides to activate the Song of Nephilim, which generates a Gnosis attack around the Kukai Foundation. Shion orders to KOS-MOS to use the Hilbert Effect, and the party proceeds to evacuate the Kukai Foundation. The evacuation is successful, but, in the confusion surrounding the attack, Albedo kidnaps MOMO and brings her to the Song of Nephilim.

Once at the Song, Albedo intimidates MOMO, hoping for her to faint so he can easily get the Y-Data. At the Song, he murders all of his Kirschwassers and tosses them in his chambers. MOMO finds him sitting comfortably on his throne, cradling the corpse of a slain Kirschwasser in his hands, before he snaps her arms and tosses her aside.


"Free from the bonds of flesh and shackles of flesh and blood, a pure consciousness has no true form!"

Albedo vents to MOMO about how humanity is worthless, and that all human art and culture are simply delusions. He goes on to say how humanity's efforts are a form of terror management, serving as a distraction from the inevitable terror of death and non-existence. To further intimidate MOMO, he uses a knife to saw off his own arm, which he then regenerates. This scene is edited from the English-language version of Xenosaga Episode I, where it's made to look as if he rips it off.

Next, Albedo decapitates himself and taunts her from his severed head on the floor. His body then crushes it head underneath one foot, regenerating a new head before MOMO's trembling gaze. Albedo is greatly amused by the fact that MOMO wants Jr. to come and save her, referring to him with the name "Rubedo". Once MOMO faints, Albedo begins to absorb her mind, in order to search for the Y-data.


The Truth Hidden Within MOMO

Albedo extracts part of the Y-Data from MOMO.

Shion and the party use a Phase Transfer Cannon to bring the Song into real space and enter the Song, encountering and defeating Albedo. Albedo's search for the Y-data is interrupted, leaving him with only fragments of it.

Afterward, Blue Testament appears and demands that the party travel to Old Miltia. The Song deactivates, and the Gnosis attack is thwarted. However, Albedo has one last goal to accomplish; using the Y-Data fragments, he summons Proto Merkabah, the space station created by Joachim Mizrahi, in an attempt to destroy Second Miltia and the Kukai Foundation. Albedo methodically destroys the Federation fleet in the region, and prepares to fire on Second Miltia. This does not follow the plans of U-TIC, but the Blue Testament, now revealed as Virgil, decides to leave him be.


Xenosaga Final Boss

Shion, KOS-MOS and chaos fight Albedo.

Inside Proto Merkabah, the party encounters Albedo again, who summons a Gnosis called Sophie Peithos to "test" the party and give him time to escape. Albedo sets Merkabah on a collision course with Second Miltia, which the party stops by breaking the space station into pieces. However, during re-entry, the Elsa's heat shield begins to disintegrate; KOS-MOS briefly morphs into a blue-eyed powerful being to prevent the Elsa from being destroyed.


Wilhelm watching the Compass of Order and Chaos, realizing the chaos ring is moving.

Shion's brother, Jin Uzuki, visits his parents' memorial on Second Miltia, and sees the Elsa arrive. Meanwhile, Albedo discovers that the Y-Data is protected; he tells U-TIC that MOMO will have to connect to the U.M.N. for the data to work.

While these events are transpiring, Wilhelm stares at his Compass of Order and Chaos, and, realizing that the chaos ring is finally moving, understands that his plans are going in full motion. He tells Red Testament that Albedo is the only key to open the way to Abel's Ark. Back on the Elsa, Shion welcomes KOS-MOS's safe return and the group flies to Second Miltia, leading to the next installment.


Battle system[]


Combat against a Gnosis.

The player controls a party of up to three characters, one of which represents the group on the map screen. Players progress the story by traversing the areas and fighting various enemies and bosses along the way. Enemies are not encountered randomly; they are placed at select locations on each map. When the player touches an enemy, they will enter a battle.



Ethers during gameplay.

Like many RPGs, battles feature turn-based combat, which involves a numeral system that determines health (Hit Points), magic/Ether (Ether Points), and damage (numbers appearing after each attack or healing). Status Effects are common in Xenosaga. Characters gain experience points after each battle; when a character obtains a certain amount of points, they level up. Levels measure a character's statistical power, although there are other ways to increase statistics (see below). However, Xenosaga introduces several concepts into the battle system.

When attacking an enemy, characters may initiate a string of different attacks using Triangle Button Square Button Circle Button. However, the number of attacks that may be used is determined by the amount of Action Points (AP) that the character has stored. Characters obtain AP at the start of their turn, but they can also save up to six unused points.

When a party member attacks, their "Boost gauge" will increase. When the gauge increases by one unit, that character may "Boost", which means they will immediately receive a turn in battle, interrupting the enemy and other party members. Each character can hold up to three "boost" commands in one battle. Boosting is extremely important.

Players can summon attack mechs called A.G.W.S. The character assigned to the summoned A.G.W.S. will board it. Although the A.G.W.S. units generally feature special attacks and higher statistics, they are limited in turns, ammunition, and actions (for example, a character may not heal another when they are inside an A.G.W.S.). This system is similar to the "Gear" battle system from Xenogears.


Virgil, KOS-MOS and Shion victory posing.

In addition to monetary and experience awards after each battle, characters will obtain Ether, Tech, and Skill points upon completing a battle. Ether points can be spent to obtain new Ether, or magical spells that are unique to each character. Tech points are used to increase stats, such as attack power, Hit Points, and dexterity. Finally, Skill points can be used to obtain special commands, status attack guards, or other features.



Shion receives e-mails via the U.M.N.

The game features no universal world map, but the player can travel to several regions of the game through the Encephalon, a location replicator also seen in Episode II and Episode III.

While walking around, the a mini-map features a small radar that detects the locations of enemies and allies.

Other features include an in-game database, several mini-game "plug-in" systems that can be accessed from Shion's portable U.M.N. console, and an e-mail system that allows players to make playful decisions that have little significance to the main plot, although some e-mail answers can result in earning extra items.

Episode I includes a treasure hunt sidequest, in which the player may find decoders for fifteen locked doors scattered throughout the game. The doors lead to various treasures and skills.


Xenosaga Episode I - Xenocard Shion Deck

Xeno Card.

Episode I contains four mini-games, but they must be obtained with Passports. After obtaining a Passport, go to any save point with a blue EVS plate above it and enter the menu. Select items and hit the R1 button and select the Passport.

  • Xeno Card - A card-based game that requires "Card Passport". Talk to bartender robot on the Elsa in the dining room.
  • Drilling - A drilling game that requires "Drill Passport". On the Woglinde before the Gnosis Attack, on the east side of the ship near a giant drill (looks like a spread out crane game) with debris around. Talk to the operator and use the drill to get rid of the debris. The operator will then give you the passport.
  • Poker / slots - Poker and slot machines that requires "Casino Passport". Find it in the residential area on the Durandal.
  • A.G.W.S. Battle - Requires "Battle Passport". You can get it as soon as you exit the KOS-MOS Simulator in the Woglinde. Talk to the scientist by the red chair and go back in the simulator. Run back to the room with the red box and open it.



Xenosaga Recording Sessions in London

The orchestra recording Zarathustra.

Main article: Xenosaga Episode I Original Soundtrack

The soundtrack was composed by Yasunori Mitsuda and performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

One of the piano songs, Green Sleeves, contains the melody of "What Child Is This?"

The ending themes of Xenosaga are Pain and Kokoro, both sung by Joanne Hogg.

Episode I featured one battle theme that was used in all fights and bosses except for the final boss.



Xenosaga I - Ma Belle Pêche

Albedo menacing MOMO comparison.


Albedo's neck bleeds as he slices his throat and head off.

A scene of Albedo menacing MOMO on the Song of Nephilim was censored.

The Japanese version has him snapping a Kirschwasser's arm. In the censored English version, he merely lets go of it. Despite the censorship, the sound of the Kirschwasser's broken arm and Albedo whipping out his knife remain, which can lead to confusion.

The Japanese version has him whip out a knife and cut his arm and head off with blood. In the censored English version, he physically tears his arm and head off his body.[1]

In another scene, Albedo puts his hand inside MOMO's body.[2] This was censored to Albedo lifting his hand over her.[3]



Xenosaga Episode I Der Wille zur Macht Review

An overview of Xenosaga.

Episode I received praise from critics, earning a generally favorable 83% on Metacritic.[4]

Most critics enjoyed the well-developed plot, characters, and music.

Some argued that the long cutscenes ruined the pacing of the game. The game has about 7 hours of cutscenes. At one point in the game, there's a 40 minute cutscene and the game actually asks the player if they wish to save between cutscenes. Some boss battles can also take a long time.

Although the music was well-received, there are long moments of silence when exploring some dungeons - some players felt it made the dungeons feel hollow, lifeless, boring and empty. Also criticized was the lack of diversity of battle themes.



Xenosaga Episode I: Reloaded

On November 6, 2003, Namco released a special version of Episode I in Japan called Xenosaga Episode I: Reloaded, which featured the English voice-acting and a few special features, including two additional armors which serve as alternate costumes for KOS-MOS (Archetype outfit) and MOMO (Kirschwasser outfit) and a play-back library of all the game's movie scenes. However, this version was not released outside of Japan.

The Archetype outfit is found in the Woglinde A.G.W.S. Hangar. The Kirchwasser outfit is found during the Song of Nephilim in the third tower.

Reloaded appears to use an early version of the English dub, as Realians are called "Synths" in some cutscenes. Also, the censored scenes with Albedo from the American version are also used here.

Xenosaga: The Animation[]


Vol 1. cover.

Main article: Xenosaga: The Animation

A 12-episode anime based on Xenosaga Episode I, titled Xenosaga: The Animation, premiered in Japan on January 5, 2005.

The anime itself follows the story of Xenosaga closely, albeit removing several scenes and adding others. Some scenes were entirely re-written for the show's purposes. The pacing has the viewer running through the first ten to fifteen hours of gameplay of Episode I in the first five episodes. Given the nature of the anime, it works best as a supplement to Episode I; some points that the game explained poorly or didn't explain at all are revealed in the anime.

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